Gem System Guide


The Gem System improves the Damage and Cooldown of skills. They are found from various daily and weekly activities in Lost Ark. Choose which skills you want to augment wisely to optimize your character. Lets get started!

Gem Sources

Gems only become available starting from Tier 2 content and onwards. To benefit from a gem, you first have to obtain them, right? This can be done in various ways, such as:

  • Daily Chaos Dungeons (Aura of Resonance required).
  • Participating in Hosted PvP Island Events from an S rank Guild.
  • Buying on the Auction House.
  • Defeating Field Bosses, a part of Daily Events.
  • Completing stages in Boss Rush.

Gem Types

There are only two types of gems, granting either Damage Increase or Cooldown Reduction. The values of these stats increase with each consecutive level of the gem. While Cooldown Reduction gains remain constant at all gem levels, Damage Increase gems become substantially more powerful at level 9 and 10. Even though Tier 2 and 3 have separate gem versions, the values remain the same between them.

Gem LevelDamage IncreaseCooldown Reduction

Gem Synthesis

Gem Synthesis Window

You can access the Gem Synthesis Window from the bottom left of your inventory, next to the dismantle button. Place 3 gems of the same level in the open slots and press Synthesize to combine them into a gem one level higher.

  • Gem Synthesis has a 100% chance of success.
  • Gems from two different Tiers cannot be synthesized.
  • The outcome of the Synthesis is random and cannot be influenced by any means.
  • You can use both gem types simultaneously to create higher level gems.
  • Combining gems from different classes grants your class gem as the outcome.
  • Damage gems cannot be changed into Cooldown and vice versa.
  • A level 10 gem cannot be further upgraded.
  • Selecting any of the level 2 to 9 buttons automatically synthesizes all gems in your inventory to create the highest possible outcome up to that point.
  • The Auto button creates a filter that automatically combines any obtained gem lower than your preferred level. This feature is useful when you have already established a gem setup and don't want your inventory to fill up when doing Chaos Dungeons.

Gem Reroll and Cost

Gem Reroll Window

This feature can be accessed by visiting the Gemologist NPC found in any major city ( icon on the map), or through your pet's special interface (Alt+P).

On the left, you may select any gem you own from your inventory, warehouse, or currently equipped to reroll the skill it grants. This process costs Silver and gets exponentially more expensive with higher gem levels. When changing the skill, you have an equal chance to obtain any of your class skills in return. Repeat this until you get the skill you want.

  • Rerolling a gem from a different class will grant a gem of your class in return.
  • It's more cost-efficient to sell unusable skill gems on the Auction House and purchase the exact one you need in return, rather than spending hundreds of thousands of Silver on rerolls.
  • Transformation classes like Artillerist and Shadowhunter can obtain Damage Increase and Cooldown Reduction gems that affect every skill within their transformation state. This makes gearing them extremely cost-efficient depending on their build choice.
Gem LevelReroll Silver Cost
1    7,000 Silver
2    8,500 Silver
3  10,000 Silver
4  20,000 Silver
5  30,000 Silver
6  60,000 Silver
7  90,000 Silver
8150,000 Silver
9210,000 Silver
10340,000 Silver

Equipping a Gem

Gem Tab

Equip Gems by right-clicking them from your inventory or dragging them into the Gem Tab, found in your Character Info sheet. You have access to 11 open slots to freely divide between your Damage Increase and Cooldown Reduction gems. Each skill is limited to one damage and one cooldown gem.

Gem Leveling Strategy

  • Transformation classes should prioritize going for a high level Damage and Cooldown gem as soon as possible (level 7 and higher). They only require one of each type of Gem to be effective, as they can affect all skills in a transformation state.
  • Non-transformation damage classes and supports should establish their gem setup at level 5 and slowly work towards upgrading to level 7 and higher over time.

Tier Restrictions

When Tier 2 gems get used in Tier 3 content, their effectiveness is reduced by 50%. This can be resolved by replacing them with Tier 3 gems. However, a high level Tier 2 gem can be better than an early Tier 3 gem, even with their effectiveness reduced. Swap them out when their damage gets surpassed by Tier 3 counterparts!

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  • There are two types of gems: Damage Increase and Cooldown Reduction.
  • You can equip up to 11 different gems to your character.
  • Three gems of the same level can be synthesized for one gem of a higher level with 100% chance of success.
  • Gem reroll cost is fixed depending on the level of your gem. It is more cost effective to sell unusable skill gems on the Auction House and purchase the exact one you need in return.
  • Tier 2 gems used in Tier 3 content have their effectiveness reduced by 50%.
  • Maximum gem level is 10!


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Lexyu