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Bracelet System Guide

Last Updated: March 6th 2024

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Bracelets play a big role in building your character and improving its strength. The additional Combat Stats and Effects they provide, can lead to huge damage improvements. You can make easily a mistake and “break” a Bracelet, which could have been great otherwise. To prevent that, we will guide you through the Bracelet System.


Relic rarity Bracelets can be unlocked after reaching 1490ilvl and upgraded later to Ancient rarity upon reaching 1540ilvl. A relic rarity Bracelet can have up to 4 and an Ancient one up to 5 lines of effects. Upgrading your Bracelet from Relic to Ancient rarity always adds another line.

Bracelet Sources

These Bracelets are mostly obtained through your daily and weekly activities as drops or rewards.
Sources include:

(Re-)Rolling Process

Before re-rolling your Bracelet, decide if you want to use it, sell it on the Auction House or trade it to your friends. It is also possible to send it to another character in your roster without consuming Pheons. Initiating the process will otherwise bind the Bracelet to you, making it untradable!

  • Rolling costs Silver, which increases after each attempt used.
  • You can re-roll up to 4 times.
  • Stats and Effects with a blue lock icon can't be re-rolled.
  • Before each attempt, you can manually lock Stats, which shouldn't get re-rolled.
  • There are 3 categories of effects you can have or roll on a Bracelet.
    • Basic Effect: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity
    • Combat Stats: Crit, Specialization, Domination, Swiftness, Endurance, Expertise
    • Various Special Effects (Listed Below)
  • You can have a maximum of 2 Combat Stats on a Bracelet.
  • The rollable range of stats increases with rarity of the Bracelet. E.g., on a relic Bracelet, you can only roll up to 100 Crit but on an ancient one, it is possible to get 120 Crit.


Upgrade Window

You can use the upgrade window to upgrade your Bracelet from Relic to Ancient grade. You need to be at least 1540ilvl to use this option. On top of that, you need 100 Crushed Radiant Hero Bracelet, which are obtained by dismantling Ancient grade Bracelets.

Upon upgrading, the current value of Basic Effect(+1000) and Combat Stats(+20) rolled on your Relic will be increased by a fixed amount. Additionally, it increases the amount of slots on your Bracelet by 1.

Dismantle and Exchange

Dismantle Window

Before dismantling, check if the Bracelet has a good combination of stats. Consider selling those you can't benefit from on the Auction House, as other players can! These can be worth a sizeable amount of Gold.

You can dismantle the “useless” Bracelets or the one you re-rolled into oblivion and gain back a small portion of its original worth in shards. Accumulate these over time and exchange them at the Bracelet NPC for fresh and new Bracelets.

Special Effects

Each of the special effects is divided into 3 grades: low, mid and high. The higher the grade, the stronger the effect, but the chance of rolling a high grade effect is lower than the chance of rolling a low grade one.

Below is a list of the important special effects, sorted from best to worse. But be aware that this ranking is a generalized one. For certain classes and builds, an effect which is usually considered as a bad one, could be the best in slot option.

Values (low/mid/high/) are based on Ancient rarity Bracelets.

  • Circulate: When landing an attack, for 30 seconds gain “Circulation”. For the first 10 seconds, skill damage +3/3.5/4%; for the next 10 seconds, Crit Rate +5/6/7%; for the last 10 seconds, Crit Damage +8/10/12%.
  • Hammer: When landing an attack, gain “Hammer” for 8s, which gives a +8/10/12% Crit Damage buff. The effect of Hammer is increased by an additional 8% if you have 'Steel Wedge'.
  • Fervor: When landing an attack while your HP is above 40%, gain “Fervor” for 3s, which increases Damage dealt by 3/3.5/4%. The effect of Fervor is increased by 1% if you have 'Cool-Headed'.
  • Cool-Headed: When your HP is 80% or lower, successful attacks grant Cool-Headed for 3s. If Fervor is active, Cool-Headed +1%. Cool-Headed: Damage against foes +3/3.5/4%.
  • Ambush: Increases Back Attack damage by 3/3.5/4%.
  • Battle: Increases Frontal Attack damage by 3/3.5/4%.
  • Precise: When landing an attack, increases Crit Rate by 3/4/5%. (Effect does not stack.)
  • Expose Weakness: When landing an attack, decreases target's Crit Resistance by 1.8/2.1/2.5%. (Effect does not stack.)
  • Enlightenment: On successful hit, Specialty Meter gain +4/5/6% for 8s.
  • Cheers: This effect is applied for 5s to a target that already has a party-wider protective effect (Shield, HP Regen, Incoming Damage Reduction). Cheers: Damage against foes +0.9/1.1/1.3%.
  • Dagger: When landing an attack, decreases target's Defense by 1.8/2.1/2.5%. (Effect does not stack.)
  • Assail: When landing an attack, increases Crit Damage by 6/8/10%. (Effect does not stack.)
  • Superiority: When landing an attack, increases Damage by 2/2.5/3%. (Effect does not stack.)
  • Wedge: When landing an attack, gain “Wedge” for 8s, which increases Damage dealt by 0.35/0.45/0.5%. Stacks up to 4 times with a 2s Cooldown between each stack gain. Upon reaching 4 Stacks, the effect of “Wedge” is doubled and becomes “Steel Wedge”. (Synergy with “Hammer”)
  • Sawtooth Blade: On hit, there is a 3/5/7% Chance to deal +100% Crit Damage. (Awakening is excluded.)
  • Weapon Power: Increases Weapon Power by 1600/1900/2200.
  • Harvest: When landing an attack, 3% to gain “Spirit” for 60s, which increases Weapon Power by 190/220/250. This effect can stack up to 10 times.
  • Main Stat Increase: STR, DEX or INT up to 2500/3750/5000


  • Bracelets provide you with up to 5 random Stats and Effects.
  • The rarity of the Bracelet determines the value min and max range.
  • Starting the forging process will bind it to you, making it untradable!
  • You have 4 re-roll attempts.
  • Stats and Effects with a blue lock can't be re-rolled.
  • Consider selling Bracelets you can't benefit from on the Auction House.


Written by Perciculum

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