Death Strike Sharpshooter Raid Build Guide

Last Updated: September 28th 2023

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Sharpshooters have two Class Engravings available to them, Death Strike and Loyal Companion, but they only have one playstyle. They can choose to use either one or both at the same time.

Both Class Engravings revolve around building the Sharpshooter's Identity Gauge called Hawk Meter. In addition, some skills have Skill Tree which boost the amount of Identity gained on hit. When your Hawk Meter is full, you can activate Summon Silverhawk to gain access to Wings of Storm and Last Rush.

For Death Strike, you want to try to fit in all your main damaging skills in the 50% damage window your Last Rush gives you.


Check out the Loyal Companion Sharpshooter for an alternative Sharpshooter playstyle.

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 50 before transitioning to it. Check out the Sharpshooter Leveling Guide and 1-50 Leveling Guide to reach Level 50.

Check out the Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons guides for an introduction to their content.

Raid Skill Build

  • Snipe is your biggest nuke assuming you hit the Perfect Zone.
  • Atomic Arrow is used constantly to apply Amplified Damage (party synergy debuff).
  • Charged Shot is taken with Fast Fire because you can release it immediately for full damage.
  • Arrow Wave is part of your main burst rotation damage skill.
  • Sharp Shooter is your Stagger burst skill with decent damage.
  • Moving Slash is your basic reposition skill and gap closer.
  • Deadly Slash is your Counter and charges Hawk Meter.
  • Hawk Shot is your range Hawk Meter generator and it does decent amount of damage.
Use the Scroll Bar to see the minimum Skill Point allocation
  • Summon Silverhawk can be activated when your Hawk Meter is full to gain access to Wings of Storm and a big nuke skill called Last Rush.
  • Fenrir's Messenger Awakening is use here to immediately charge up your Hawk Meter to get the rotation going.


  • Claymore Mine can replace Moving Slash, if you're confident to play without an extra mobility skill to push more overall damage increase.
  • Blade Storm can replace Arrow Wave or Moving Slash as an alternative filler damage skill that also generates decent Hawk Meter.

Skill Rotation

Death Strike, Last Rush applies a debuff on the target hit for 8 seconds allowing the Sharpshooter to deal 50% Increased Damage at Level 3. Follow up with all your damage skills to burst the target down. Additionally you recover 50% of remaining Hawk Meter, allowing you to easily fill it again for your next damage rotation.

  1. Use Atomic Arrow to debuff the target with Amplified Damage.
  2. Fill up your Hawk Meter with:
    1. Fenrir's Messenger
    2. Moving Slash
    3. Deadly Slash
  3. If your Hawk Meter is full, use the following Identity Rotation:
    1. Summon Silverhawk
    2. Wings of Storm
    3. Last Rush to mark the target with Death Strike 50% damage increase debuff.
  4. Use the following main damage skills base on priority in Death Strike Mark 8 seconds window:
    1. Snipe
    2. Charged Shot
    3. Hawk Shot(This fills up your Hawk Meter as well, Don't miss shot it!)
    4. Arrow Wave
    5. Sharp Shooter
    6. Claymore Mine
  5. Repeat the full rotation.

Stats Priority

Death Strike Sharpshooters run high Crit to capitalize on their high Crit Rate Skill Tree during early Tier 1 to Tier 3 pre Legion Raid gearsets.

Standard stats spread : Run Crit on all accessories and Swiftness from your necklace. as a few skills are focus on Crit Damage due to Solo Strategy, high Crit Rate is needed for consistent damage output.


Bracelets provide beneficial effects to yourself or to your party members depending on the rolls.

Note: Bracelets should not be your top priority to optimize since it'll be much more efficient to optimize your other gear first. Bracelets are costly! So slowly build towards a Main Stat and a Sub Stat. Anything else is extra!

Check out the Bracelet Guide for more details.
Possible Special Effects to Roll:


Combat Stats(Crit + Swiftness)


Basic Effect(Dexterity)
Sawtooth Blade
Weapon Power
Expose Weakness


Class Engravings provide powerful benefits that dictate the playstyle of a class. Battle Engravings are generally used to increase damage. Below are the recommended Engravings for this build. 

Check out the Engraving Guide for more details.

Starter Engravings

  • Death Strike applies a big 50% Increased Damage Debuff on the target for 8 seconds.
  • Hit Master synergizes well with Sharpshooter since the majority of yours skills do not have Back Attack or Head Attack modifiers. This engraving doesn't affect your Awakening skills. It is the safer option out of both Grudge and Cursed Doll.

Add-On Endgame Engravings

  • Keen Blunt Weapon* complements the high Crit Rate Skill Tree.
  • Grudge* increases damage done while also increasing damage received. The engraving is a highly effective damage increase without needing specific positioning, making it worthwhile even with the penalty.
  • Cursed Doll* is a significant Attack Power increase at the cost of 25% healing penalty from battle items. The healing penalty can be punishing for inexperienced players not familiar with boss mechanics.
  • Adrenaline helps reach high Crit Rate for more consistent damage on skills with Solo Strategy.

(*)These Engravings should only be used at Engraving Level 3.

Optimal Setups

Engravings are listed in order of priority from left to right.


Death Strike
Keen Blunt Weapon
Hit Master
Cursed Doll
Ether Predator
Hit Master
Cursed Doll

Gear Sets

These are the specific gear sets for each tier.
Check out the Gear Set Guide for more details.

Early Game

250-1100 gearscore
Providence Set

1250-1340 gearscore
Dimensional Set

Early Tier 3

1340 -1414 gearscore
Erupting Waves Set

Piercing Gaze Set

Craft any combination of the legendary gear sets listed above and try to push to 1415 as soon as possible.

Tier 3 Legion Raid Set

1415-1490-1580+ gearscore
Nightmare Set
(Generally used set to help alleviate mana issues)


Salvation Set
(For comfier setup with it's attack speed buff)


Hallucination Set
(To help compensate Crit Rate, if you have issues getting them up.)

The name of your set will change with every higher tier gearset you acquire, but the set effect will remain the same. Look for the keyword of your set when recrafting it so you don't easily get lost.(e.g Entropy, Hallucination etc)

Sidereal Weapon

Recommended Sidereal Unity Effects for your Neo Faint Note are Thirain and Balthorr.

Check out the Sidereal Weapon Guide for more details.


Runes enhance Skills with extra bonuses. All Rune drops are account bound and have limited availability, so placement of Runes on the correct Skills is important. Below are the recommend pairings.

Check the Rune Guide for more details.

Atomic ArrowBleed
Quick Recharge
Arrow Wave*Galewind
Moving SlashWealth
Quick Recharge
Hawk ShotWealth
Charged ShotFocus
Sharp ShooterGalewind
Deadly SlashWealth
Quick Recharge
Claymore Mine*Overwhelm
Blade Storm*Galewind

(*) Skill Preferences.

  • Bleed works best on skills with low cooldown like Atomic Arrow.
  • Galewind should be applied on almost all your big damage skills like Snipe.
  • Quick Recharge provides a chance of reducing the overall cooldown of skills.
  • Purify comes in handle for cleansing debuff or damage over time effects from certain bosses.
  • Overwhelm is paired with Sharp Shooter and Claymore Mine for quick Stagger burst.
  • Wealth helps smooth of Hawk Meter generation.

Gear Skill Tree

While Gems add benefits to skills, you can also increase the effects of Skill Tree themselves. Skill Tree levels go up to 5 and each level can increase the damage, cooldown reduction or buff that they provide.

For more information on how to add equipment Skill Tree and how to get them, please visit our Skill Tree System Guide.

Arrow Wave*Hellfire
Slow Tide
Wave Streak
Hawk ShotSilver Master
Red Hawk
Solo Strategy
Charged ShotQuick Preparation
Double Shot
Fast Fire
Sharp ShooterRapid Fire(Optional, If you are using this skill to mark Damage Amplification.)
Weak Point Detection
Focus Shot
Deadly SlashSilver Master
SnipeQuick Preparation
Weak Point Detection
Solo Performance
Moving Slash*Excellent Mobility(Optional)
Silver Master
Blade Storm*Silver Master
Solo Performance
Blade Dance
Shadow Dance
Claymore Mine*Solo Performance
Mounting Flames
Concentrated Storm

(*) Skill Preferences.

If you plan to use Claymore Mine in your build, you can drop Rapid Fire on Sharp Shooter to upgrade all the skill tree node from Claymore Mine.


Gems grant bonus damage and cooldown reduction to specific skills. You can only equip 11 of these Gems at a time so it is recommended that you prioritize the Gems for your most important skills.

Please visit our Gem System Guide for more information like how to create higher tier Gems.

Attack Gems

Hawk Shot
Charged Shot
Arrow Wave*
Sharp Shooter

Blade Storm*
Claymore Mine*

Cooldown Gems

Hawk Shot
Arrow Wave*
Sharp Shooter
Moving Slash*

Blade Storm*

(*) Skill Preferences.

Card Sets

Cards are an endgame system for maximizing your character. Below are the recommend sets for this class.

Check the Card Guide for more details on how to obtain them.

Budget Card Set

Budget Card Set 2

This card set does not replace Light of Salvation set or Kazero's Legion Commanders set, but it can be use if you're new to the game and has set to get your Light of Salvation/Kazero's Legion Commanders set +18 or +30 yet.

Optimal Damage vs Kayangel Gate2-4 and Sonavel

Optimal Damage Card Set


  • Death Strike causes Last Rush to apply a 50% Increased Damage debuff for the Sharpshooter. Line up your most damaging skills during this burst window.
  • Sharpshooters' biggest damage nuke is Snipe.
  • Death Strike Sharpshooters aim for high Crit on all accessories and Swiftness on their necklace.
  • Grudge and Cursed Doll are two great damage engravings that do not rely on positioning. If you're a newer player looking for safer alternatives, Keen Blunt Weapon and Hit Master offer damage boosts with negligible or no downsides.


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