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Community Raid Tier List – May

Last Updated: May 14th 2024

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The votes are in! Your voices have been heard in our recent poll on raids, and the results are very interesting.

We've received some amazing feedback from previous polls, and it seems that the community likes knowing what other people think! We want to gather and amplify your thoughts through these polls, as well as future ones, but we also know that there are many improvements we can make and topics to cover. Please let us know of anything that we can do to improve your experience or interesting topics to cover for the community.

We're excited to share these results with you, and hope to see your votes on future raid releases!

Ranking Criteria

Here is the Ranking Criteria that players have used to rate each gate of every raid in the game.

S- Tier: Best content that I would do indefinitely.
A- Tier: Extremely enjoyable, I don't mind doing this for a year or more.
B- Tier: Enjoyable, I don't mind doing this for a few months.
C- Tier: Not very enjoyable, would prefer only a few clears.
D- Tier: Quit inducing content, I never want to do this again.
Have Not Attempted: For any content you have not experienced before.

Community Tier Lists are based on the subjective experience of each player. It doesn't factor in discrepancy of different raid difficulties or changes.

Ratings were based on a scale of 1 - 5 and weighted based on the quantity of votes that each tier received. Gates are listed according to their score, from highest to lowest within their respective tiers, left to right.

S Tier

Valtan G2
Thaemine G3

A Tier

Thaemine G4
Akkan G3
Brelshaza G4
Kakul-Saydon G1
Kakul-Saydon G3
Akkan G2

B Tier

Brelshaza G3
Ivory Tower G4
Vykas G2
Ivory Tower G3
Brelshaza G2
Kakul-Saydon G2
Akkan G1
Brelshaza G2 (Removed)
Argos G1
Thaemine G2
Brelshaza G1
Valtan G1
Vykas G1
Kayangel G3
Argos G3

C Tier

Vykas G1 (Removed)
Argos G2
Ivory Tower G2
Kayangel G2
Brelshaza G5 (Removed)
Thaemine G1
Kayangel G1
Ivory Tower G1

D Tier

Kayangel G1 (Removed)


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