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Argos Phase 3 Abyss Raid Guide

Last Updated: May 16th 2023

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Argos Phase 3 Introduction

Argos Phase 3 is a TIER 3 Abyss Raid. The recommended Item Level to enter this Raid is 1400. This dungeon drops Tier 3 Accessories, Ability Stones, Engraving Books, Cards and materials to craft the sets Harsh Oath Launcher and Preordained Diligence Launcher. After clearing the dungeon, you can pay gold to get additional loot. The recommended Combat Items are HP Potion, Panacea, Sacred Charm and Dark Grenade.

Argos phase 3 is easier than Phase 2. The Weather System shifts the focus more towards map awareness and survival than DPS. This phase has 3 different team wipe and 2 instant death mechanics. Surviving these requires teamwork.

Disclaimer: In this guide, we will only focus on the important core mechanics and attacks of the Guardian which weren't explained in the previous phase. Basic attacks of the Guardian, which are easy to predict or deal low damage, won't be explained in detail.

Starting from this point, it is important to make sure that everyone in the raid group is aware of the boss and coop mechanics. Additionally, item level is not as significant as having good Engravings and Combat Stat distribution as these provide the most damage increase which shorten the duration of the battle. A shorter battle leads to less damage taken and less consumable used.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

Special Interactions & Patterns

Party Wipe

Party Wipe

Argos has 3 different party wipe mechanics. Which one he uses, depends on the current weather. Usually, 2 party wipe mechanics occur on each attempt. Before starting any of the wipe patterns, Argos always teleports to the center.


Argos summons a sun seed on a random location, which slowly descends to the ground. Everyone needs to move quickly to that spot and stay there for a couple seconds. Even if one player reaches the spot too late, Argos wipes the entire party. Use “Tab” key to locate the sun seed, since it is marked with a yellow dot on the map.

During the wipe mechanic on dawn, Argos summons additional blue seeds. Players need to trigger one of those. Once triggered, a protective dome appears, in which the player needs to stay to avoid instant death. One dome can protect multiple players, so ping the location of the blue seeds.

Argos summons multiple night seeds on random spots. These are marked as a blue dot on the minimap. Spread out and collect all the seeds in time. If a single seed remains uncollected for too long, the boss wipes the entire party.

General Patterns

Multi Charge

Multi Charge

Argos disappears and does multiple charge attacks in the center, which are indicated by a red telegraph. He finishes this combo with a blink attack towards a random player. Avoid staying close to the center and group up or relocate together to a spot with the least amount of harmful seeds. By doing so, you can easily move the boss to a safer location.

Argos Phase 3 Guide

Gameplay with Shot Calls


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