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Mystic Raid Gate 1 Guide

Last Updated: March 6th 2024

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Mystic Raid Gate 1 Introduction

Mystic is an old raid brought back from the dead. This raid will be similar to Abyssal Raid difficulties, so it shouldn't be that challenging. Focus on breaking the presents throughout the raid for increased power!

The recommended Combat Items include, but are not limited to, Sacred CharmSwiftness Robe, Whirlwind Grenade, Dark Grenade, Marching Flag, Time Stop Potion.

Disclaimer: In this guide, we will only focus on the important core & general patterns of the boss. Basic attacks of Mystic which are easy to predict or deal low damage, won't be explained in detail.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

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Raid Mechanics

Raid mechanics cover the passive mechanics that are persistent through the entire raid.


Presents will spawn throughout the fight. Breaking the presents will grant you one of the effects below. This effect is similar to the event guardian buff but much easier to obtain. Be sure to keep picking them up!


  • CDR reduction + Damage Up
  • Heal

Main Mechanics

Mystic will have two different phases that will change their pattern accordingly. Aside from the counter and freeing team members, there isn't really a mechanic to worry about.

Counter Stance


  1. Mystic teleports to a random edge of the map.


  1. Boss teleports and freezes 2 random players. And prepares to shoot laser beams in front of him.

What To Do

  1. Break your teammates out.
  2. Avoid staying in front of the boss.


  1. Mystic will quickly flap its wings and pull them inwards to become still.


  1. Boss will be in a counter stance.

What To Do

  1. Don't attack! Too much damage will turn everyone around the Mystic into a Snowman for a few seconds.
  2. Move out during his Counter Stance. To be on the safe side.

Notable Patterns

Blue Phase
Purple Phase


  1. Mystic radiates a blue fog around him.


  1. During the fight, Mystic will become blue, giving him access to new attacks and mechanics.

What To Do

  1. Dodge and recognize the patterns.
  2. Just continue to DPS. Don't die.


  1. Mystic radiates a purple fog around him.


  1. During the fight, Mystic will become purple, giving him access to new attacks and mechanics.
  2. On the transition and intervals throughout the phase, some players will have a purple fog around them. Drop them outside of the map or away from the boss.
  3. Too many stacks will stun you.



Written by Starlast
Reviewed by Perciculum

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