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Kayangel Gate 3

Last Updated: March 26th 2024

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Kayangel is the new Abyssal Dungeon introduced in Elgacia. Kayangel acts as a Legion Raid clear so you can replace it with an existing raid for 3/3. You can drop in and out of the gates just like Legion Raids. Learn how to get past the angels (and owl) guarding your rewards! Rewards include Set 3 upgrades, Ancient Stone upgrade, and more!

Normal Mode: 1540+
Hard Mode: 1580+

The recommended Combat Items include, but are not limited to:

  • Time Stop Potion
  • Flame Grenade
  • Dark Grenade



Disclaimer: In this guide, we will only focus on the important core & general patterns of the boss.

This guide assumes that you are familiar with the recommended Raid Build for your class.

Learn about Kayangel Abyssal Raid Gate: 1 / 2

Main Mechanics Overview

  • During Raid - Mirror
  • x180 HP - Break Egg
  • x135 HP - Light Delivery
  • x100 HP - White Orbs/Sunlight
  • x60 HP - Pillars/Clones

Once you have read through the detailed description of the main patterns, use the “cheat sheet” during the raid, or check out our condensed Cheat Sheet Collection for all Legion Raids on one page.


Main Mechanics

Main mechanics occur at certain HP intervals or Phases.

x180 Explosions/Break Egg
x135 Light Delivery
x100 White Orbs/Sunlight
x60 Pillars/Clones
Final Phase


  1. Boss will target a player with a mirror.

What To Do

  1. Getting close to the mirror will launch you back and set your HP low.
  2. Damaging him from that side of the mirror will do reduced damage.
  3. If you are targetted try not to spin the boss around. Move when you hear the mirror.


  1. Boss will teleport to center.
  2. He will perform 3 explosions on the field.


  1. The 1st explosion will be under your feet, 2nd around center, and 3rd under your feet again.
  2. The boss will teleport to a player and show a mirror at them (the player will also have a gaze debuff on bar).
  3. The player will be pulled towards the boss during this period.
  4. He will then shoot a laser at the player after a few seconds.
  5. Player with the aggro will need to hit one of the eggs on the map.
  6. The egg will light up and grant a buff shortly after hitting.
    • Egg buff will last 2min
    • The rings around players will grant buffs to others that need it.

What To Do

  1. Dodge 3 explosions.
  2. Find out who is aiming the laser.
    • Boss will target closest person in middle after explosions.
    • If anyone wants to take aggro, everyone will need to hug a wall and have 1 person in the middle near boss.
  3. When you hear the "glass" breaking noise, that's the timing when he fires the laser.
  4. Aim at an egg on the map to activate it.
  5. Break the egg to be granted a buff to damage the boss up to 2 min.
    • 2 players max, get near the egg after breaking it
  6. You will need to constantly lure the boss to hit eggs to refresh the egg buff to damage the boss on the map.


  1. Boss teleports to center
  2. You will be silenced and can only use normal attacks.


  1. Players will need to reflect the beam of light through each of them into the boss.
  2. Black puddles will imprison players and wipe the raid.

What To Do

  1. Go by party order. P1 will take initial laser and adjust.
  2. Don't step into other players circle or you will be imprisoned and wiped.
  3. Use auto attacks to help guide the laser.

Hard Mode: There will be additional black puddles that players will need to adjust to for the laser angle. Don't stand in them.


  1. Boss will teleport to center and launch an inside safe AoE.


  1. Boss will summon a bunch of yellow orbs that will change colors after the boss sends out the explosion.
  2. At the same time, there will be 2 white glow on the ground that will indicate safe spots for the mech after orbs (sunlight).
  3. Some orbs will be either black or white. You need to collect 5 white orbs for a shield.
  4. Collecting a black one will stun you and decrease 1x white stack.
  5. You can prediocally see the white orbs after collecting one.
  6. After the mechanic, players will need to go to the white zone safe spots (shade under the sun).

What To Do

  1. Go to clock positions for your orbs.
  2. Remember the safe zones that are shown before the orb mechanic starts.
  3. Be sure to ping extra white orbs if a teammate needs.
  4. Go to safe spots in the shadow after 5 white orbs.
    • You don't need white orb shield until final mech (after 2 sunlights).
  5. If you cannot make it to the safe spot, you can use Time Stop Potion.

Hard Mode: There will be explosions during orb collection phase.


  1. Boss will teleport to middle and "phase you"


  1. Similar to the Vykas clone mechanic, everyone will see different things.
  2. You will need to ping red pillars with symbols/runes inside of them.
  3. If one of them matches with a boss, you will need to stagger it.

What To Do

  1. Ping red rune pillars for your team.
  2. If the pings match up with a clone, stagger it.
Source: Inven


  1. Boss will periodically spawn a white safe zone for sunlight.
  2. During this phase, boss will also debuff players to take more damage.


  1. Players will get stacks of defense debuff during this final phase that is not removable, so you will need to kill him quickly.
  2. Boss will also spawn white safe zones after every 3 moves in this phase.

What To Do

  1. Kill boss quickly to avoid stacking debuff.
  2. Ping white safe zones for sunlight mechanic. Boss will try to pull players during this mechanic as well and finish with a targeted laser at a player like x180. Use Time Stop Potion if needed.
  3. Boss will pull you in as the sunlight safe spots happen.
    • To avoid the pull mechanic, when you receive the purple debuff text "Intense Gaze", wait until the text/debuff goes away, then immediately press a movement skill (spacebar) to nullify the pull. You can also use Time Stop Potion instead.

Notable Patterns



  1. Boss will summon orbs that will imprison players when hit.

What To Do

  1. Dodge the rings or...
  2. Stack on Boss an deep DPSing the boss and use Flame Grenade on top of party before imprison.


  1. Boss spins with a scythe and a whirlwind appears around him.
  2. Boss will target a random player and swipe at him.

What To Do

  1. Look at who is targetted.
  2. Dodge behind him when he swipes.


Written by Starlast

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