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Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Build Guide

Last Updated: March 25th 2024

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Welcome to the Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Build Guide! This build revolves around using all 3 Weapon Stances of Deadeye: Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle. Enhanced Weapon focuses on Shotgun Skills as the main source of damage, and due to their Close Shot tripods, this means the basic playstyle is back-attack and close-range centered.

Outside of that, Deadeye lacks any sort of meter-building or builder-spender mechanic, so it's ready to pump damage as needed given your cooldowns are up. It brings decent Stagger and Destruction to the table.

  • Easy to Learn
  • Good mobility
  • Low APM
  • Low defense
  • Melee
  • Positional gameplay

Want a more dynamic and flashy playstyle? Check out our Pistoleer guide.


Chaos Dungeons
Use the Scroll Bar to see Skill Point Progression

Need some tips for general content? Check out our Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons guides.

  • Spiral Tracker and AT02 Grenade are your Weakness Exposure Synergy skills.
  • Enforce Execution, Somersault Shot and Dexterous Shot are your Mobility skills.
  • Desperado is a decent damage skill with no positional requirement.
  • Judgment Day, Shotgun Rapid Fire and Shotgun Dominator are your main damage skills.
  • Last Request is a utility skill (Destruction, Counter, Stagger) with good damage, specially on Staggered targets thanks to Massive Explosion.
  • One Shot One Kill and Aimed Shot are good long-range damage fillers with no positional requirement.

Alternative Skill, Tripod, and Rune Options

Desperado, One Shot One Kill and Aimed Shot can be replaced with different skills depending on your needs and preference:

Quick Shot with Swift Fingers, Initiate Shot and Final Light.

  • Back-Attack skill, which benefits from Entropy, Ambush Master and back-attack modifiers: 5% Damage and 10% Crit Rate.
  • Also deals Destruction.

Cruel Tracker with Swift Fingers, Rapid Fire Enhancement and Quick Draw.

  • More Destruction than Quick Shot.
  • Less damage, but also back-attack skill so all the same bonuses apply.

Last Request

  • Can take Overwhelm if you need more Stagger.

One Shot One Kill

  • Recoil Control can be taken instead of Hollow Point, it helps with repositioning but lowers your Stagger a bit.

Spiral Flame

  • Can be replaced with Perfect Shot if you need more Destruction instead of Stagger.

Check the Rune Guide for more details on Runes and how to obtain them.

This build is optimized and meant to be used only in Chaos Dungeons. For Ebony Cube please use a Raid build.

  • Equilibrium, Death Fire and Desperado are your main AoE mob killers. They all have 360° AoEs and deal good damage to lesser monsters.
  • Somersault Shot is mostly used for mobility.
  • Clay Bombardment is good against Elites.

Acquiring additional engravings leads to a faster clear potential, but the build can perform quite well with the bare minimum.

Minimum requirements

  • Preemptive Strike causes your attacks to deal immense amounts of damage to monsters that you haven't attacked yet, making it ideal for Chaos Dungeons.

Additional engravings

  • Contender is a stacking Attack Power effect that increases in strength once you kill a monster, making it ideal for Chaos Dungeons.
  • Raid Captain provides damage based on your Bonus Movement Speed, synergizing well with the Buff Nodes scattered throughout Chaos Dungeons.
  • Pistoleer increases Handgun damage and provides a better spacebar dash. Highly recommended.

Gameplay & Skill Rotation

This build focuses on dealing massive amounts of burst damage within the Weakness Exposure Synergy windows. You need to constantly cycle between damage skills and synergy skills to maintain high uptime on the buff and on your damage. Enhanced Weapon provides Crit Rate when switching Weapon Stances, so it's important to also keep it in mind.

Middle weapon is your current stance. Left (Z) and Right (X) will swap to the corresponding stance, allowing you to cycle all the way through if desired.

  • Shotgun skills have long cooldowns but do high damage. You only have 4 slots.
  • Rifle skills have long range and mid damage, with decent utility. You only have 4 slots.
  • Handgun skills have short cooldowns and are mostly utility and mobility. You have the default 8 slots.

You need to be really close to the enemy for Close Shot tripods to take effect. Even while Shotgun skills can hit from short-mid range, the tripod forces you to hug the enemy to do the most damage.

Deadeye Identity

Weapon Stance

All attacks with a Back Attack affix receive +10% Crit Rate and +5% Damage when they land on the target's back-side indicator. It is important to position yourself accordingly as much as possible in order to take advantage of this.

Basic Rotations

Standard Damage Rotation

  • This rotation is quite flexible, you just need to prioritize putting your Shotgun skills on cooldown and always apply your Crit Rate Synergy Weakness Exposure before using your damage skills.
  • Desperado can be used earlier for repositioning while dealing damage, since it has 2 stacks.

Stagger Check Rotation

  • Depending on the duration of the stagger check, it may be wise to skip using Last Request for stagger and instead save it for Damage. If you use it for stagger, try to do so at the front of the enemy since it gains 20% Stagger from the Front-Attack affix.
  • Remember you can also use a Whirlwind Grenade if you have one equipped!

Tripods and Gems

Tripod Levelling

Increasing the level of Tripods greatly enhances their effectiveness. You may only increase the level of 18 tripods at a time. Some of them cannot be leveled at all, or are left at level 1 - these tripods are omitted from the table, even if they are used. Here are the main tripods you should look out for in order to maximize this build's potential.

Skill1st Tripod2nd Tripod3rd Tripod
Dexterous ShotAgile MovementExcellent Mobility
DesperadoArmor-Piercing BulletStyle Change
Judgment DayDragon BreathFarewell
Shotgun Rapid FireClose ShotSpecial Bullet
Shotgun DominatorClose ShotWeak Point DetectionThe Ruler
Last RequestQuick PrepMassive ExplosionVolley
One Shot One KillPrecise Aimed ShotKill Confirmation
Aimed ShotKill ConfirmationAftershock

Tripods written in bold text are your highest priority, make sure to level them first!

For more information on where to obtain Tripod Amulets and how to use them, check out our Skill Tree System Guide.


Gems are another significant aspect of your build, as they directly impact the damage and cooldowns of your skills. You can equip up to 11 gems at a time. Here are the ones you should focus on in order to maximize this build's potential, listed according to their priority.

Damage Gems

  • Judgment Day
  • Shotgun Dominator
  • Shotgun Rapid Fire
  • Last Request
  • Aimed Shot
  • One Shot One Kill
  • Desperado

Cooldown Gems

  • Judgment Day
  • Shotgun Dominator
  • Shotgun Rapid Fire
  • Last Request

For more information on where to obtain gems and how to use them, check out our Gem System Guide.

Stat Priority

This build utilizes Specialization and Crit , with Swiftness as an alternative option.

  • Specialization is the primary stat. It provides Crit Damage to Handgun, Damage to Shotgun and Armor Pierce to Rifle.
  • Crit is a secondary stat. It's used for damage consistency.
  • Swiftness is a secondary stat. It can be used for reduced cooldowns and mobility.

Standard Setup

  • Specialization + Crit
  • Specialization
  • Specialization
  • Specialization
  • Specialization
  • Specialization + Swiftness

Alternative Setup

  • Specialization + Swiftness
  • Specialization
  • Specialization
  • Specialization
  • Specialization
  • Specialization + Crit

Gear Set

Entropy Set

This set is optimal thanks to the large amounts of Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and positional damage it provides.

Check out the Gear Progression Guide for step by step instructions and early game gearing.
If you are interested in Sidereal Weapons, click here for more details.


Engravings are a core part of your build. Typically, most engravings will be used at level 3, but some can be used at level 1 or 2 in addition to the others, after reaching item level 1540 and unlocking Ancient Accessories.

Relic Gearing Build (5x3)

  • Grudge
  • Ambush Master
  • Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Cursed Doll
  • Adrenaline Lv2
  • Enhanced Weapon Lv1

Ancient Gearing Build (5x3+1)

  • Grudge
  • Ambush Master
  • Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Cursed Doll
  • Adrenaline
  • Enhanced Weapon Lv1

Engraving Explanations

Core Engravings

  • Ambush Master provides a massive boost to positional skills, which are most of your damage.
  • Adrenaline provides an additional source of Crit Rate and Attack Power. It is fairly easy to upkeep.
  • Grudge increases damage done while also increasing damage received. The engraving is a highly effective damage increase without needing specific positioning, making it worthwhile even with the penalty.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon provides quite a bit of damage thanks to all the sources of Crit Rate you have.
  • Cursed Doll is a significant Attack Power increase at the cost of 25% healing. The healing penalty can be punishing for inexperienced players who are not familiar with boss mechanics, but it becomes easy to overcome with time.

Level 1 and 2 Engravings

  • Enhanced Weapon due to the poor scaling of this engraving, it's better to keep it at Level 1.

Check out the Engraving Guide for more details.


Bracelets provide beneficial effects to yourself or to your party members depending on the rolls they have.

The primary goal is to get the main stats used by this build Specialization and Swiftness/Crit. After that you should be aiming for Special Rolls to get more damage. Please note that this system is heavily reliant on RNG, and you should not expect to get much more beyond your main stats early on.

Optimal Bonus Rolls

Swiftness or Crit (opposite of Neck's secondary stat)
Hammer + Wedge

Alternative Bonus Rolls

Wedge (without Hammer)
Weapon Power

Check out the Bracelet Guide for more details.


The recommended Elixir Set for this build is Critical.

Check out the Elixir Guide for more details and general stat recommendations.

Card Sets

Cards are an endgame system that helps maximize your character's damage. Here are the recommended card sets for this build.

  • Deep Dive is used early on as it is fairly easy to obtain.
  • Light of Salvation is the standard endgame option, but it can take a long time to acquire 30-piece Awakening.
  • Kazeros's Legion Commanders is used as an alternative to Light of Salvation, in content where enemies have a weakness to Dark Damage.
  • Three Umar Families combined with A Voice Calls with is used as an alternative to Light of Salvation, in Guardian Raid content exclusively.

Check out the Card Guide for more details on how to obtain cards and interact with them.

Early Game Damage Card Set

End Game Damage Card Set


Written by Sekwah
Reviewed by Starlast

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