Final October Korean Class Balance Patch

Last Updated: October 22nd 2023

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This article covers the final october class balance changes that was released on Korean Live Servers.

Hover over the Tripod embeds to compare the current values with the upcoming ones.

All Class Changes

  • Awakening usage increased to 5.




Stroke: Hopper

  • Improved animation at end to help with skill chaining.

Paint: Starry Night

  • Sturdy Armor Changed: Harmony meter recovery increases by 30.0/33.0/37.0/41.0/45.0% when hitting foes.
  • Azure Starlight Changed: Damage received while casting is reduced by 50%. Incoming damage -75% for 2 seconds for party members. Creates a shield that absorbs damage equal to 10.0/11.0/12.0/13.0/15.0% of Max HP.

Paint: Illusion Door

  • Added: Shield is now applied to all members except yourself (7m around the portal). Shield scales based on Artist's HP (15%).

Paint: Sun Well

  • Skill radius increased by 30%.

Developer Comment
Artists have had a hard time applying some of it's buff, so we improved some of the skills to help. We hope that through these skill adjustments Artists can have a more active role in a wider variety of ways.

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Rush Reduced from 9 to 8 seconds.

Damage of demon skills excluding demonization/demon basic attacks is increased by 4.5%.

Demonic Clone

  • Added Level 1 Weak Point.

Rising Claw

  • Increased to level 2 Weak Point.

Developer Comment

Perfect Suppression has been performing in line with our expectations, but could use a little help when it came to Weak Point depending on their build. Demonic Impulse was somewhat lacking in damage so we adjusted it.

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Roll Reduced from 10 to 8 seconds.

Firepower Meter gained from all skills increased by 9.3%.

Enhanced Shell

  • Meter gain reduced by 43.4%.

Pressurized Heatbomb

  • Damage increased by 15.7%.
  • Level 1 Weak Point added to shell explosion.
  • Condense you can now turn when using this.

Napalm Shot

  • Firepower and bombardment Meter increased by 51.5%.
  • Paralysis Immunity added.
  • Stagger value reduced.

Multi-Rocket Launcher

  • Damage increased by 8.7%.


  • Mana cost reduced by 15.3%.
  • Cooldown reduced from 16 to 12 seconds.
  • Stagger value increased.
  • Level 1 Weak Point added.
  • Weak Point Enhancement Changed: Charge forward 6.0m and attack.
  • Quick Attack Changed: Rotates 360 degrees and attacks all nearby enemies.
  • Advancing Hit Changed: Destuction level +1.
  • Spin Attack Changed: Attack speed increases by 20.0%.

Summon Turret

  • Firepower and bombardment Meter gain reduced by 24.3%.

Homing Barrage

  • Damage reduced by 9.0% in PVP.
  • Vital Point Bombardment Changed: Critical hit rate increases by 40.0%, Damage to enemies increases by 6.0/12.0/18.0/24.0/30.0%.

Barrage: Howitzer

  • Sped up skill animation.
  • Damage increased by 68.3%.
  • Cooldown increased from 7 to 16 seconds.

Barrage: Focus Fire

  • Sped up skill and improved skill animation to link skills easier.

Barrage: Energy Cannon

  • Sped up skill and improved skill for faster turn speed.

Bombardment: Impregnability

  • Changed: Creates a shield that absorbs Damage up to 40% of maximum health for 6 seconds, and Damage received is reduced by 50%. When deactivating bombardment mode, the shield and Damage reduction effects are canceled.

Heavy Turret

  • Firepower and bombardment Meter gain reduced by 40.3%.


Enter Barrage Mode

  • Animations sped up and you can queue abilities as you transform.
  • Roll and Stand Up are reset when transforming.
  • Battle items used in turret form will be faster used with no animation.


Barrage Enhancement

  • Added: When entering bombardment mode, the firepower Meter gains 70%.

Developer Comment

Firepower Enhancement shows low damage in end game raids, so we added some damage. We improved Swing and added more utility to the skill. Barrage Enhancement in the ever changing raid environment became a lot harder, so we adjusted the overall speed of the skills and added other ways to help with firepower meter.

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Ice Shower

  • Casting speed increased.


  • Casting speed increased.
  • Level 1 Weak Point added.
  • Wildfire Whirlwind Changed: Cooldown increase removed, Level 1 Weak Point added.
  • Lightning Whirlwind Buffed: Cooldown increase reduced from 10 to 6 seconds.

Esoteric Reaction

  • Increased Stagger.

Rime Arrow

  • Increased Stagger.

Frost's Call

  • Adjusted damage rate of attacks when using Unstable Rule.


  • Backfire Casting speed increased.



  • Buffed: Critical hit Damage increased from 10/25/40% to 20/37/55%.

Developer Comment

Igniter is a class that deals powerful damage, but it can be somewhat difficult in the new raids. Damage was increased and usability of counter skills was improved. We also adjusted some of the stagger values because they were not distributed properly before.

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Martial Artist



Shock skill coefficient from Specialization reduced from 0.4 to 0.36.

Earthquake Chain Changed: New skill added.

Chain of Resonance Changed: New skill added.

Crushing Smite

  • Blood Hunger Changed: When an attack hits, the enemy is bleeding for 3.0 seconds and deals X Damage every second.
  • Apex of Transcendence Changed: Critical hit rate increases by 100%.

Fierce Tiger Strike

  • Raging Bombardment Changed: Changed to combo skill. Attacks pushes foes away and dealing outgoing damage +80.0/90.0/100.0/110.0/120.0%.

Dragon Advent

  • Damage buffed by 12.5%.
  • Hit position detection moved closer to the fist.
  • Great Destruction Changed: Damage to push immune foes outgoing damage +60.0/68.4/76.8/85.8/94.8%.

Roundup Sweep

  • Damage reduced by 9.6%.
  • Changed to Stamina skill
    • Stamina cost: 20
    • Shock gain: 30
  • Swift Preparation now can be used faster if it resets.
  • Blood Hunger Changed: When an attack hits, the enemy is bleeding for 3.0 seconds and deals X Damage every second.
  • Single Hit Changed: Damage to push immune foes outgoing damage +25.0/31.3/37.5/43.8/50.0%

Battering Fists

  • Damage reduced by 5.2%.
  • Righteous Pillage Changed: Damage to foes outgoing damage +25.0/31.0/37.0/43.0/50.0% and deals an additional 20% damage in fighting spirit mode.
  • Single Hit: Changed: No single target needed.

Continuous Push

  • Express Fury Changed: Damage to challenge or lower foes outgoing damage +80.0/89.6/99.2/109.6/120.0%.

Iron Cannon Blow

  • Damage buffed by 14.3%.
  • Final hit range slightly increased.
  • Quick Prep Changed: Damage to foes outgoing damage +40.0/47.0/54.0/62.0/70.0% and deals an additional 20% damage in fighting spirit mode.


  • Damage buffed by 51.2%.
  • Casting speed has been slightly increased.
  • Cooldown increased from 6 to 10 seconds.
  • Shock consumption changed to 20
  • Damage Amplification duration increased from 8 to 12 seconds.

Death Rattle

  • Attack distance detection increased by 2.4m.
  • Finishing Blow Changed:  Damage to enemies increases by 25.0/31.0/37.0/43.0/50.0%.
  • Single Hit Changed: No single target needed.

Critical Blow

  • Damage reduced by 29.2%.
  • Charge time has been reduced to 0.5 seconds.
  • First hit range slightly increased.
  • Superthermal Wave Changed: Stamina generation increases by 25, and Damage to enemies increases by 40.0/47.0/54.0/62.0/70%.

Chain Destruction Fist

  • Stagger increased.
  • Skillfulness Changed: The number of hits hitting the ground increases by 1, and for each hit, the cooldown is reduced by 0.4/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.6 seconds for each enemy hit, up to a maximum of 2.0/2.2/2.4/2.7/3.0 seconds.
  • Dynamic Absorption Added: Damage to challenger or below foes outgoing damage +80/89.6/99.2/109.6/120%.

Potent Rising Fist

  • Slightly adjusted skill and deals 15% on the slam rather than 50%.
  • Damage buffed by 7.8%.
  • Overall Damage of the slam has been increased.
  • Range of slam reduced, but speed increased.
  • Refine Skill Changed: skill is now a normal skill. The attack of rising fist is eliminated, and immediately jumps into the air, flips over, and slams down. When slamming down, the distance that can be moved increases by 3.0m.
  • Lightning Fist Changed: When hitting a downward attack, an additional 2.0/2.2/2.4/2.7/3 fighting spirit is generated.
  • Fist of Destruction Changed: Damage received when hitting an enemy is reduced by 6.0/6.3/6.6/6.9/7.3% for 6.0 seconds. Stacks equal to the number of enemies hit, up to 10 stacks.
  • Objective Hit Changed: Damage to lower ranked monsters increases by 100.0/111.0/122.0/133.0/145.0%.
  • Furious Hit Changed: Impact energy is planted at the point where the shot was struck, causing an explosion after 1.0 seconds, dealing additional Damage equal to 30.0/37.5/45.0/52.5/60.0% of the basic Damage.
  • Air Raid Changed: When making a downward attack, it hits the enemy along with the dragon. Damage dealt to Push immune enemies is increased by 50.0/57.5/65.0/72.5/80.0%.
  • Dragon's Fury Changed:  Attack range increases by 30.0%, Damage from downward attacks increases by 70.0/82.0/94.0/107.0/120.0%. The amount of explosion Damage that occurs increased.

Shredding Strike

  • Damage buffed by 13.3%.
  • Violent Fist Changed: Lightning Attribute and shocks enemies on hit.
  • Reasonable Action Changed: Strike preparation movement becomes 15.0/20.0/25.0/30.0/35.0% faster.
  • Unconventional Changed: Stagger increased.
  • Overflowing Force Changed: Push Immunity when using skill.
  • Shock Control Changed: Attack by quickly swinging your fist horizontally while moving forward. When the first attack is successful, it strikes an additional 2 times using recoil and does not blow the enemy away anymore, but the total Damage to the enemy increases by 50.0/57.0/64.0/72.0/80.0%.
  • Sturdy Armor Changed: Rushes and hits at very high speed and returns to the original position. Damage to enemies increases by 30.0/37.0/44.0/52.0/60.0%.
  • Ambush Attack Changed: Bonus Damage depending on the amount of impact shock held: 20.0/32.0/44.0/56.0/68.0%, 40.0/52.0/64.0/76.0/88.0%, 60.0/72.0/84.0/96.0/108.0%, 120.0/132.0/144.0 /156.0/168.0% increase.
  • Will Enhancement Changed:  Damage to enemies increases by 25.0/31.0/37.0/43.0/50.0%, and deals an additional 20.0% Damage in fighting spirit state.


  • Stagger value changed.
  • Range on last hit increased by 2.2m. Last hit also shortened.
  • Righteous Pillage Changed: Shock consumption is reduced by 10/12/14/17/20.

Undefeated Dragon King

  • Recover all fighting spirit energy when skill is hit. (Only 25% in PVP)

Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination

  • Damage buffed by 9.1%.
  • Conditional Damage based on distance is removed.


New identity "radiating fighing spirit".

  • Fill up meter by hitting enemies.
  • Once full, you can press Z to unleash a shockwave and increases damage on target by  6.0% for 10.0 seconds.
  • Mobility skill is reset after pressing Z.
  • During fighting spirit
    • Skills can be used regardless of stamina and shock energy reserves.
    • Stagger increased by 20%.
    • Mobility skill cooldown is halved.


Shock Training Changed: The Damage of shock skills increases by 10/15/20%, and when using shock skills, 5/10/20% of the consumed shock Meter is returned. In fighting spirit state, attack speed increases by 20%, but the duration is reduced to 5 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Changed: The natural recovery speed of energy energy increases by 300/450/600%, and the Damage of energy skills increases by 25/35/45%, but the damage of shock skills decreases by 30%. When in fighting spirit state, you become Paralysis Immune.

Developer Comment

As time went on, the Scrapper's identity and personality was lacking, so we added a new identitiy 'Fighting Spirit'. Instead of increasing the difficulty of the class, we just improved it so you can experience a more powerful version. A lot of skills were adjusted so you won't feel restricted and pressured with the new 'Fighting Spirit'.

Scrapper is an old class that had many outadated skills. Some skills we felt were incompatible with the class, so we replaced them with 2 new skills. In addition to skill adjustments, we plan on adjusting the new skills more to give it more weight in it's attack.

In addition, the tripod effects of the main stamina spenders were adjusted to alleviate the increased difficulty in combat for Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu. A tripod option was added to Roundup Sweep to prevent randomness with gauge generation.

The new Shock skill animation will be modified to give it a heavier feel suited for the Scrapper class.

Check out the current Taijutsu and Shock Training Scrapper Raid guides!




Mountain Crash

  • Earthquake Shock changed: Additional earthquakes now counter.

Hell Blade

  • Melt changed: When in burst mode, cooldown is reset and outgoing damage +55.0/63.8/72.6/81.4/90.2%.

Chain Sword

  • Slightly faster skill animation.

Red Dust

  • Changed: Damage Attack Power duration increased from 6 to 8 seconds. Attack power is increased on activation of skill now instead of on hit.
  • Vital Point Hit Critical hit rate duration increased from 6 to 8 seconds.


  • Burst Enhancement changed: Damage buffed from 40.0/47.2/54.8/62.4/70.0% to 55.0/63.8/72.6/81.4/90.2%.

Class Identity

Bloody Rush

  • Damage buffed by 10.3%.

Dark Rush

  • Damage buffed by 10.3%.

Developer Comment

The engraving Berserker's Technique has a large variance when it comes to different end game raids. Since it didn't meet up to damage expections in the last raid update, we adjusted the damage of some of the skills to make up for the lack of damage. We also imrpoved how fast Chain Sword attacks and adjusted Mountain Crash to have an easier time countering. In Addition, we made changes to Red Dust and Hell Blade to let him do more consistent Damage in endgame content.


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