Elgacia Class Balance Patch Update – Final Version

Last Updated: May 16th 2023

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Welcome to the Elgacia class balance change overview of the Korean Live Servers, which will most likely arrive to EU/NA servers in the following weeks/months. We went through the PTR Changes here. This article highlights the differences between those two, we struck through discarded changes and colored additional changes.


The Judgement effect triggered by the Conviction and Judgment combo is now multiplicative instead of additive.

General Balance

Damage Reduction buffs provided by the skills below have their efficiency in PVP reduced to 65%.


  • Grace of Holy Area
  • Grace of Godsent Law
  • Heavenly Blessings


  • Endurance Wave of Sound Wave
  • Strong Note of Note Bundle
  • Guardian Tune
  • Shining Protection of Rhapsody of Light


  • Nellasia's Energy
  • Guardian's Protection


  • Warrior's Courage of Wind's Whisper


  • Energy Release




Earth Cleaver

  • Removed Frontal Attack affix.

Class Engraving


  • Nerfed: Deathblade Surge is cast in the max level of Surge Zero form, regardless of the number of Death Orbs you have. When Arts is activated and skills other than Basic Attacks and Awakening Skills hit, the Surge Enhancement effect is stacked every 0.4 seconds. (Max 20 stacks). This effect increases Deathblade Surge Damage up to 100/110/120% based on the stacks. Additionally, Attack Power is increased by 0/0.5/1% per stack. When Death Trance ends, gain up to 100% Death Orb Meter for each Surge Enhancement effect stack you have.

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Blade Storm

  • Silver Master Hawk Gauge restoration increased from 12/13/14/16/18 to 14/15/17/19/21. Added: If Shadow Dance is selected, the Skill generates additional Hawk Gauge.

Deadly Slash

  • Frontal Attack removed.


  • Frontal Attack removed.

Atomic Arrow

  • Added Weak Point Damage Lv.1 to the Skill.

Charged Shot

  • Increased Weak Point Damage from Lv.1 to Lv. 2.

Sharp Shooter

  • Focus Shot changed: Instead of Crit Damage, the Damage is increased by 20.0/26.0/32.0/38.0/45.0%.


  • Easy Prey changed: Increased Crit Hit Rate from 30% to 40%. Instead of Crit Damage, the Damage is increased by 30.0/37.5/45.0/52.5/60.0%.


Fenrir's Messenger

  • Added: Instant hit restores 25% Hawk Gauge. Overcharged hit restores 100% of Hawk Gauge. Hawk Gauge's revoery scales with specialization.


  • Hawk Gauge natural recovery increased by 50% in PVE and 30% in PVP 30% in PVE.

Class Engravings

Loyal Companion

Buffed: Summons Silverhawk MK-II, allowing Move Speed +4%, Silver Hawk's Basic AoE Radius +60%, Silverhawk's Basic Attack Damage +100/200/300%, and Silverhawk's summon duration +30/60/100%. On basic attack or Wings of Storm hit, foes get a Mark of Death increasing incoming Damage by 4/9/14%. Additionally, the summoned Hawk increases your Attack by 3/6/10%.

Death Strike

Buffed: Hit foe Damage taken increased from 20/30/40% to 22/33/44%.

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Prelude of Storm

  • Counter Attack affix added.

Sound Shock

  • Sacred Shock Debuff duration increased by 1 second.


  • Brilliant Stigma Debuff duration increased by 1 second.

Note Bundle

  • Sacred Note Debuff duration increased by 1 second.

Harp of Rhythm

  • Note Brand Debuff duration increased by 1 second.

Rhapsody of Light

  • Note Brand Debuff duration increased by 1 second.

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Martial Artist



Increased the Damage of all Skills except for the Auto/Basic Attack by 24%.

Charging Blow

  • Ready Attack changed: Skill Damage increased by 10.0/16.0/22.0/28.0/35.0%.

Fierce Tiger Strike

  • Rough Smash changed: Skill Damage increases by 300.0/322.0/344.0/366.0/388.0%, based on the amount of enemies hit.

Continuous Push

  • Sturdy Armor changed: Damage Reduction effect of the Skill increases to 6.0/6.3/6.6/6.9/7.3% per stack with each consecutive attack.


  • Attack type changed from Frontal Attack to Back Attack.

Roundup Sweep

  • Attack type changed from Frontal Attack to Back Attack.
  • Swift Preparation reset chance reduced from 50.0/58.0/66.0/74.0/83.0% to 30.0/36.0/42.0/48.0/54.0% but can be triggered on any hit.

Critical Blow

  • Attack type changed from Frontal Attack to Back Attack.

Shredding Strike

  • Attack type changed from Frontal Attack to Back Attack.


Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination

  • Buffed: Focus your mind and reinforce your gauntlets to deliver a powerful strike. Gather the energy in the air onto your gauntlets and thrust forward. The ground cracks, dispersing an energy wave that reaches as far as 14 meters, knocking foes back. The Damage of the wave differs depending on the distance it travels. 6,8kk Damage within 0-2 meters, 6,1kk Damage within 2-4 meters, 5,4kk Damage within 4-6 meters, 4,7kk Damage within 6-8 meters, 4,1kk Damage within 8-10 meters, 3,4kk Damage within 10-12 meters, and 2,7kk Damage within 12-14 meters.

Class Engraving

Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu

  • Stamina Skill's Damage increase buffed from 30/45/60% to 35/50/65%.

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Increased the PVE Damage of all Punish Skills by 4.8%.


  • Attack type changed from Frontal Attack to Back Attack.

Executor's Sword

  • Attack type changed from Frontal Attack to Back Attack.

Holy Sword

  • Attack type changed from Frontal Attack to Back Attack.

Class Engraving


  • Duration of Sacred Executioner buffed from 100/100/100% to 100/125/150%.

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Written by Perciculum
Reviewed by Starlast

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