July 2022 Class Balance Patch on Korean PTR


Welcome to the July class balance patch overview of the Korean Test Servers, which will most likely arrive to EU/NA servers in the following weeks/months. But be aware that the changes below can be adjusted once more by Smilegate before they hit the KR live servers.

General Balance

Hallucination Set

  • 4 set effect changed:  Increases the critical hit rate by 15/18/20%. On Crit Hit, Hallucination's duration +1s. (Cooldown: 0.4s).
  • 6 set effect changed: If Hallucination lasts more than 9s, gain Reality for 90s 120s. Reality: Damage to foes +12/14/15%. Crit Rate +5/7/8%. On Crit Hit, Reality duration +1s. (Cooldown: 0.4s.)

Developer Comment

The Hallucination set has been already improved once in the past, but there are still unreasonable parts, so we decided to improve it further.
We reduced the difficulty to maintain the set effect and increased its duration.



Martial Artist



Written by Perciculum
Reviewed by Starlast