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Reaper Build Guides & Balance Patch Overview

Last Updated: March 6th 2024

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You have lurked long enough in the shadows for the perfect time! And that time, is now! Arise!!! Grab your blood hungry daggers and focus on your next victim. While the lunar moon guides you through the dark alleys, we will guide you through the class. Now follow your instincts!


The articles mentioned below will be updated with additional tooltips as soon as we have the data after the patch on November 16th. Until then, the tooltips are replaced with placeholder names.

Reaper Build Guides

Below, you can find the Reaper build guides for specific content. It's also possible for you to navigate to all of our Reaper guides by visiting our Build Guides category.

Class Balance Patch Overview

This article highlights the upcoming balance changes. The data is based on the latest big KR balance patch, followed by some hotfixes.

New Tripod System

The Tripod System change is bound to happen on November 16th. It is still not too late to prepare yourself properly for it! As a reminder, check out “Skill Tree Priority List & Upcoming Changes”, which we released back in August.

On top of writing new content, we are also continuously improving our existing articles and all of you have been a great help. Join our Discord and use the #la-bug-reports if you notice any bugs, issues, or guide errors, and we will continue to work hard to make all of our content the best it can be.

On behalf of our whole Lost Ark team - Thank you for all the feedback!

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