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Korea July PvP Update

Last Updated: August 12th 2022

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Hi everyone, this will be my first go at an update article like this specifically for future PvP patches. This article will follow the latest update in Korea which revolves around all things PvP related.

Aside from a few new system features and some class balancing, not too big of an update. This article will cover 2 of the most recent PvP updates into one.

Korea PvP July Overview

Content Summary of the updates as follows.


  • New PvP Season in Korea (Season 6)
  • PvP Class Balance
  • Z-Axis Change Reverted
  • New Custom Lobby Features
  • New Build Feature
  • New MVP Screen
Korea July Update

Season 6 PvP Season

Current leaderboard after a couple of days. Don't look too much into it as it'll likely shift around over time.

Chicken Removal

The usable item has been removed from the following PVP map (dynamite and chicken). This map is also added to the Ranked map pool.

Curfew Time/Dodge Penalty

  • In Korea for this season, it seems like you can't queue ranked between 6am-10am (Kr Time).
  • Not sure if this is a permanent feature or not.
  • They have increased the severity of dodging queues.

General PvP Balance

There have been more PvP changes, especially to classes like Destroyer and Arcanist in the latest balance patch here.

Forced Push Immunity

  • Changed: Forced Push Immunity is activated if an additional hit or more is received after the amount of damage exceeds 4 3 seconds.

Stealth Detection for Reaper stealth type skill and battle item

  • Changed: When an enemy character approaches within a radius of 4.0m 7.0m, you are seen translucently.

Developer Comment




Summon Silverhawk

  • In PvP, Hawk Gauge does not decrease during non-combat.


  • Tenacity changed: Before the 1st attack hits, gain Push Immunity.

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Ice Shower

  • Slightly increased the Stagger time that occurs when hitting the target.
  • Frost Fragment changed: freeze foes for 2.5 1.5 seconds.
  • Frost Zone Stagger time has been slightly increased.

Lightning Vortex

  • Casting speed increased.

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Martial Artist



Swift Wind Kick

  • Water Round Kick changed: slow debuffs 4 2 seconds.

Wind's Whisper

  • 30 36 seconds.

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Mountain Crash

  • Numbing Effect changed: slow debuffs 4 2 seconds.

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  • Reduced damage in PvP by 9%.

Demonic Slash

  • Numbing Effect changed: slow debuffs 5 3 seconds.

Demon's Grip

  • Numbing Effect changed: slow debuffs 4 2 seconds.

Grind Chain

  • Impaired Mobility changed: slow debuffs 3 2 seconds.

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Phalaenopsis Dream

  • Rest of Dreams Tripod does not have lingering stun.

Z-Axis Changes Reverted

During the PvP offseason, the developers changed how skills interacted with each other in the air (the Z-Axis). Skills like Phoenix Advent, Leap Attack, Diving Slash, Starfall Pounce and Stalker were the main culprits of this change, essentially making these skills uninterruptable while mid-air. This gave these skills Full Immunity (Tier 4).


*video is taken from Inven post*

After some debate and community input, they have decided to revert it back to the old patch.

Developer Comment

New Custom Lobby Features!

  • You can now play against bots in your custom lobbies (Berserker, Scrapper, Artillerist and Sorceress).
  • Only 1 default difficulty. I believe more will come later.
  • Bots seem to be more like training dummies than actual practice, even for new players.
  • Seems like it would be the go-to feature to test PVP combos.
  • New camera controls were added for spectators (QoL of camera controls for spectators)

New Build Feature

New build preset feature-

A new feature that helps players import high rank builds into their books. The builds refresh every hour, gathering data from the top 1000 builds of that specific class.

New MVP Screen

Emote UI


Written by Starlast

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