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Congratulations! After all your hard work grinding through Tier 1 and Tier 2, you've now hit Tier 3. You've made it! This is where everyone told you End Game starts; the place where Lost Ark opens up. Because your item level now increases at a snail's pace in Tier 3, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what exactly you should do. It doesn't have to all be vertical content though. There are plenty of horizontal content you can do as well. This article will try to list some of the most important things you should focus on.

Note: For the T3 Honing Progression Guide, please visit our Gear Progression Guide!

Anguished Isle

Anguished Isle is a lucrative island to visit post Tier 3 because there are roster and character items you can purchase through exchange here. You need Crimson Skein to exchange for items, which can be acquired by doing the repeatable quest there for 150 Crimson Skein per day. Doing that will give you a key to do the dungeon for an approximately an additional 300 Crimson Skein.

Work on Alts

With all your free time you have some extra time to spend towards upgrading your alts. Alts in Lost Ark provide plenty of benefits towards your Roster's overall progression. Your alts can be used to help progress towards multiple Una's Tasks reputations and be used as Bifrost locations for important events. Eventually, once your alts hit T3, they can start funneling mats towards your main.

Read more in-depth about how to use alts and how to gear them in our Alt Guide.

Work on Skill Points

Unless you've been swiping, your Item Level won't skyrocket as it did in Tier 1 and 2. This means that you won't feel an overly large increase in power compared to before. Extra Skill Points will help alleviate this problem, as higher level skills will do more damage.

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BreakpointsSkill Combinations
2825x Lv. 10 Skills | 2x Lv. 7 Skills
2886x Lv. 10 Skills
3306x Lv. 10 Skills | 2x Lv. 7 Skill
3367x Lv. 10 Skills
3486x Lv. 11 Skills | 1x Lv. 7 Skill | 1x Lv. 4 Skill
3846x Lv. 12 Skills | 1x Lv. 7 Skill | 1x Lv. 4 Skill
3848x Lv. 10 Skills

Equipment Skill Tree

Skill Trees are available once you hit Tier 3. Equipment drops from Chaos Dungeons will start to have levels for certain skills. These levels refer to the levels of your Tripods. The higher the level, the better the skill. For example, Lv. 5 Great Explosion allows your skill to do 40% more damage than if it was just Lv. 1 Great Explosion. This helps not only in damage, but also other areas. Compare Lv. 5 Quick Prep and Lv. 1 Quick Prep.

Read more about the Skill Tree System and how to efficiently transfer over Skill Trees in our Skill Tree Guide.

Acquiring Gems

Gems are another part of Lost Ark's min max for gearing. Some classes have it easy since they only need 2 Gems for their build, like Demonic Impulse Shadowhunters. Generally, you will want to look for Gems that increase the Attack Power and Cooldown Reduction on your most important skills. For utility skills, you will mainly want Cooldown Reduction gems for them.

Read more about the Gem System in our Gem System Guide.

Acquiring Silver

As you get further and further into Tier 3, silver is increasingly important to hone your gear and your alts. Silver becomes increasingly scarce unless you continually do Chaos Dungeons on multiple characters. Try to be conscious of how much Silver you continually use. Do not waste it on rerolling jewels or buying adventure tome cooking ingredients until you have almost nothing else to use it on. If you’re extremely desperate, look into doing Una’s Tasks that reward you silver like Lopang Una’s Tasks.

Learn about other ways to make silver in our How to Make Gold & Silver Guide.

Acquiring Skill Runes

Skill Runes are crucial in optimizing your end game builds. Classes that rely on Specialty Meter buildup will definitely want to collect runes like Wealth. Most classes will also want runes like Conviction and Judgment. Skill Runes, while not directly boosting damage, gives you buffs that can help you deal more damage as a result.

Learn about runes in our Rune System Guide and how to collect them with our Skill Rune Collection Guide.

Optimal Engraving Setup

Tier 3 is where most people start looking into min maxing their engravings. With purple accessories in T3, you should at least have two level 3 Engravings. With Legendary Engravings, most players will be able to achieve at least 4 Level 3 engravings and 1 Level 1 engraving. Starting from Legion Raids, with relic accessories, 5 level 3 engravings will be within range of most players.

Learn more about Engravings in our Engraving System Guide.

Acquiring Cards

While I’m sure you were somewhat aware of cards in Tiers 1 and 2, you want to start paying attention to certain card sets from now on. Always be on the lookout for the various sources of acquiring the cards in the set as they are major boosts in damage.

Learn more about cards in our BiS Card Set Guide and our Card System Guide.

Leveling to 55 and 60

Level 55 and 60 contribute to significant boosts in damage as you can level up your skills from 10 to 11 and 12, respectively. A skill’s damage increases by 10% from level 10 to 11. From level 11 to 12, a skill’s damage increases by 5%. Guardians, Cube, and Boss Rush offer significant amounts of EXP in addition to other activities.


Collectibles are side content that you might consider working on. You can gain Skill Points from collecting Omnium Stars and Giant's Heart. You can acquire Judgment from collecting 44 Masterpiece. You can also do your Adventure Tome and go for Virtue Stats as well.

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  • There are plenty of things to do in the world of Lost Ark once you hit Tier 3, including both vertical and horizontal content.
  • Alts, Gems, Skill Trees, and Cards are some vertical content you can do in the game.
  • Collectibles is horizontal content you can do at your own pace.
  • Don't forget to have fun! There are more things to explore in this world than just gearing.


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Mar 27th 2022
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