How to make Gold & Silver


There are numerous currencies with varying values and rarities in Lost Ark, but none are used as often as Gold & Silver. So how do we obtain them and what are they actually used for? Let's find out!


Is arguably the most sought after currency in the game. It can be used to purchase almost any item you desire through the help of the ingame Auction House, be it Skins, Equipment, Upgrading materials, Life skill items, Food buffs, Engraving Recipes, Consumables and many more. It also plays a major role in your gear progression at all stages of the game.

Gold Income

Quests & Guide Quests

During the leveling process there are certain yellow and purple quests that grant Gold upon completing them. New Guide and Island Quests available after reaching 50 will further contribute to this income. These quests can be repeated on multiple characters.

Adventure Islands

These are special Island events that you can access through your Procyon's Eye Compass once on week days and twice on weekends. One of the possible rewards for these is Gold, and the amount earned depends on your achieved item level as well as your performance in the event.

Chaos Dungeon

Upon killing the stage 2 boss you have a chance to spawn one of two special portals (Yellow & Purple). These contain Gold upon completing them as well as various other materials depending on the boss inside of them. The Gold amount received depends on the difficulty level of your Chaos Dungeon.

Abyssal Dungeons

The completion reward for clearing Abyssal Dungeons rewards you with Gold. It can be obtained on each of your characters weekly.

Una's Token Exchange

By completing your Una's Daily & Weekly tasks you accumulate points that award you with Una's Tokens. 80 of these tokens can be exchanged for Hefty Gold Sacks at City Gold Merchants found in any main city. If you're lucky you can get extra Thin and Thick Gold Bars from these bags worth 100 and 1,000 Gold.

High placing in Guild vs Guild events

Every Saturday there are Guild versus Guild events taking place on specific Islands that can be occupied, and depending on your Guild's placement you obtain a sizable amount of Gold which your Guild Leader can distribute. Checkout our GvG Guide to find out more about how it works.

Cooperative Sea Missions

By participating in Cooperative Sea Mission events you have a chance to obtain Keys of Balance and Keys of Wisdom. These access a special event in the ocean during certain hours of the day. After completing this event you're eligible to spend your keys on opening a chest where you have a low chance of obtaining Secret Maps that give you a decent amount of Gold upon finding the marked location in the sea.

Masterpiece Collection

Masterpieces can be exchanged for Artist's Treasure Chest at an NPC located in Sunflower Island. More about them can be found in our Masterpiece Guide.

Island Rewards

Many islands reward you with a one time gold reward for completing their story quest or a Una's Task related job.

Find out more about which islands and where exactly this can be done in our Island Tool.


Certain NPC's give Gold for reaching specific levels of affection with them. This is a one time reward that can be very time consuming to pursue depending on the NPC you choose to focus on. NPC's we recommend are:


Nia Amicable 1,400 Gold
Hariya Friendly 1,100 Gold
Sapiano the FoxFriendly 1000 Gold
Albion Friendly 800 Gold
Berver Friendly 800 Gold
Yom the SquirrelFriendly 800 Gold

Auction House Trading

Any item your character cannot use and isn't bound to you can be sold on the Auction House, be it Upgrade Materials, Life Skill related things, Engraving Recipes, Accessories, Ability Stones and much more. Understanding the value of the items you find can make you a sizable amount of Gold.


The majority of NPC interactions require Silver as payment, Gear Honing being an exception as it requires multiple currencies at once. Here are a few common expenses:

  1. Ability Stone Cutting
  2. Card Awakening
  3. Consumables (Healing Potions & Chaos Pieces)
  4. Gear Honing
  5. Gear, Ship, Tool Repair Cost
  6. Traveling Costs
  7. and Many More!

Despite having this many avenues for spending Silver, there are just as many to obtain it.

Silver Income


Regular Missions, along with World, Main, Zone and Chain Quests grant you small to medium amounts of Silver during your leveling path to 50 and beyond. It’s nothing too crazy, but it definitely adds up if you enjoy leveling multiple characters.


Ancient Gold Coins are a one time reward from various Rapport NPC's across the world for reaching certain levels of affection. This can be a great boost to your Silver income early on.

Chaos Dungeons

This is one of your daily endgame activities that rewards you with a sizable amount of Silver. The amount earned depends on the tier of the Chaos Dungeon you open. Upon killing the stage 2 boss, you also have a chance to spawn one of two special portals (Gold & Purple) that contain extra Silver upon completing them. Keep in mind that Chaos Dungeons can be run an unlimited amount of times, but runs done without Aura of Resonance only grant Silver from the final completion step, unlike your two daily entries which award it all throughout the dungeon.

Una's Daily Tasks

Many daily quests in Lost Ark reward Silver not only for completing them, but also for progressing to certain stages. Lopang Island has dedicated Una's tasks focused on obtaining Silver and is the most efficient way for farming it in the game. To unlock these tasks complete the yellow quests on this Island. It offers 6 different Una's Tasks that scale in silver amount based on your item level:

Item Level / Una's TaskTortoykAnikkaLuterraArthetineVernShushire
~459 3,230 3,800 3,800 4,370 4,370 4,940
460-601 4,760 5,600 5,600 6,440 6,440 7,280
602-959 8,755 10,300 10,300 11,845 11,845 13,390
960-1301 12,410 14,600 14,600 16,790 16,790 18,980
1302-1414 18,700 22,000 22,000 25,300 25,300 28,600
1415-1489 22,100 26,000 26,000 29,900 29,900 33,800
1490+ 24,650 29,000 29,000 33,350 33,350 37,700

Shushire, Vern and Arthetine should always be your choices. Since Una's task rewards are not exclusive to one character, you can repeat this process on all of your alt characters daily. Note that characters who still need progression related rewards should focus on those first.

Una's Weekly Tasks

Similar to daily tasks, but you're only allowed to choose 3 tasks per character per week. Choices for Silver here are Chaos dungeon, Cube, and Life skill completions.


Is content accessible through the use of Entrance Ticket: Cube obtained by killing the second stage boss in Chaos Dungeons, as well as Entrance Ticket Chest (Vern) purchased from the Guild Exchange Vendor. The Silver reward depends on how far you make it in this dungeon, it can also contain special rooms that award extra Silver to the player.

Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange

Is currency that is obtained from doing Guild related tasks, it can be exchanged for Siege Silver Chests at a Guild Exchange Vendor located in any main city. These chests have a weekly limit of 6 and are not exclusive to one character.

Adventure Islands

These are special Island events that you can access through your Procyon's Eye Compass once on week days and twice on weekends. A large chunk of Silver is one of the possible rewards for these.

Gold to Silver Exchange

Disclaimer! This is by far the worst way of obtaining Silver and we highly advise against it. City Gold Merchants in main cities offer Gold to Silver trades at very steep rates. This should only be used by extremely wealthy people in Lost Ark.

  • 100 Gold for Hidden Vault
  • 1,000 Gold for Hidden Vault


  • Gold & Silver are used daily and are critical to understand and farm.
  • Majority of Silver is obtained through Daily Chaos Dungeon entries, Cube and Una's Tasks.
  • Most of your Gold will come from exchanging Una's Tokens and attending Adventure Islands with the occasional lucky portal from your Chaos Dungeons.
  • Remember that doing activities like Life Skilling and simply selling valuable items on the Auction House is also a great way of making Gold.
  • Never convert Gold to Silver using City Gold Merchants, there are no scenarios where it's worth it!


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Raxxanterax