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Last Updated: March 4th 2024

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The Guild System in Lost Ark is fairly complex. You start by creating or joining a guild, then you continue to make Contribution, clearing Guild Quests, researching, participating in guild activities and competing against other guilds.

Important activities like Guild vs Guild (GvG) and Guild vs Environment (GvE) help you to work towards a goal as a guild and earn your well deserved reward in the form of Sylmael Bloodstone. Exchange it for crucial upgrade materials that help you to push your gear even further!

Benefits of a Guild

Being part of a guild opens up the path to earn the guild currency, Sylmael Bloodstone. This can be exchanged at the guild merchant for upgrade materials like Refined Obliteration Stone, Refined Protection Stone and Radiant Honor Leapstone. You can also exchange them for Silver Chest, Growth Support Large Combat XP Potion (Bound) or Entrance Ticket: Ebony Cube.

Another reason to join a guild is the endgame content which requires a party to enter and clear. Besides Guardian Raids, most endgame content require at least a party of 4 players to enter. You can always use Matchmaking to join other random players, but that comes with the risk of failing to clear the content while also wasting resources in terms of used items. Creating a party with friends or guildmates not only increases the chance of success, but also makes future attempts to clear easier as well.

Joining or Creating a Guild

Open the guild interface(ALT + U) to create or join a guild. To create a guild you need to pay a fee of 2000 Silver. To join a guild, simply search for the guild name and send a request to join. The guild leader is able to see all applications and can decide to accept or reject them.

Guild Ranks

After joining a guild, you are marked with the “newbie” rank for 3 days. During this trial period, your daily Contribution options are limited, can't accept any guild quests and you won't be able to participate in GvGs or GvEs.

Besides from the member rank, the leader can assign 1 deputy and several officers. By more than 10 days of inactivity of the guild leader, the deputy can claim the leader rank for himself.

Here are the permissions for the 2 ranks:

Guild Deputy

  • Accept or Reject member applications
  • Choose GvG and GvE for the Guild
  • Use guild skills in GvG and GvE
  • Assign weekly guild quest
  • Select Guild Research
  • Kick members


  • Accept or Reject member applications
  • Assign weekly guild quest
  • Use guild skills in GvG and GvE

Guild Activities

Guild activities are the best way to earn Contribution, Guild Experience and Currency. The Guild Activities below accumulate over the entire week a yellow version of Sylmael Bloodstone. At weekly reset(Wednesday at 10AM), the Yellow Bloodstones are converted into Sylmael Bloodstone and are distributed between the guild members and the Guild Bloodstone Storage. The guild leader sets the distribution percentage between members and Guild Bloodstrone Storage, and the minimum required Contribution to be eligible to get any Sylmael Bloodstone as a member.

Eg.: The guild leader sets the distribution percentage to 50% Members and 50% Guild Storage. They then set the minimum Contribution to 500. At weekly reset, Yellow Bloodstones are converted into Sylmael Bloodstone. 50% of it is allocated to the Guild Storage, the rest can be distributed between guild members who have reached the set minimum Contribution of 500. How much these guild members get depends on the relation between the weekly Contribution goal of the guild and the Contribution amount of each member.

For more accuracy and detailed information, use this formula:

Credits to Jeadas#1337


GvG Islands

Posible Rewards:

  • Sylmael Bloodstone (personal)
  • Yellow Bloodstones
  • Gold
  • Guild Experience
  • Contribution

Every weekly reset, the guild leader or deputy can reserve one of the many GvG islands to contest. This choice should be made based on several factors, because each Island has a different objective, gear limitations and minimum required participants. The higher the rank of the island, the more min maxed the participants needs to be to get a good placement. Higher rank Islands like the Rank ones have much better rewards than the lower ranked Rank islands. But be aware, picking an island to contest costs a small amount of Sylmael Bloodstone which gets deducted from the Guild Storage.

The Guild War is held once per week at a fixed time and consists of multiple rounds which decide the final placement. The placement and the rank of the island dictates what rewards the guild earns at weekly reset. Earned Gold is stored in a separate Guild Storage. The guild leader can distribute it between the guild members.

Getting the first place on one of the 2 rank islands unlocks a special feature for the guild leader. The guild leader can set a day and a time within the week to host a server wide event for all players. This event rewards the participants with upgrade materials. The guild hosting the event earns additional gold based on the amount of the participants, which is stored in the Guild Storage at the next Weekly Reset.


GvE Islands

Posible Rewards:

  • Sylmael Bloodstone (personal)
  • Yellow Bloodstones
  • Guild Experience
  • Contribution

Similar to reserving a GvG island, the guild leader or deputy must reserve an island for GvE too. Each island is separated into specific tiers based on gear requirements, maximum allowed participants, and unique Field Boss monster you must slay. Once a GvE event is registered by the guild leader, the guild has 2 attempts to get the fastest clear time possible. Guilds with the lower clear time will be ranked higher. A major difference between this and GvG is that you can do it any day and time you want. It is recommended to pick a time when the most guild members are able to participate. The reward your guild gets at Weekly Reset, depends on the rank of the island and your clear time.

Daily Donations

Guild members that are now full-fledge members have 2 options to support the Guild.

  • First option is the daily Guild Donation. You can donate once per day Silver, Gold and Guild Honor Banner to the guild. In exchange for earning Contribution and Sylmael Bloodstone, your guild earns Guild Experience and Sylmael Bloodstone.
  • Second option is to support the ongoing Guild Research, which shortens the time needed to finish researching. It can be done once per day for free and with a Guild Honor Banner. This rewards you with Contribution and Sylmael Bloodstone.

Guild Honor Banner sometimes appear in the Mari's Shop(F4) and can be bought for Crystals.


The guild leader and the deputy can start Guild Research by paying a small amount of Sylmael Bloodstone from the Guild Storage. The time needed to finish research depends on the level of the research. The research time can be shortened by 20 minutes each day by each guild member.

Research Categories&Benefits:

  • Unlocking new items at the Guild Vendor.
  • Unlocking new or higher level Guild Quests.
  • Increasing the maximum amount of Sylmael Bloodstone members can earn at weekly reset.
  • Unlocking new or higher level Guild Skills used in GvG and GvE.
  • Unlocking additional research and Guild Quest slots.
  • Boosting Guild Experience.

Guild Quests

Guild Quest Categories:

  • PvP
  • Life Skill
  • Sailing
  • PvE

The guild leader or deputy can choose from a big pool of quests the most suited quests for their guild members. Once selected, it is fixed for an entire week. At the start you can only have 1 active Guild Quest, but by leveling up the guild and through research, you can unlock up to 2 additional Guild Quest slots. The same applies for the Guild Quest pool. There aren't too many you can pick at the start but that can be extended through research.

Once chosen by the guild or co-leader, guild members can accept the Guild Quest(s) in the quest window (Alt + J) under "Guild Request". Upon completion, it rewards guild members with contribution, grants the guild experience points and adds Yellow Bloodstones to the pool which is transferred into Sylmael Bloodstone at weekly reset. The Guild Quest can be retaken and completed repeatedly. This makes it a great source to reach the weekly Contribution goal.

As a guild or co-leader, it is your duty to choose Guild Quests most suited for your members. Eg.: If your guild is a PvE focused guild, don't assign a PvP related quest as a Guild Quest.

Guild Level

Guild Level Benefits

Every Guild Activity mentioned above contributes towards leveling up the guild. Each level unlocks new researches and extends the maximum guild member limit. A guild with active guild members donating every day, finishing Guild Quests, participating in higher rank GvG and GvE levels up faster than less active and competitive guilds.

Video Guide

Disclaimer: This Video may contain pieces of outdated content/systems, but the base explanation is still relevant.


  • Join a guild to earn Sylmael Bloodstone and to buy upgrade materials.
  • Reach the Contribution goal to earn additional Sylmael Bloodstone.
  • Participate in Guild Activities, donate daily and complete Guild Quests to earn Contribution.
  • Level up the guild to unlock new Guild Research and to extend max member limit.


Written by Perciculum
Reviewed by Yaen

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