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Rowen PvP System

Last Updated: December 15th 2023

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Rowen is a continent located west of Shushire. You must be ilv 1445 to begin the continent. This article will go over the PVP systems surrounding Rowen. You will be introduced to 2 different competing factions: Preigelli (blue) and Liebertane (red).

Faction System

Once you complete the world quest in the area, you will be able to choose your Faction. Faction will determine who your allies/enemies are on the battlefield as well as certain quests/scheduled quests involved.

  • There are no disadvantages or reward differences between the factions.
  • You can change your faction immediately for the first time only, after that you will need to wait 7 days.
  • If a faction is full, you cannot swap into it.

Preigelli (Blue outfits) & Liebertane (Red outfits) are unique costumes given once you select a faction. You will start with the base outfit (trainee rank) on the left and after obtaining a certain amount of battlefield XP, you will evolve your outfit.

Ranking up is similar to how the PvP XP system works, there will be ranks you can promote directly into and ranks you will achieve after the week is over. There are several ways to get XP:

  • Defeating opponents on the opposite faction.
  • Participating in daily/weekly/co-op quests (Check Scheduled Event Calander for Conquest/Raid times).
  • Tulubik Battlefield (released later)

PvP System

On the battlefield, stat equalization is similar to GvG/Island battles. I would highly recommend getting a proper PvP build to have a more enjoyable time in Rowen.
Please have a look at possible builds at GvG Builds.

A majority of the faction war/events will be held in Great Plains. Your designated "safe" zones are colored in blue/red accordingly to your faction on the map. HQ zones are located by the Sqared Hall with a faction flag. When you are the HQ, you can immediately use it to TP to zones 1,2,3 on the map.

HQ Zones source- source: Official Lost Ark Game Guide

Tulubik Battlefield

  • 48 v 48 Faction battle that happens periodically.
  • Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 8:00 PM local time
  • Saturday and Sunday: 3:00 PM local time
  • There will be a friendly version of this game mode periodically when Tulubik isn't happening (CO-OP)
  • To Enter: Faction Rank 3 and ilv 1490
  • To start, click on the red/blue flag icon under the lost ark pass icon!
  • Tulubik is a game about point conquest. The more points you hold, the further you push the enemy line. Win by capturing their final point!
  • There will be several buffs and items you can use during the battle.
  • You can return to your spawn point or start using the [ , ] key (comma).


Completion of the battlefield will grant you Faction XP and Bloods (more if you win). You can exchange them at the NPC for rewards.

Rowen Rare Card Pack
Honor Shard Pouch
Legendary Card Selection Chest
Great Honor Leapstone
Crystallized Destruction Stone Pouch
Emotes, Songs, Affinity items, Food items, and more!


Written by Starlast

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