Ship & Sailing Guide


Sailing is utilized for more than just traveling from port to port or visiting remote islands in the sea. Improve your ship, obtain a crew to make them ready for dangerous waters and sailing cooperative events that await you daily. Let's find out how it can be done!

Ship Setting Overview

The first thing you see when you enter the Ocean is your ship, crew and various settings you can interact with, here is what they do:

Option Select

1. Active Crew

2. Ship Selection

3. Crew List

4. Ship options

5. Ship Name & Level

6. Ship Skills

7. Ship Stats

8. Hazardous water resistance

9. Docking options

This is where your active crew is displayed, right click any slot to open the crew list and select a member to use! Alternatively you can click on the Crew List button in the bottom center of the screen to access this window.

Upgrade Your Ship

If you want higher resistances, durability, more sail speed and additional crew slots, then consider upgrading the level of your ship. To do so, a few things are required: Basic Timber, Normal and Uncommon Ship Parts Material and various types of ship Materials. You will require higher rarity versions of these materials for higher ship levels.

  • Timber can be purchased from Merchant Ships in all harbors or Trade Merchants in your Stronghold.
  • Part Materials are crafted at a Processor NPC found in major cities or bought from the Auction House.
  • Additional Materials can be bought from Merchant Ships in all harbors for sailing coins.

Required Materials Per Level

Choose Ship


White Wind






Eibern's Wound


The total amount of materials required to reach the maximum level(11) of any ship are as follows:


  • 180x Basic Timber (45,000 Pirate Coins)
  • 190x Uncommon Timber (71,250 Pirate Coins)
  • 230x Steel Plate (115,000 Pirate Coins)
  • 130x Special Steel Plate (81,250 Pirate Coins)
  • 163x Essence of the Ocean (122,250 Pirate Coins)
  • Total cost: 444,750 Pirate Coins

Ship Parts

  • 1383x Normal Ship Parts Material
  • 117x Uncommon Ship Parts Material
  • 94x Rare Ship Parts Material
  • 48x Epic Ship Parts Material


  • 60x Uncommon Material (1,500 Gienah's Coin)
  • 112x Rare Material (2,800 Sceptrum's Coin)
  • 170x Epic Material (4,250 Arcturus's Coin)
  • 128x Legendary Material (3,200 Ancient Coin)
  • 161x Legendary Material (4,025 Sun Coin)

Ship Resistance Per Level

Ships in Lost Ark are strong in some Hazardous Waters while weaker in others. The Estoque and Astray are the exceptions because they provide balanced resistances across all Hazardous Waters. This is not always a good thing because if you're looking to optimize for specific areas of the sea, you might want to invest into a ship which has resistances and a crew providing good bonuses for it.

Choose Ship


White Wind






Eibern's Wound


Crew Members

Sailors you've obtained from your Main Story quests won't get you far. You can acquire additional crew members by exchanging Pirate Coins or sailing coins such as: , , and Sun Coins with Merchant Ships in all continent harbors. Prices for sailors vary depending on their rarity.

Other sources for crew members include:

Sailing Co-op Event

Sailing Co-op takes place three times a day, this can be tracked in the calendar or the alarm window on the top left of the screen. These events have set starting locations depending on the continent they take place in, seen in the picture below. When participating in them make sure you're on time and in a well populated channel as the highest rewards are obtained for the quickest completion. After a 3 minute setup period the initial event will begin. When completed, it will spawn the next event somewhere nearby. There are a total of 4 events for each Sailing Co-op. Participating in them grants you sailing coins and a chance to obtain extra keys like: , , , Key of Guidance. These are used to gain access to special Gate events.

Sailing Co-op Start Locations

Sailing Co-op Event Types

Choose The Event

Harvest Floating Souls

Catch Jellyfish

Catch Blue Marlin

Barrel Roll

Treasure Salvage Point

Clean Up Oil Spill

Save The Whales

Buoy Race

Drifting Passengers

This event takes place in Dead Water areas and revolves around interacting with floating objects in the sea. Harvest as many floating souls as you can during the given time period to succeed as a team. Watch out for orbs that spawn after harvesting the souls as they transform into ghosts that swallow your ship and spit it out uncontrollably somewhere further away. At least weak resistance is required for an event like this to stand a chance at survival.

Gate Events

These are special sailing events that take place three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you've obtained a key from the regular sailing co-op events, then you're eligible for entry. Make sure you have the corresponding key for the event you're attending, otherwise you won't be able to enter. You can check how many keys you've got from your inventory Storage (I) on the bottom of the Sailing Material tab. Arrive early! Being late might put you in a channel with not enough players to complete the task.

When the event begins all players are automatically divided into two teams. A stream of fish will begin to come from two directions. Your objective is to kill as many as possible with the help of your harpoon throw (W & S). The team that defeats the most fish wins! If your ship durability reaches zero, you can swim to one of the green cross signs on the sides and replenish your durability. Different types of fish grant more or less points:

  • Small fish: 5 Points
  • Medium fish: 30 Points
  • Small Golden fish: 50 Points
  • Big Golden fish: 350 Points

Because of this, put your main priority on the small and big golden fish that occasionally swim by instead of pursuing the basic ones. You can also steal the opponent's fish by killing them over the barrier that divides both teams.

Bonus Loot

When the event ends, a chest will appear in the middle of the arena. Use your sailing co-op keys and open this chest to get sailing coins and a chance for a Treasure Map. Just like regular secret maps, you can visit its marked location and gain rewards. These include: Gold, Card XP, Sailing Crew members and a chance for a Masterpiece. Note that these treasure maps are 1 player only and cannot be shared with others, unlike land maps.

For ways to expend your hard-earned sailing coins other than buying new crew members you can check out the Masterpiece, Giant's Heart and Sea Bounty Collectible guides.


  • Choose the ship and crew depending on the events you're attending.
  • Upgrade your ship if you're lacking resistances, durability, additional crew slots or sailing speed.
  • Purchase additional crew members for your ships in continent harbors.
  • Participate in Sailing Co-op events to earn sailing coins and Gate Event keys.
  • Attend Gate Events whenever possible to have a chance for Treasure Maps.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Starlast