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New Damage & Support Card Sets

Last Updated: August 15th 2023

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New card sets are coming to Lost Ark with the intention to give newer players a better chance at more easily accessible damage and support options. If you've given up hope on reaching level 30 awakening in your Light of Salvation or Lostwind Cliff card sets already, then these might be just the ones for you!

Deep Dive Card Set

Compared to Light of Salvation's 15% Holy Damage, this set grants up to 12% Additional Damage. All cards in this set can be purchased from Wandering Merchants except Azena and Inanna & Balthorr as these are final loot rewards from Abyssal Dungeons, Raids or lucky outcomes from Legendary Card Packs.

  • Azena and Inanna Card
  • Balthorr Card
  • Krause Card
  • Thunder Card
  • Varut Card
  • Meehan Card
  • Prideholme Neria Card

Available from these merchants:

  • Morris (East Luterra)
  • Ben (Rethramis)
  • Lucas (Yudia)
  • Nox (Arthetine)

You Have a Plan Card Set

This set grants additional party damage of 1.5% when fully awakened, compared to the 3.5% of Lostwind Cliff. Delain Armen and Kharmine can both be obtained as the final loot reward from Abyssal Dungeons and Raids or Legendary Card Packs. Jederico is quite difficult to acquire, as it only comes from Epic Card Packs. As for the other cards, they can be purchased from Wandering Merchants.

  • Delain Armen Card
  • Kharmine Card
  • Jederico Card
  • Krause Card
  • Bergstrom Card
  • Sian Card
  • Piyer Card

Available from these merchants:

  • Jeffrey (Shushire)
  • Nox (Arthetine)
  • Laitir (Yorn)

Star of Destiny Card Set

This set is given out to everyone for free. It provides 4% Max HP, 3% Additional Damage and a shield that protects you when you fall below 30% HP. While it's a nice starting point for someone who doesn't own any cards, you should not stick with it for long and try to establish the sets mentioned above or more powerful sets that take a longer time to complete.

Check out spawn times and locations for the cards in our Wandering Merchant Guide!


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Starlast

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