Mounts & Pets


Mounts & Pets in Lost Ark are a part of creating unique looks and a sense of accomplishment within the game. While mounts help you travel faster around the world, your pet companions provide you with helpful effects and functions that can be used from anywhere. Let's learn more about them!

Pet Overview

Pet Features

Owning a pet provides multiple functions and effects to your character that help in PvE and outside it. A free pet can be obtained from the guide quest:Learning About Pets in your Quest Journal(J). This quest is given to you shortly after completing Demons in Prideholme (level 13). Additional pets can be bought from the Lost Ark Shop or the in-game auction house. Gain access to pet features by pressing ALT+P or CTRL + right-clicking your pet and selecting Pet Info.

Basic Stats

Auto-Looting Items is a base feature of a pet which is available for free at all times. Press the cogwheel to set up auto-loot filters for specific item tiers, levels and ranks. Your pet needs to be summoned for auto-loot to be active.

  • Loot Currency - includes picked up currencies like: Silver, Gold, Rift Pieces, Shards and other currencies.
  • Adventurer's Tome - automatically picks up collectible items.
  • Island Materials - filters any island related currency.
  • Gear and Items - lets you filter gear, materials and consumables by tier, rarity, item level and level requirement.

Pet Effect

Pet Effects provide you with a defensive and offensive buff that increases certain stats of your character. These buffs can be freely changed at a Pet Management NPC found in all major cities.

  • Crystalline Aura is required to gain Pet Effect benefits. It can be acquired for 420 Blue Crystals or €10 in th Lost Ark Shop (F4) under the Essentials tab.
  • Pet Effects can be retrained for free an unlimited amount of times.
  • The pet needs to be summoned for the effects to be active.
Pet Effects

Offensive pet effects increase your combat stats by 10%. Meaning if you have 1000 swiftness and use a 10% swiftness bonus effect, you'll end up with 1100 swiftness. Therefore, choose a bonus based on your highest combat stat allocation to benefit the most from this system.

Defensive pet effects can be tailored towards specific encounters to protect yourself versus physical or magical damage, or simply grant you extra HP. The 5% Max HP is widely considered as the best option here. This is especially true when paired up with support classes as many of their skills benefit from higher HP values, for example: Endless Protection, Wind of Protection or Shield.

Pet Functions

Pet functions allow you to gain access to many features that let you use them remotely. This can be done even in raids & abyssal dungeons. Crystalline Aura is required to gain access to Pet Functions. Benefits include:

  • Pet Inventory - a separate inventory that grants an additional 40 slots.
  • Remote Storage - grants remote access to your Roster and Personal Storage.
  • Market - lets you use the Auction House remotely. (This is also possible for free through the Widgets below your minimap)
  • Remote Mail - receive and send mail from anywhere.
  • Remote Repair(Item) - lets you repair your equipped gear remotely.
  • Remote Repair(Trade Skill Tool) - lets you repair your trade skill tools remotely.
  • Refaceting - lets you reforge your gems remotely.


Mounts are your main way to travel from point A to B within continents. Naturally, you want to look cool and unique while doing so. The movement speed of a mount is 500, this is identical between all rarities be it uncommon, rare, epic or legendary, their dash distance and special effects are what sets them apart. There are many ways to obtain mounts in-game without spending cash in the Lost Ark Shop or the auction house. We will outline mounts obtainable in Lost Ark; let's get started!

Storyline Mounts

These are your basic mounts you obtain while playing through the game for the first time. Despite having to choose one of multiple mount options while leveling, repeating the quest line on another character allows you to obtain the other options. Storyline mounts include:

  • Yudia White Horse, Dyorika Brown Horse, Loghill Black Horse: complete Town Where Light Lingers in Rhetramis (Prideholme)
  • Azure Ladybug, Red Ladybug, Yellow Ladybug: complete Keep Farm from Harm in Tortyok (Sweetwater Forest)
  • Frost Wolf: complete Cliff Hanger in Shushire (Iceblood Plateau)
  • Dawn Chamkuri: complete Rohendel's Research in Rohendel (Xeneela Ruins)

Adventurer's Tome Mounts

A few mounts are locked behind Adventurer's Tome completion (N), such as:

  • Borea Steed - East Luterra (40%)
  • Apostel - Arthetine (50%)
  • Gray Stripe Raptor - North Vern (30%)

Una Reputation Mounts

Finish the Una Reputation to obtain these mounts:

  • Blauer Vogel - Android Emancipation in Facility X-301, reputation level 3 reward.
  • Wolf of Vanity - Wolf of Eternity in Shushire (Lake Eternity), reputation level 3 reward.
  • Red Moss Turtle - Emergency Preparedness in Turtle Island, reputation level 5 reward.

Miscellaneous Mounts

  • Red Mane Wolf - Random drop from Forpe by killing the event boss or a random drop from a gold room within Chaos Dungeons (Aura of Resonance required).
  • Shadow Wolf - Obtainable for reaching Trusted with Poppy in Shushire (Icewing Heights).
  • White Scarab - Requires 1 Ignea Token (100% Adventurer's Tome completion), it can be traded in at a Exchange Ignea Token NPC found in all major cities.
  • Azure, Green or Yellow Moss Turtle - Finish Turtle Island'sAdventure Quest to obtain Jewel Coral, exchange this item with a Luxury Goods Merchant found in all major cities. Only one choice is possible!
  • Cloud Steed - obtained on Azure Wind Island by completing The Mane of the Azure Wind.
  • Wind Mane Mustang - obtained on Azure Wind Island by completing all the hidden quests, check the island guide for more detail.
  • Flying Nimbus - obtained on Shangra by collecting x7500 Shangra Flower Dew. Collect them by playing the Song of Spring near plants growing on the island and exchange these with the Thousand Year Old Jar for the mount. Alternatively, you have a chance to spawn a secret adventure quest: Looking for the Flying Nimbus. This quest spawns after completing the initial island cooperative task. You're required you to purchase the Luminous Silverdew for x7000 Shangra Flower Dew at the Thousand Year Old Jar letting you save x500 Flower Dew and receive the mount in the process.
  • Golden Moss Turtle - Requires 25 Island Souls and can be exchanged for on Opher the Lonely Island with Grandpa Opher.
  • Golden Terpeion - Requires 13 Ignea Tokens (100% Adventurer's Tome completion). Trade them to an Exchange Ignea Token NPC found in all major cities.


  • Obtain Pets & Mounts through gameplay, auction house or the Lost Ark Shop.
  • All mounts share the same movement speed regardless of their rarity.
  • Pet auto-loot feature is free of charge.
  • Pet Functions and Effects require the Crystalline Aura(Paid Subscription).
  • Assign offensive Pet Effects based on your dominant Combat Stat.
  • Collect mounts through ingame activities such as: Main Story Quest, Adventurer's Tome, Rapport, Una Reputation, Collectibles and various ingame quests.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Starlast