Get Ready for Launch!

Welcome to the world of Akrasia!

It is time to start a new journey to find the Lost Arks! Veterans and new heroes alike need to be prepared to handle the onslaught that awaits them. We've put together the most important Guides, Resources, and information you need to ready yourself for the trials to come.

Overview, Leveling & Progression Guides

To have the best experience, we recommend these Leveling Guides to get your first Character all the way up to Vern. Be the first to reach level 50!

Prepare for the Endgame

Prepare yourself thoroughly before entering your first Guardian Raid or Abyssal Dungeon by checking out the following guides! Brace yourself, the endgame is coming!

Important Game Mechanics

The world of Akrasia is in depth with many unique systems assisting you to grow stronger and challenge mighty opponents. Let these guides enlighten your path to victory!

Armor Up!

You cleared the contents with ease and understood the important game mechanics. Now, use the materials and knowledge you have gathered to craft your armor!

Collect them all!

The adventurer in you is calling. Listen to the voice, collect them all and unlock powerful rewards to assist you on your journey. Look closer! Otherwise, you might miss it.

Good luck on your adventures through the wonderful world of Akrasia! We are here to stand by your side and are looking forward to meeting you in-game!

The Lost Ark Maxroll Team