Boss Rush Guide


Boss Rush is an endgame activity in Lost Ark that begins during Tier 2 content and onwards. It pins you against 15 waves of challenging bosses that can be found all over Arkesia. Complete them to obtain valuable gems and materials needed for your character progression. Let’s learn how it works and the optimal strategies for victory!

How to Enter

An Entrance Ticket is required to access Boss Rush. From Tier 2 onwards, these drop from your daily Chaos Dungeon entries by killing the 2nd floor boss within them. Additionally, you can exchange Sylmael Bloodstones for Ticket Chests at the Guild Vendor each week.

Once you've obtained a Ticket go to the entrance. You can go in solo, auto-match or search/create a lobby to select the people you want to play with.

When forming a group, include either a Bard, Paladin or Gunlancer as their supportive capabilities boost your survival greatly! Fill the remaining slots with damage dealers.

Note that Entrance Tickets can only drop from runs with daily energy!

Boss Rush Location

North Vern, Boss Rush Entrance

The entrance can be found in all major cities shown as a icon on the map.


Boss Rush becomes available during Tier 2 content! Because of this, you're required to reach certain item level thresholds to enter, as well as some other restrictions:

  • Item Level 802 is needed for Yorn and Feiton Entrance Tickets
  • Item Level 1302 is needed for Punika Entrance Tickets
  • Skills, Battle items and Equipment cannot be changed once the fight begins.
  • Upon death, you respawn automatically after a short while (increases with each stage).
  • You lose if the stage timer hits 0 seconds.
Boss Rush Window

Setup Area

Standing in this circle allows you to equip Battle Items, Potions and change your build if necessary. Use a Raid Build for Boss Rush as bosses are your only enemies here.

Skills and items cannot be changed once you enter so double check everything and make sure you're ready before going in!

Setup Area

Boss Rush Progression

There's a total of 15 consecutive waves of bosses that you have to defeat. The amount of bosses you're facing, time limit and rewards increase with higher stage levels.

StageTime LimitBoss Count
1-41 minute1
5-91 minute 30 seconds2
10-152 minutes 30 seconds3


Stages 1-4 always spawn the boss in the center of the arena, 5-9 add another boss in the top right, and 10-15 add a third boss in the bottom left. Apart from knowing what each boss does, the most effective way to clear Boss Rush is to socket multiple Bleed skill runes into your skills with lingering effects or low cooldown. Use whichever rarity is available to you at that moment.

  • Save your Awakening skill for stage 15 as it might be difficult to clear it otherwise.
  • Hit multiple bosses at the same time with your most powerful attacks to reduce time spent killing them.
  • Use battle items like: Flame Grenade, Dark Grenade or Taunting Scarecrow to increase your chances of success.
  • Avoid dying in later stages as respawn times become very long.

Time limit

When your timer is close to running out (20 seconds or less), you lose the time bonus reward for that specific stage. You're also given a buff increasing your Attack Speed by 30% and providing you with Push and Crowd Control Immunity. Finish quickly! If the time runs out, the attempt is over, and you're given rewards for the stages you've cleared up to that point.

Stage Timer and Buff


To get the most rewards, you have to complete all 15 waves and obtain their time bonus reward. Every few stages the rewards become better and provide more materials and a chance for a Masterpiece. Gems obtained here can be sold on the Auction House or used for your own character progression.

Boss Rush Rewards
Select Ticket

Tier 2 Ticket

Tier 3 Ticket

1-32x Life Leap Stone (Bound)1x Soul Leaf
4-6Hall of Silence Reward Chest I1x Soul Leaf
7-10Hall of Silence Reward Chest II1x Soul Leaf
11-15Hall of Silence Reward Chest III1x Eternity Essence


  • Boss Rush unlocks during Tier 2 content.
  • Obtain Entrance Tickets from Chaos Dungeons or Guild Exchange Vendors.
  • Skills, Battle items and Equipment cannot be changed once the fight begins.
  • Use a Raid Build, bosses are your only opponents!
  • Save your Awakening skill for stage 15 to clear it easily.
  • Form a well-rounded party to increase your success.
  • Gems obtained from Boss Rush can be sold on the Auction House for profit.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Raxxanterax