Speedrun to Tier 3


Kick-start your way through Tier 1 & 2 by collecting valuable upgrade materials from Island Quests, Exchange Vendors and Endgame Activities. Follow the walkthrough in this article to finish all Rohendel content and Island quests in no time! While you can't reach Tier 3 immediately, daily and weekly activities will fill the gaps over time. Let's get going!

Follow along these steps using our World Map tool for additional details.

What Will I Receive?

The majority of upgrade materials gained in this walkthrough come from Island Quests. Some of them have special requirements, so you might have to return to them at a later point.

  • 20x Class Engraving Pouches allowing you to unlock the class build you wish to play from day 1.
  • Songs: Song of Resonance, Elegy of Serenity, Serenade of Love and Forest's Minuet.
  • Currency: Pirate Coins, Gold and High Seas Coin Chest.
  • Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack
  • Access to Una's Tasks with some of the best Harmony Leap Stone rewards.
  • Access to the Procyon's Sea and the Rohendel continent.
  • Enough material rewards to reach item level 460.
  • And many more rewards...

Before You Start The Walkthrough

Disclaimer: Before starting this walkthrough, make sure you have completed the following tasks:

Use the Ocean Liner, located in all continent harbors, to fast travel to East Luterra. Enter the Gienah Sea and select the Estoque ship. Board it with your fastest available sailors and head out!

Ocean Liner

Gienah Sea Route

Starting Route


  • This route has you bank Chaos Dungeon and Guardian raid runs as rest bonus. A rest bonus run of a Rohendel Chaos Dungeon and later Guardian Raids will be worth more upgrade materials.
  1. Enter the Gienah Sea from East Luterra.
  2. Serenity Isle (25 minutes) - Sail here and pickup theAdventure Quest by interacting with the wooden pile left of the island entrance and complete it. Follow the Island Guide for more details.
  3. Toto Silver (10 minutes) - Complete theNormal Quests andAdventure Quests found here. Learn the Frustrated emote from your inventory when it's given to you.
  4. Freedom Isle (5 minutes) - Complete all theNormal Quests. You must obtain 6x Class Engraving Selection Chest.
  5. Blackfang's Den (15 minutes) - Complete theNormal Quests. Progress theAdventure Quest until it asks you to go to Peyto Island, and then move on to the next step in this list.
  6. Lullaby Island (5 minutes) - Progress theAdventure Quest until it asks you to participate in the event, and then hide it.
    • Save a Bifrost location near the event. Press "Alt+W" or use the hotbar below your minimap to open the menu and press "Save Location". This is used to return to complete events whenever we obtain the Song of Resonance from Peyto Island.
    • The island event occurs every 2 hours at 04:22, 06:22, 08:22, etc. Finishing it 3 times rewards Forest's Minuet, which is required to fully complete Dreamgull Island. For now, move on to the next step.

Secret Fairy Dialogue Choices

  1. 1, 1, 2
  2. 2, 2, 1, 1
  3. 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1
  1. Astella (7 minutes) - Complete theQuest chain here. For the 3rd step, interact with the flower near the Quest NPC. Check the Island Guide for more information. You are rewarded with 4x Class Engraving Selection Chest.
  2. Starlight Isle (2 minutes) - Complete the initial step on the island. When you're asked to go to Shushire, open your quest journal (J) and hide the quest for now by unchecking it.
  3. Panda Island (5 minutes) - Complete theNormal Quests andAdventure Quests found here. Check the Island Guide for additional info.
  4. Peyto Island (3 minutes) - Pickup theIceberg Inquiry quest on the Upper Deck. This initiates the quest line for Glacier Isle (step 19), hide it in your quest log for now.
    • Finish Blackfang's Den Adventure Quest objective, and then hide it in your quest log for now.
    • FinishBecoming an Idol to obtain the Sway emote. It is later required to complete the Dreamgull IslandAdventure Quest.
    • Purchase Song of Resonance from Treasure Hunter Igran for 16,500 Pirate Coins.
    • Remember Lullaby Island from step 5? Consider returning there with the help of your Bifrost location you saved (Alt+W) to complete the event whenever it's about to begin.
  5. Dreamgull Island (5 minutes) - Interact with the backpack on the right side of the island entrance to start the quest. The first 5 steps of the quest can be completed, so do them! Forest's Minuet is required afterwards. Move onto the next island on the list and come back when you've obtained the song at a later time.
  6. Golden Wave Island (3 minutes) - Complete theNormal Quests found on the island. You are rewarded with Class Engraving Selection Chest.
    • Optional: Accept the Golden Wave Una's Task and complete it (Alt+J) for 4x Harmony Leap Stone. Be aware that it is better to wait for the 3 ideal Una's Tasks below for bigger rewards.
  7. White Wave Island (1 minute) - Only finish the initial quest! Hide the second step in your quest log for now. Complete the rest once you've reached item level 460 and unlocked Rohendel (step 22).
  8. Kalthertz (5 minutes) - Complete theNormal Quest.
    • Rescue male 900 Pirate Coin and female 600 Pirate Coin slaves as they have a chance to return Pirate Coins to you. Otherwise, choose the cheapest ones (300 Pirate Coin).
    • You require 3x Collected Information to finish the first step of theAdventure Quest within the same day. These are obtained by freeing slaves and obtaining their mail reward. Ignore the rest of the quest after turning in the Collected Information.
    • If you get less than 3, return the next day to free more slaves.
    • You can only free 5 slaves per day per character.
    • Ideal: Accept the Kalthertz Una's Task and complete it (Alt+J) for 6x Harmony Leap Stone.
  9. Shadow Island (20 minutes) - Start theAdventure Quest.
    • Interact with the body on the left side of floor 2 and the right side of floor 4.
    • Perform the upcoming two "0/100" kill quests on the 4th floor, as it rewards the quickest progress.
    • Skip the quest asking you to kill the werewolf on stage 5 if you're not strong enough yet, and return at a later time.
  10. North Vern - Unhide Blackfang's DenAdventure Quest from your quest log. Complete the next objective and then hide it again.
    • If you've already completed the Shushire continent and its main story, use the Ocean Liner to fast travel there and skip ahead to step 17.
    • Make sure you have completed North Vern's Main Story questline to obtain the Sturmbrecher ship. You cannot enter Shushire otherwise!
    • Go to the Gienah Sea, select the Sturmbrecher ship, and board it with Haberk and Mokamoka. Finally, set sail for Shushire!
    • You can use any ship if it's not your first time visiting.

Main Story Quest & Gearing

Steps 16-20
  1. Shushire (1 hour)
    • Complete the Main Story quest line to obtain a Wish Equipment Chest containing a free item level 302 gear set.
    • Equip it, unless you already have a Chaos Dungeon gear set.
    • Ideal: While still in Shushire, accept the Frozen Sea Una's Task and complete it for 5x Harmony Leap Stone.
  2. Shushire + Starlight Island
    • While still in Shushire, unhide your Starlight IslandAdventure Quest. Complete all the steps for it here and hide it once it asks you to return to Starlight Island.
    • Afterwards, use the Ocean Liner to fast travel to North Vern.
  3. North Vern
    • Press "J" and accept the[Guide] Upgrading Gear quest.
    • Upgrade your gear set as far as possible by using the materials from the rewards without going past +8. This is to prevent failure of lower success rates at higher levels and assure you have enough materials to reach 460.
    • Only accept and finish introduction guide quests rewarding Gold.
    • Afterwards, go to the port to take the Ocean Liner and fast travel to Arthetine.

Gienah Sea Route (continued)

  1. Arthetine + Glacier Isle + Runaways Island (1 hour) - Go to the Gienah Sea. Select the Estoque ship, board it with your fastest sailors and go to Glacier Isle. Pickup theAdventure Quest and finish the entire quest chain. It requires you to go to these places in order:
    • Origins of Stern (Arthetine)
    • Nebelhorn (Arthetine)
    • Origins of Stern (once completed, pickup the next step at Sasha)
    • Enter the Gienah Sea and then sail north-east to the locations in the ocean.
    • On the way back to Glacier Isle, enter Runaways Island and finish allNormal Quests andAdventure Quests found here. Follow the Island Guide for more details. Finish the quest asking for the Polite* emote at a later time and hide it in your quest log for now. You are rewarded with 6x Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest (Class Exclusive).
    • You have obtained 20x Uncommon Class Engraving Recipe Selection Pouches. Learn the engraving that you want to play for your class. Then imprint it to both empty slots found below your Weapon in your Character Window (P). Check the Class Build Guides to find your ideal engraving.
    • Glacier Isle
    • Origins of Stern (once completed, pickup the next step at Sasha)
    • Pickup the next step at Bastian.
    • North Vern
    • Glacier Isle (Completed)

*Polite emote can be obtained by completingPage Turners and its follow-up quest, Becoming a Queen, in Luterra Castle (East Luterra).

  • North Vern - Return here with Song of Return (F2), or sail to its harbor.
    • Take out needed materials from the reward chests you have obtained and upgrade your gear set to +8 average. Only go past +8 upgrades when you reach item level 460. This is to prevent failure of lower success rates at higher levels and assure you have enough materials to reach 460.
    • Once upgraded, continue the walkthrough to start the quest for Rohendel.

Unlocking Rohendel

  • Speak with Ealyn in Vern Castle to accept[Guide] A New Voyage. Complete this quest by following these steps:
    1. Go to Port Krona (North Vern).
    2. Take the Ocean Liner to East Luterra.
    3. Visit Wisdom Isle and complete the quest.
    4. Remember Blackfang's DenAdventure Quest? Unhide the quest and visit the island to complete the quest.
    5. Return to East Luterra and use the Ocean Liner to travel back to North Vern.
    6. Speak with Ealyn in Vern Castle.
    7. Go to the harbor and upgrade your Estoque ship to level 2 with the materials given by Ealyn.
    8. Return to Vern Castle and speak with Ealyn.
    9. Congratulations! You've unlocked Rohendel.

Rohendel Final Steps

  1. Sail to Rohendel. Finish its Main Story to unlock Chaos Dungeons, Abyssal Dungeons and additional Ocean Liner traveling destinations.
  2. Finish Level 1 Rohendel Chaos Dungeons (item level 460). Equip higher rarity accessories.
  3. Defeat each Guardian Raid one after the other to unlock them all. Uncheck the Guardian Soul reward box when fighting Ur'nil, Lumerus, Icy Legoros and Vertus. You only want to receive the first clear box from them, not the loot.
  4. When fighting Chromanium, select the Guardian Soul box to gain full rewards and kill him twice. Don't forget to loot the soul after defeating him as it consumes 1 daily entry otherwise.

Tier 2 Materials Route

You can do this route to finish the remaining Island content. These additional Tier 2 material rewards won't be useable until you obtain Tier 2 gear (802 item level). This route is optional, but it is more efficient to do it for preparation ahead of time. Stash these materials in your account warehouse for later use.

Steps 21-33
  1. Take the Ocean Liner to Arthetine. Go to Origins of Stern. Teleport to the west side Triport in Origins of Stern and acceptThe Perfect Getaway Quest inside the little cabin. This is the starter quest for Aiwana Island (the quest cannot be seen if you haven't completed North Vern Main Story).
  2. Peyto Island - Unhide the White Wave Island quest. Complete the objective on the ship and leave the rest for later.
    • While on Peyto, complete the Aiwana Island prerequisite you picked up in Origins of Stern.
  3. Fomona Island - Finish theAdventure Quest. Choose the dialogue requiring 20 Charisma. The correct spot for the upcoming 3 locations is in the north.
    Note: You can complete theAdventure Quest an additional time with an opposite gender character and gain repeated rewards.
  4. Little Luck Island - Complete the quest objective for White Wave Island here and move on.
  5. Aiwana Island - Complete theAdventure Quest and the hidden quest by interacting with the box on the floor. Check the Island Guide for more info.
  6. Liebeheim - Start theAdventure Quest. Hide it in your quest log once you're required to go to Shushire.
  7. Revelry Row - Complete theAdventure Quest found here.
  8. Distorted Island - Complete theAdventure Quest until it asks you to find a cube fragment. This step requires a Cube Ticket to be completed. Hide it in your quest log and return here later.
  9. Outlaw Isle - Complete the quest objective for White Wave Island here and move on.
  10. Twilight Isle - Complete theAdventure Quest until you're required to go to Rhetramis. Hide the quest for now and move on.
  11. Gravis Island - Complete theAdventure Quest andNormal Quest found here.
  12. Hypnos's Island - Complete theNormal Quests and then theAdventure Quest that appears afterwards. To complete the final step, interact with the hidden object in Calvasus cabin.
    Ideal: Accept the Una's Task for the island and complete it (Alt+J) for 6x Harmony Leap Stone.

Finalize Remaining Quests

Finish all remaining quests. This game isn't so small, is it? Let's finish this!

  1. Take the Ocean Liner to Shushire.
  2. Unhide the Liebeheim (shown as Aiwana in quest log)Adventure Quest and finish its objective in Shushire.
  3. Sail to White Wave Island and finalize the quest.
  4. Unhide the Starlight IsleAdventure Quest and finish it.
    • Unhide Twilight Isle and Liebeheim objectives when asked to go to Prideholme and Liebeheim for the Starlight quest so you can complete all of them in one go.
  5. Remember the Bifrost in Lullaby Island? Finish the event on it, obtain Forest's Minuet and complete Dreamgull Island with the help of the song.
  6. When everything is completed, visit Fantasm Island for quests rewarding extra Tier 1 materials.
  7. Visit Azure Wind Island and complete it's many quest objectives for additional Tier 2 materials. Note: Song of Spring is needed to complete the hidden quest. Acquire this song on Shangra by finishing itsNormal Quests. Additionally, Heavenly Harmony is needed to gain the Island Token and complete the final quest step. You have a chance to obtain this song from Harmony Island, and it's event.
  8. Complete Shadow Island's final step by clearing floor 24 of Shadespire Tower.
  9. Once you obtain a Cube Ticket and get a fragment for clearing the Cube, return to the Distorted Island and complete itsAdventure Quest.

That concludes the walkthrough. I hope you had a blast sailing through the oceans and exploring the islands!

Check where to obtain additional daily and weekly materials in our Gear Honing Source guide.


  • Follow the Walkthrough!
  • Unlock your class build by obtaining 20x Class Engraving Pouches.
  • Reach item level 460 (+8 average) to unlock Rohendel and its activities.
  • Gain access to the most rewarding Una's Tasks. Unlock different Songs and Island Tokens.
  • Interact with various Exchange Vendors to gain extra materials weekly.
  • Looking for specific island rewards or island guides? Find them all in our Island Tool.

I hope you found this walkthrough helpful and enjoyed the long journey across Arkesia.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Lexyu