Post Level 50 Guide


Congratulations on reaching level 50! If you thought this was an epic journey already, be excited that you've barely scratched the surface of what's possible in Lost Ark. There are lots of things to do and explore post level 50, but it's hard for a new player to grasp what's important and what isn't. Let's get to work and figure out the most efficient path forward.

Choose Your Progression Path

You need roughly 4 hours to unlock all progression for your character the day you hit level 50. If you've got enough time, follow the Full Progression path below, otherwise go for the Partial Progression route to get as far as possible.

For the most extreme players and veterans of Lost Ark, follow the Speedrun to Tier 3 Walkthrough instead. Warning: Beginner unfriendly!
During your progression, you can follow along with our Rapport tool for detailed NPC information

Choose Your Path

Full Progression (4 hours)

Partial Progression (1 hour)

1. Set your return point in Vern Castle

Return Point in Vern Castle

This should be the very first thing you do so you can return to the city from anywhere in the world for free (120 min Cooldown),

2. Unlock your Chaos Dungeon & Guardian Raids

The Main Quest asks you to go in front of the Chaos Dungeon, which essentially unlocks this content for you.
Right after doing this open your Quest Journal(J) select "Guides" at the top and accept the Guardian Raid guide. Finish it by speaking with Zarbel near the Raid Board.
Important: Do not enter either of these yet!

3. Unlock your Awakening & level 50 skill

After you've unlocked your Chaos Dungeon you will get a notification from Beatrice asking you to visit Trixion. Use the Song of Trixion in your music list(F2) to visit her. She will give you the quest to unlock your Awakening skill and an extra level 50 skill. Complete it!

4. Complete the Main Quest in North Vern

By completing the Main Quest line here, you unlock access to Abyssal Dungeons. These require item level 340 to enter and grant you various Enhancing Materials, Accessories, Engraving Recipes and materials for crafting your first Gear Set. Apart from this you are also given the Sturmbrecher Ship which allows you to sail to the Shushire Continent.

From this point onwards, you're set up to follow the Speedrun to Tier 3 Walkthrough, if you chose this guide. Otherwise, continue with the remaining points.

5. Sail to Shushire and finish the Main Quest

Enter the North Vern harbor and make sure you equip the Sturmbrecher Ship otherwise you will NOT be able to sail into Shushire. By completing the Main Quest line here you will obtain Wish Equipment Chest giving you a full item level 302 gear set for free. This is exactly the same gear you would otherwise have obtained from your first Chaos Dungeon runs, with the benefit of it being guaranteed. Equip the gear and move onto the next step.

6. Unlock & Accept Una's Tasks

Una's Tasks are your Daily Quests in Lost Ark, accessible through Alt+J or the Adventure bar in the bottom right of your screen. They offer you 3 quests per day with various choices, but the ones rewarding Harmony Leap Stones are the best. Go for 3 tasks that are quickly finished and don't require lengthy prerequisite quests to be unlocked. Una's Tasks we recommend are:

Where It Belongs

Located in Shushire - Frozen Sea, unlocked by completing the Main Story Quest line of the continent. Simply kill the Robbers and turn in your quest not far from here in the local town square.

Frozen Sea Robber location

Anxious Mind

Located in Anikka - Harbor City Changchun, unlocked by completing the Hidden Quest showcased in the picture below. The Una's Task objective will require to interact with Snow Rabbits located in the harbor.

Harbor City Changchun Hidden Quest

Replacement Parts

Located on Golden Wave Island which can be found West of Arthetine, unlocked by completing the Yellow Quest and it's follow up quest given by T-82. The Una's Task will require you to collect Shipwreck Scrap by opening chests on the map.

Quest NPC on Golden Wave Island

Ride like the Wind

Quest begins on Peyto which is located West of Anikka. Complete the quest by visiting these locations:

  1. Peyto
  2. Turtle Island
  3. Tortoyk
  4. Reverly Row
Ride like the Wind Locations

Complete 3 of these Una's Tasks to secure yourself a few Harmony Leap Stones that will be used for upgrading your free item level 302 gear you obtained from Shushire's Main Quest.

Optional Una's Tasks

Good additional choices, but some may have restrictions which are not optimal for the initial setup.

7. Sail To Dreamgull Island

Once on the island, interact with the backpack on the right side of the entrance to start theAdventure Quest. The first 5 steps of the quest can be completed, so do them! Forest's Minuet is required afterwards. Move onto the next step on the list to upgrade your gear. Come back when you've obtained the song at a later time to complete the island quest.

8. Return To North Vern & Upgrade gear

Quest NPC

Use your Song of Return and return to Vern Castle. Open the Quest Journal, grab all the new Guides, and head over to the Gear Honing NPC Senard. Redeem the materials you've obtained from Dreamgull Island and increase your weapon and each of your armor pieces to +2, this nets us item level 340, and we are ready to proceed to the next step. If you have leftover materials, feel free to raise your pieces to higher values. Specific slots have better main stat gains than others, so to maximize your character's damage output prioritize the upgrades in this order:

  1. Weapon
  2. Gloves
  3. Shoulders
  4. Helmet
  5. Pants
  6. Chest

9. Complete Chaos Dungeons & Guardians Raids

Bored of questing yet? It's finally time to slay some monsters and bosses!
Go to the Chaos Dungeon entrance and select North Vern Echo 2 (item level 340), complete both of your entries. Make sure to immediately replace your old leveling accessories with the new ones you find in here, as they will boost your damage greatly! With the obtained materials from these runs, you can choose to raise your gear once again to make the next step easier.
Next up is Guardian Raids. Clear Ur'Nil once with the Guardian Soul reward unchecked to get the first clear reward. Afterwards, defeat Lumerus twice with the Guardian Soul active. We do this because higher level Guardians reward more Harmony Leap Stones, accelerating your progression. Don't forget to claim his soul after you've defeated him to collect the rewards. If you're struggling with a certain boss, check out our Guardian Raid guides.

10. Challenge your first Abyssal Dungeon

Entrance to Abyssal Dungeon

By completing North Vern we gained access to the Abyssal Dungeon which requires item level 340. If you happen to find 3 other people willing to try, challenge this content together and obtain some valuable loot and materials to craft your first Gear Set.

11. Optional Content

Now that you are done with your Una's Tasks, Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons you're free to do other fun things the game has to offer. Procyon's Eye Compass, Marine Events, Collectibles, Island Exploration, Tower, Cube, PvP or creating another character are all things to consider in your spare time.

Video Guide


  • Choose your strategy depending on the time available to you until the daily server reset at 11AM server time.
  • Finish your Guide Quests, unlock your Awakening skill and breeze through the Main Story Quest Line as fast as you can.
  • Complete your 3 main daily objectives: Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids and Una's Tasks.
  • If you still have free time, check out the Optional Content.

If you're done with your initial setup, feel free to check out the best ways to obtain Gold and Silver or learn about Engravings, Runes, Skill Points and the Gear Honing System, all of which are essential to know going forwards.


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