Party Synergies


A synergy is a buff or debuff provided by a player that increases the entire party's potential in combat. These synergies are a crucial part of the PvE endgame in Lost Ark. Building the optimal team composition requires careful consideration of the various types of synergies that benefit different class playstyles. This guide outlines the available options for each class and their purpose.

Synergy Types

DPS synergies can be divided into categories granting Percent Damage, Crit Rate, Defense Reduction, Stagger Damage and Utility bonuses to the team. Supports offer different offensive buffs on top of their regular synergy, therefore they are categorized separate from DPS. Depending on their duration and uptime potential, these are classified as burst or constant synergies.

Notable things to know:

  • For your skills to apply synergy effects, they have to be augmented with the correct Tripod. These are typically available at level 4 or 7 of a skill, and therefor don't require high point investment.
  • The same synergy effect from two identical classes within the same party does not stack, for example two Berserkers applying Red Dust.
  • Synergy effects from different classes e.g. Scrapper, Sorceress, Berserker, Bard and others, do stack.
  • Buffs from opposing gender versions of a class like: Wardancer(Striker) and Deadeye(Gunslinger) stack with each other!
  • Two different skills providing the same debuff/buff within the same class do not stack e.g. Scrapper's Crushing Smite & Fierce Tiger Strike or Bard's Heavenly Tune & Sonic Vibration.
  • Form your party with unique classes that complement each other with their synergies. Crit Rate and burst oriented synergies can be extremely powerful if properly utilized by everyone in a party.
  • Keep in mind that all content in Lost Ark can be completed with any team composition and optimized setups only make clearing content easier.

DPS Synergies

Burst synergies are powerful in an organized group with proper coordination, but can be hard to take advantage of in public parties. Constant synergies are great for public groups, as you can expect to have high uptime of buffs without much communication.

Flat Percent Damage (Burst)

Classes with

GunlancerShout of Hatred3% Damage
9% Head/Back Attack Damage
12 secondsLow

Flat Percent Damage (Constant)

Deathblade's Open Weakness Tripod provides a 3% damage increase for all sources, as well as increasing Head and Back Attack damage inflicted to the opponent by 9%. She's powerful in compositions that can take advantage of these positional bonuses, while weaker in ones that can't.

ScrapperFierce Tiger Strike
Crushing Smite
6% Damage8 secondsHigh
SorceressDancing Flame
Whirlpool Lightning
6% Damage8 secondsHigh
SharpshooterRapid Shot
Atomic Arrow
6% Damage8 secondsHigh
DeathbladeSpincutter3% Damage
9% Head/Back Attack Damage
10 secondsHigh
Demonic Slash
Ruining Rush
Death Claw
6% Damage16 seconds
8 seconds
6 seconds
6 seconds
BerserkerRed Dust
Mountain Crash
6% Damage16 seconds
10 seconds

Attack Power

MachinistOvercharged Battery6% Attack Power14 secondsHigh
SoulfistEnergy Release
Pulverizing Palm
Bolting Crash
6% Attack Power16 seconds
8 seconds
10 seconds

Crit Rate (Burst)

Crit Resistance Reduction translates 1:1 into Crit Rate. It is among the strongest synergies in Lost Ark, as it can be the difference between landing a double damage hit and looking at a tiny white number.

WardancerRoar of Courage18% Crit Rate8 secondsLow
StrikerLightning Whisper18% Crit Rate6 secondsLow
GlaivierShackling Blue Dragon18% Crit Rate6 secondsLow
GunlancerLance of Judgment10% Crit Rate10 secondsVery Low
BardOratorio12% Crit Rate6 secondsVery Low

Crit Rate (Constant)

Both Deadeye and Gunslinger have multiple skills they can cycle through to apply a constant 10% Crit Rate buff to the party. Buffs between both of these classes do stack!

DeadeyeSpiral Tracker
AT02 Grenade
10% Crit Rate6 seconds
8 seconds
GunslingerSpiral Tracker
Dexterous Shot
10% Crit Rate6seconds
8 seconds
12 seconds
Quadra Accelerate
Scratch Dealer
10% Crit Rate10 seconds
8 seconds
10 seconds

Defense Reduction

These classes offer a high uptime Defense Reduction debuff.

ArtilleristSummon Turret12% Defense Reduction6 secondsHigh
GunlancerBash12% Defense Reduction10 secondsHigh
DestroyerJumping Smash
Power Strike
12% Defense Reduction
12% Defense Reduction
14 seconds
10 seconds


Synergies under this category are providing Movement, Attack Speed, Shield or Damage reduction to the party.

DeathbladeMaelstrom15% Movement Speed
20% Attack Speed
6 secondsLow
WardancerWind's Whisper16% Movement Speed
8% Attack Speed
6 secondsLow
GunlancerNellasia's Energy
Nellasia's Energy
20% Attack Speed
24% Shield
6 secondsLow
SoulfistEnergy Release25% Damage Reduction6 secondsMedium
SoulfistCrippling Barrier40% Movement Speed & Attack Power Reduction0.5 secondslow

Stagger Damage

These classes apply a debuff which increases the Stagger Damage your party inflicts by 20%. This is great against opponents with difficult Stagger Checks.

ArtilleristNapalm Shot20% Stagger Damage4 secondsLow
ScrapperCritical Blow20% Stagger Damage6 secondsLow
DestroyerRunning Crash20% Stagger Damage6 secondsLow

Support Synergies


Paladins apply Light Shock as their constant Flat Damage Increase synergy. They also have Wrath of God and Heavenly Blessings that apply a 15% damage buff to the party. These share the same buff and therefore do not stack. Alternate between them for maximum uptime! Holy Aura is his Class Identity that he can turn on for a prolonged time frame when filled.

Light Shock10% Damage6 secondsHigh
Wrath of God15% Damage8 secondsLow
Heavenly Blessings15% Damage
40% MP Regen
8 secondsLow
Holy Aura10% Damage15 secondsLow


For Bards, both Sound Shock and Harp of Rhythm can be used to apply their constant Flat Damage synergy. Heavenly Tune and Sonic Vibration both provide a 15% damage buff to the party. These share the same buff and therefore do not stack. Alternate between them for maximum uptime! Serenade of Courage is their Class Identity skill that can be activated at 1, 2 or 3 Serenade Meter to provide more damage and duration at each stage.

Sound Shock10% Damage5 secondsHigh
Harp of Rhythm10% Damage13 secondsHigh
Stigma10% Damage7 secondsHigh
Heavenly Tune15% Damage
8% Attack Speed
40% MP Regen
8 secondsMedium
Sonic Vibration15% Damage5 secondsLow
Serenade of Courage5, 10 or 15% Damage8, 12 or 16 secondsLow


  • Synergies are divided into Support and DPS classes to easier distuinguish between them as Supports offer additional buffs outside of their regular party synergies.
  • DPS synergies are further categorized under Flat Damage Increase, Crit Rate, Defense Reduction, Stagger Damage and Utility. Based on their uptime potential, these can be classified as burst or constant synergies.
  • For your skills to apply synergy effects, they have to be augmented with the correct Tripod.
  • The same synergy effects from two identical classes do not stack. However opposing gender versions of a class e.g. Wardancer(Striker) and Deadeye(Gunslinger) do stack with each other.
  • Create parties with unique classes that complement each other with their synergies.
  • All content in Lost Ark can be completed with any team composition, so don't worry about finding the last piece to the puzzle!


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Lexyu


May 19th 2022
Added May 19th 2022 Balance patch changes Added Destroyer Synergies

Apr 21st 2022
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