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Legendary Item Salvage List

Last Updated: January 6th 2024

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This list will help you to sort out required vs. useless items more quickly. Keep in mind that there are dozens of builds in the game with vastly different requirements, so make sure to check out each individual guide for the builds you're playing to see what they need. These recommendations only account for typical meta builds, many of these insta-salvage items can still be used for memes, for fun, to make your own creations or play weaker versions of other builds.

Legendary Item Drops in Diablo 3 and their fate (does not include class set items)


ItemFateClassUsed for
Any Set you want to playKeepAllDealing any kind of damage
Aether WalkerKeepWizardWizard speed builds
Aquila CuirassKeepAllLoN/LoD & support builds
Ambo's PrideKeepBarbarianWhirlwind builds
Arreat's LawKeepBarbarianAncient Spear builds
Ashnagarr's Blood BracerKeepWizardCore defensive item
Avarice BandKeepAllT16 builds
Band of MightKeepBarbarianCore defensive item
Belt of the TroveKeepCrusaderLoD Bombardment
Bindings of the Lesser GodsKeepMonkWave of Light & Inna builds
Blackthorne's Jousting MailKeepAllLoN/LoD builds
Blade of ProphecyKeepCrusaderCondemn builds
Bombardier's RucksackKeepDemon HunterSupport & Marauder builds
Bone RingerKeepNecromancerMany builds just need any offhand
Bovine BardicheKeepAllOpening the Cow Level
Bracer of FuryKeepCrusaderHeaven's Fury builds
Briggs' WrathKeepNecromancerSupport & DPS builds
Broken CrownKeepAllFollowers
Brood of AraneaeKeepWitch DoctorCorpse Spiders builds
Cesar's MementoKeepMonkTempest Rush builds
Chilanik's ChainKeepBarbarianSupport builds
Circle of Nailuj's EvolKeepNecromancerRat Necro
Convention of ElementsKeepAllMost pushing builds
DawnKeepDemon HunterCore class item
Dayntee's BindingKeepNecromancerCore defensive item
Dead Man's LegacyKeepDemon HunterMultishot builds
DeathwishKeepWizardChanneling builds
Depth DiggersKeepMultipleGenerator builds
Echoing FuryKeepMultipleMany farming builds
Elusive RingKeepDemon HunterCore defensive item
Etched SigilKeepWizardTwister builds
Fazula's Improbable ChainKeepWizardArchon builds
Flail of the ChargeKeepCrusaderCore class item
FocusKeepMultipleCore DPS item
Fortress BallistaKeepDemon HunterGoD DH
Fragment of DestinyKeepWizardHydra builds
Funerary PickKeepNecromancerDeath Nova & AotD builds
Gazing DemiseKeepWitch DoctorSpirit Barrage builds
Gelmindor's Marrow GuardsKeepNecromancerBone Spear builds
Gloves of WorshipKeepAllFollowers
GoldwrapKeepAllT16 builds
Halo of KariniKeepWizardCore defensive item
Haunted VisionsKeepNecromancerCore class item
Henri's PerquisitionKeepWitch DoctorCuteness & defensive option
Hergbrash's BindingKeepWizardTwister builds
Homing PadsKeepAllFollowers
Hunter's WrathKeepDemon HunterGoD DH & generator builds
Ice ClimbersKeepAllLoN/LoD builds & Followers
Illusory BootsKeepAllLoN/LoD builds (nonseason)
In-GeomKeepAllSpeedfarming builds
Iron RoseKeepNecromancerDeath Nova builds
Krysbin's SentenceKeepNecromancerCore class item
Kyoshiro's BladeKeepMonkWave of Light builds
LamentationKeepBarbarianWhirlwind builds
Lakumba's OrnamentKeepWitch DoctorCore defensive item
Leger's DisdainKeepNecromancerMany builds just need any offhand
Leoric's CrownKeepAllSupport builds & Followers
Little RogueKeepBarbarian & MonkWhirlwind builds & support variations
Lost TimeKeepNecromancerMany builds just need any offhand
ManticoreKeepDemon HunterCluster Arrow builds
Mantle of ChannelingKeepMultipleChanneling builds
Mempo of TwilightKeepWizardMeteor builds
Messerschmidt's ReaverKeepMultipleCube option & support builds
Mortick's BraceKeepBarbarianCore class item
Nemesis BracersKeepAllSpeedfarming builds & Followers
Nilfur's BoastKeepWizardMeteor builds
OathkeeperKeepBarbarianFrenzy builds
Obsidian Ring of the ZodiacKeepAllCore CDR item
Oculus RingKeepAllSupport builds & Followers
Odyssey's EndKeepDemon HunterGoD DH & support builds
Pig StickerKeepMultipleWeapon choice & support builds
Pinto's PrideKeepMonkWave of Light builds
Pride of CassiusKeepBarbarianSupport builds
Puzzle RingKeepAllOpening the Vault
Razeth's VolitionKeepNecromancerMultiple builds
Rechel's Ring of LarcenyKeepAllT16 builds
RemorselessKeepBarbarianHotA builds
Requiem CereplateKeepNecromancerRat Necro
RestraintKeepMultipleCore DPS item
Ring of Royal GrandeurKeepAllCombining sets & Followers
Ranslor's FollyKeepWizardTwister builds
Ring of EmptinessKeepWitch DoctorCore class item
Rondal's LocketKeepMultipleSupport builds
Sacred HarvesterKeepWitch DoctorCore class item
Scythe of the CycleKeepNecromancerCore class item
Serpent's SparkerKeepWizardHydra builds
Shenlong's Fist of LegendKeepMonkVarious Monk builds
Shenlong's Relentless AssaultKeepMonkVarious Monk builds
Shield of FuryKeepCrusaderHeaven's Fury builds
Shield of the SteedKeepCrusaderCore class item
Shukrani's TriumphKeepWitch DoctorOff-Hand option for various builds
Skular's SalvationKeepBarbarianAncient Spear builds
Squirt's NecklaceKeepAllCore DPS item
Steuart's GreavesKeepNecromancerCore class item
Stone GauntletsKeepAllCore defensive item
Stone of JordanKeepAllSpeedfarming builds
StormshieldKeepMultipleSupport builds
Strongarm BracersKeepMultipleDPS & support builds
Swamp Land WadersKeepAllLoN/LoD builds
Tasker and TheoKeepMultiplePet builds
The BarberKeepWitch DoctorSpirit Barrage builds
The Compass RoseKeepMultipleCore DPS item
The Crudest BootsKeepMonkWave of Light & Inna builds
The Demon's DemiseKeepDemon HunterSpike Trap builds
The Flavor of TimeKeepAllSupport builds & Followers
The Grand VizierKeepWizardMeteor builds
The MagistrateKeepWizardHydra builds
The Ninth Cirri SatchelKeepDemon HunterGoD DH
The Shame of DelsereKeepWizardCore class item
The SlandererKeepBarbarian & MonkWhirlwind builds & support variations
The Smoldering CoreKeepWizardMeteor builds
The Spider Queen's GraspKeepWitch DoctorCorpse Spiders builds
The SwamiKeepWizardArchon builds
The Three Hundredth SpearKeepBarbarianAncient Spear builds
The Traveler's PledgeKeepMultipleCore DPS item
The Twisted SwordKeepWizardTwister builds
The Undisputed ChampionKeepBarbarianFrenzy builds
The Witching HourKeepAllOffensive belt option
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the WindseekerKeepAllFollowers
Trag'Oul CoilsKeepDemon HunterSpike Trap builds
Trag'Oul's Corroded FangKeepNecromancerCore class item
TriumvirateKeepWizardFrozen Orb builds
Tzo Krin's GazeKeepMonkWave of Light builds
UnityKeepAllCore defensive item
Unrelenting PhalanxKeepCrusaderCondemn builds
Unstable ScepterKeepWizardFrozen Orb builds
Valla's BequestKeepDemon HunterGoD DH
Vengeful WindKeepMonkSunwuko builds
Voo's JuicerKeepWitch DoctorSpirit Barrage builds
Warhelm of KassarKeepCrusaderCondemn builds
Warzechian ArmguardsKeepAllT16 & bounty builds
Winter FlurryKeepWizardHydra builds
WizardspikeKeepWizardFrozen Orb builds
Won Khim LauKeepMonkTempest Rush builds
Wraps of ClarityKeepDemon HunterCore defensive item
Yang's RecurveKeepDemon Hunter & WizardGoD, Multishot & support builds
Akarat's AwakeningSituationalCrusaderInvoker & Bombardment variations
Akkhan's LeniencySituationalCrusaderBlessed Shield builds
Akkhan's ManaclesSituationalCrusaderBlessed Shield builds
Ancestor's GraceSituationalAllSurviving Disconnects in Hardcore
Ancient Parthan DefendersSituationalMultipleDefensive option
Andariel's VisageSituationalMultipleLoN/LoD builds
AzurewrathSituationalMonk & BarbarianTempest Rush & Frenzy builds
Bakkan CasterSituationalDemon HunterGoD DH weapon option
Bakuli Jungle WrapsSituationalWitch DoctorFirebats builds
Belt of TranscendenceSituationalWitch DoctorMultiple builds
Binding of the LostSituationalMonkExploding Palm builds
Blade of the TribesSituationalBarbarianEarthquake builds
Blind FaithSituationalAllFollowers & console supports
Bloodsong MailSituationalNecromancerCommand Skeletons builds
Bonds of C'LenaSituationalNecromancerArmy of the Dead builds
Bracers of DestructionSituationalBarbarianSeismic Slam builds
Bracers of the First MenSituationalBarbarianHammer of the Ancients builds
Bul-Kathos's Solemn VowSituationalBarbarianSpeed option in WW builds
Bul-Kathos's Warrior BloodSituationalBarbarianSpeed option in WW builds
Buriza-Do KyanonSituationalDemon HunterGoD DH weapon option
CalamitySituationalDemon HunterSupport variations
CarnevilSituationalWitch DoctorDarts builds
Chain of ShadowsSituationalDemon HunterImpale builds
Chantodo's ForceSituationalWizardVyr builds
Chantodo's WillSituationalWizardVyr builds
CindercoatSituationalMultipleFire builds
Coils of the First SpiderSituationalWitch DoctorFirebats builds
Cord of the ShermaSituationalAllFollowers
Countess Julia's CameoSituationalMonkSupport variations
Crown of the PrimusSituationalWizardDMO & support builds
Crystal FistSituationalMonkSupport variations
The Dagger of DartsSituationalWitch DoctorDarts builds
Demon MachineSituationalDemon HunterGoD DH weapon option
Danetta's RevengeSituationalDemon HunterBounty builds
Danetta's SpiteSituationalDemon HunterBounty builds
DenialSituationalCrusaderSweep builds
Devil TongueSituationalAllGold Find builds
DoombringerSituationalBarbarian & CrusaderWW & Thorns weapon option
Dovu Energy TrapSituationalBarbarianSupport builds
Emimei's DuffelSituationalDemon HunterSupport builds
Eye of EtlichSituationalMultipleDefensive option
Fate of the FellSituationalCrusaderHeaven's Fury variations
Fire WalkersSituationalNecromancer & Witch DoctorBreaking doors in T16
Fjord CutterSituationalBarbarianSeismic Slam builds
Freeze of DeflectionSituationalAllFollowers
FrostburnSituationalMultipleLoN/LoD builds
Frydehr's WrathSituationalCrusaderCondemn builds
Fury of the AncientsSituationalBarbarianHammer of the Ancients builds
Gabriel's VambracesSituationalCrusaderLoN Bombardment variations
Girdle of GiantsSituationalBarbarianEarthquake builds
GoldskinSituationalAllGold Find builds & Followers
Golemskin BreechesSituationalNecromancerDeath Nova builds
Grasps of EssenceSituationalNecromancerCorpse Explosion builds
Guard of JohannaSituationalCrusaderBlessed Hammer builds
Gungdo GearSituationalMonkExploding Palm builds
Gyana Na KashuSituationalMonkLashing Tail Kick builds
Gyrfalcon's FooteSituationalCrusaderBlessed Shield builds
Halo of ArlyseSituationalWizardSolo pushing variations
Harrington WaistguardSituationalAllT16 builds
Haunting GirdleSituationalWitch DoctorJade Harvester variations
Heart of IronSituationalCrusaderBombardment builds
Hellcat WaistguardSituationalDemon HunterGrenade builds
HellrackSituationalDemon HunterGoD DH weapon option
Hexing Pants of Mr. YanSituationalMultipleVarious DPS builds
Holy Point ShotSituationalDemon HunterImpale builds
HomunculusSituationalWitch DoctorOffhand choice with Sacrifice
Irontoe MudsputtersSituationalDemon Hunter & MonkShi Mizu's Haori builds
Ivory TowerSituationalCrusaderHeaven's Fury variations
JekangbordSituationalCrusaderBlessed Shield builds
Jesseth SkullscytheSituationalNecromancerVarious builds
Jesseth SkullshieldSituationalNecromancerVarious builds
Johanna's ArgumentSituationalCrusaderVarious builds
Justice LanternSituationalCrusaderVarious builds
Karlei's PointSituationalDemon HunterImpale builds
Krede's FlameSituationalMultipleFollowers
Krelm's Buff BeltSituationalAllT16 & bounty builds
Krelm's Buff BracersSituationalMultipleProtection against Knockbacks
Kymbo's GoldSituationalAllGold Find builds
Lacuni ProwlersSituationalMultipleLoD builds
Lefebvre's SoliloquySituationalMonkVarious builds
Leonine Bow of HashirSituationalDemon HunterBolas & support builds
Lidless WallSituationalCrusaderBombardment builds
Lion's ClawSituationalMonkExploding Palm & SSS builds
Litany of the UndauntedSituationalMultipleLoN builds
MadstoneSituationalMonkExploding Palm builds
MagefistSituationalMultipleFire builds
Manajuma's Carving KnifeSituationalWitch DoctorAngry Chicken builds
Manajuma's Gory FetchSituationalWitch DoctorAngry Chicken builds
Mask of JeramSituationalWitch DoctorPet builds
MirrorballSituationalWizardMagic Missile builds
Odyn SonSituationalMonkTempest Rush weapon option
Orb of Infinite DepthSituationalWizardVarious builds
Pandemonium LoopSituationalAllT16 & bounty builds
Pauldrons of the Skeleton KingSituationalMultipleLoD builds
Pride's FallSituationalMultipleVarious builds
Promise of GlorySituationalMultipleConsole supports
Pus SpitterSituationalDemon HunterGoD DH weapon option
Rabid StrikeSituationalMonkWave of Light builds
Rivera DancersSituationalMonkLashing Tail Kick builds
ScarbringerSituationalMonkLashing Tail Kick builds
ScrimshawSituationalWitch DoctorZombie Bears builds
Shi Mizu's HaoriSituationalMultiple100% Crit builds
Sin SeekersSituationalDemon HunterRapid Fire builds
Spear of JairoSituationalNecromancerCommand Skeletons builds
SpectrumSituationalAllTransmog sharing
Spirit GuardsSituationalMonkVarious builds
St. Archew's GageSituationalMultipleRat Necro & cube option
String of EarsSituationalMultipleDefensive option
Sun KeeperSituationalMultipleWeapon option & Gold Find builds
The Burning Axe of SankisSituationalBarbarianFrenzy builds
The Cloak of GarwulfSituationalDemon HunterN6M4 variations
The Fist of Az'TurrasqSituationalMonkExploding Palm builds
The FurnaceSituationalMultipleVarious DPS builds
The Horadric HamburgerSituationalAllTransmog sharing
The JohnstoneSituationalNecromancerCorpse Lance & Corpse Explosion
The Laws of SephSituationalMonkTempest Rush builds
The Raven's WingSituationalDemon HunterGold Find builds
The Short Man's FingerSituationalWitch DoctorGargantuan builds
The Star of AzkaranthSituationalMultipleSupport builds
The Sultan of the Blinding SandSituationalAllFollowers
The Wailing HostSituationalMultipleLoN builds
Thing of the DeepSituationalWitch DoctorT16 builds
Tyrael's MightSituationalMultipleResource-heavy LoN/LoD builds
Uhkapian SerpentSituationalWitch DoctorDefensive option
Ursua's Trodden EffigySituationalWitch DoctorZombie Bears builds
Vambraces of SescheronSituationalBarbarianFrenzy builds
Vigilante BeltSituationalAllFotH Sader, Cooldown stacking & Followers
Vile HiveSituationalWitch DoctorVarious builds
Visage of GunesSituationalDemon HunterToughness & Rapid Fire builds
Wisdom of KalanSituationalNecromancerDefensive option for Inarius builds
Wojahnni AssaulterSituationalDemon HunterGoD DH option & Rapid Fire builds
Zoey's SecretSituationalDemon HunterMarauder & support builds
Zunimassa's String of SkullsSituationalWitch DoctorOffhand option for LoN/LoD Darts
BalanceCube-onlyMonkTempest Rush builds
Bastion's ReveredCube-onlyBarbarianFrenzy builds
Bloodtide BladeCube-onlyNecromancerDeath Nova builds
Burst of WrathCube-onlyMonkGoblin farming
Chanon BolterCube-onlyDemon HunterSpike Trap builds
CluckeyeCube-onlyWitch DoctorAngry Chicken builds
Corpsewhisper PauldronsCube-onlyNecromancerCorpse Lance builds
DarklightCube-onlyCrusaderFist of the Heavens builds
Faithful MemoryCube-onlyCrusaderBlessed Hammer builds
Fate's VowCube-onlyNecromancerArmy of the Dead builds
Flying DragonCube-onlyMonkRaiment & support builds
Fury of the Vanished PeakCube-onlyBarbarianSeismic Slam builds
Golden FlenseCube-onlyCrusaderSweep builds
Hammer JammersCube-onlyCrusaderBlessed Hammer builds
Incense Torch of the Grand TempleCube-onlyMonkWave of Light builds
Khassett's Cord of RighteousnessCube-onlyCrusaderFist of the Heavens builds
Lord Greenstone's FanCube-onlyDemon HunterFan of Knives builds
Lut SocksCube-onlyBarbarianEarthquake builds
Maltorius' Petrified SpikeCube-onlyNecromancerBone Spear builds
Nayr's Black DeathCube-onlyNecromancerPoison builds
QuetzalcoatlCube-onlyWitch DoctorJade Harvester builds
Reilena's ShadowhookCube-onlyNecromancerVarious builds
Staff of ChiropteraCube-onlyWitch DoctorFirebats builds
StandoffCube-onlyBarbarianFurious Charge builds
The ExecutionerCube-onlyMultipleSupport builds
The Flow of EternityCube-onlyMonkExploding Palm builds
The Gavel of JudgmentCube-onlyBarbarianHammer of the Ancients builds
The Mortal DramaCube-onlyCrusaderBombardment builds
Valthek's RebukeCube-onlyWizardTwister builds
Vile WardCube-onlyBarbarianFurious Charge builds
WormwoodCube-onlyWitch DoctorRing of Emptiness trigger
Any Set you don't want to playSalvage
Ahavarion, Spear of LycanderSalvage
Akanesh, the Herald of RighteousnessSalvage
Anessazi EdgeSalvage
Angel Hair BraidSalvage
Akkhan's AddendumSalvage
Archmage's VicalykeSalvage
Armor of the Kind RegentSalvage
Arthef's Spark of LifeSalvage
Augustine's PanaceaSalvage
Autumn's CallSalvage
Balefire CasterSalvage
Baleful RemnantSalvage
Band of Hollow WhispersSalvage
Band of Rue ChambersSalvage
Beckon SailSalvage
Bezoar StoneSalvage
Blackhand KeySalvage
Blackthorne's Duncraig CrossSalvage
Blackthorne's Notched BeltSalvage
Blackthorne's SpursSalvage
Blackthorne's SurcoatSalvage
Blade of the WarlordSalvage
Blessed of HaullSalvage
Blood BrotherSalvage
Boots of DisregardSalvage
Broken PromisesSalvage
Bryner's JourneySalvage
Bul-Kathos's Wedding BandSalvage
Butcher's CarverSalvage
Cam's RebuttalSalvage
Cinder SwitchSalvage
Cloak of DeceptionSalvage
Corrupted AshbringerSalvage
Coven's CriterionSalvage
Crashing RainSalvage
Custerian WristguardsSalvage
Dark Mage's ShadeSalvage
Deadly RebirthSalvage
Deathseer's CowlSalvage
Death's BargainSalvage
Death Watch MantleSalvage
Defender of WestmarchSalvage
Defiler CuissesSalvage
Demon ClawSalvage
Dishonored LegacySalvage
Drakon's LessonSalvage
Dread IronSalvage
Eberli CharoSalvage
Envious BladeSalvage
Erlang ShenSalvage
Eternal UnionSalvage
Eye of PeshkovSalvage
Flail of the AscendedSalvage
Flesh TearerSalvage
Gesture of OrpheusSalvage
Gift of SilariaSalvage
Gladiator GauntletsSalvage
Golden Gorget of LeoricSalvage
Halcyon's AscentSalvage
Hallowed BulwarkSalvage
Haunt of VaxoSalvage
Heart SlaughterSalvage
Holy BeaconSalvage
Hwoj WrapSalvage
Insatiable BeltSalvage
Inviolable FaithSalvage
Jace's Hammer of VigilanceSalvage
Jang's EnvelopmentSalvage
Jeram's BracersSalvage
Justinian's MercySalvage
Kassar's RetributionSalvage
Kekegi's Unbreakable SpiritSalvage
K'mar TenclipSalvage
Kyoshiro's SoulSalvage
Last BreathSalvage
Leoric's SignetSalvage
Lianna's WingsSalvage
Light of GraceSalvage
Logan's ClawSalvage
Lornelle's SunstoneSalvage
Madawc's SorrowSalvage
Mad Monarch's ScepterSalvage
Manald HealSalvage
Maloth's FocusSalvage
Mara's KaleidoscopeSalvage
Mask of Scarlet DeathSalvage
Monster HunterSalvage
Moonlight WardSalvage
Mordullu's PromiseSalvage
Moribund GauntletsSalvage
Myken's Ball of HateSalvage
Omryn's ChainSalvage
Overwhelming DesireSalvage
Pledge of CaldeumSalvage
Pox FauldsSalvage
Primordial SoulSalvage
Rakoff's Glass of LifeSalvage
Razor StropSalvage
Rhen'ho FlayerSalvage
Rogar's Huge StoneSalvage
Sacred HarnessSalvage
Saffron WrapSalvage
Sanguinary VambracesSalvage
Sash of KnivesSalvage
Schaefer's HammerSalvage
Sebor's NightmareSalvage
See No EvilSalvage
Shard of HateSalvage
Skull GraspSalvage
Skull of ResonanceSalvage
Sky SplitterSalvage
Sledge of AthskelengSalvage
Slorak's MadnessSalvage
Spaulders of ZakaraSalvage
Spines of Seething HatredSalvage
Split TuskSalvage
Staff of KyroSalvage
Stalgard's DecimatorSalvage
Starmetal KukriSalvage
Storm CrowSalvage
Sublime ConvictionSalvage
SuWong DivinerSalvage
Sword of Ill WillSalvage
Talisman of AranochSalvage
Telranden's HandSalvage
The Ancient Bonesaber of ZumakalisSalvage
The Broken StaffSalvage
The Butcher's SickleSalvage
The Cape of the Dark NightSalvage
The Ess of JohanSalvage
The Eye of the StormSalvage
The Final WitnessSalvage
The GidbinnSalvage
The GrandfatherSalvage
The Grin ReaperSalvage
The Mind's EyeSalvage
The OculusSalvage
The PaddleSalvage
The Tall Man's FingerSalvage
The TormentorSalvage
The ZweihanderSalvage
Tiklandian VisageSalvage
Thundergod's VigorSalvage
Velvet CamaralSalvage
Visage of GiyuaSalvage
Vo'Toyias SpikerSalvage
Wand of WohSalvage
Wall of ManSalvage
Warstaff of General QuangSalvage
Wilken's ReachSalvage
Wrath of the Bone KingSalvage
Xephirian AmuletSalvage


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