Gold Find & Magic Find Mechanics

Gold Find

Gold in Diablo III is a resource that is used to purchase, craft and enchant items, upgrade Gems and to empower Greater Rifts. Gold Find is a stat that governs how much gold you get from killing monsters. You can see your total bonus Gold Find in the Details sheet under "Adventure".

Gold Find Mechanics

Gold find affects following sources of gold:

  • Killing monsters
  • Breaking objects
  • Opening chests
  • Legendary effects of Boon of the Hoarder, Goldskin and Gladiator Gauntlets

Gold find does not affect:

  • Bounty and Challenge Rift Caches
  • Rewards for completing quests and Greater Rifts
  • Selling items to vendors

You can acquire Gold Find from following sources:

  • Secondary roll on armor pieces, off-hand items and rings: 32-35% Gold Find
  • Secondary roll on necklace: 71-80% Gold Find
  • Goldskin: 100% Gold Find
  • Kymbo's Gold: 75-100% Gold Find
  • Sun Keeper, Devil Tongue and The Raven's Wing: 71-80% Gold Find
  • Socketing a Flawless Royal Emerald into a helmet: 41% Gold Find (up to 82% with Leoric's Crown)
  • Ferret Companions: 10% Gold Find
  • Blackthorne's Battlegear (3) Bonus: 25% Gold Find
  • Strength in Numbers buff: 10% Gold Find for each nearby player in a multiplayer game
  • Fortune buff from Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander: 25% Gold Find

The Gold Find from all above sources is added together and then multiplied by game difficulty bonus. That bonus changes from 0% on Normal difficulty, and up to 7,000% on Torment XVI. Finally, you also get 20% of your Follower's Gold Find, but that bonus is not affected by game difficulty. Your total bonus Gold find is calculated by this formula:

Farming Gold

Full Gold Find Monk

If at some point in your Diablo III career you find yourself flat broke, you have several options:

  1. Farming Nephalem Rifts with Boon of the Hoarder
    Just including Boon of the Hoarder into your T16 build is enough to provide you so much gold, that you don't know what to do with it. For that reason, Boon of the Hoarder should be one of the first gems you level up. To make farming gold more efficient, you should also include Avarice Band to effortlessly pick up all the gold on your screen. Note, that this is best done in solo game, because Boon of the Hoarder's effect only works when you kill a monster. If you optimize your T16 gear to include a bunch of Gold Find rolls, you can get around 1.5 billion gold per hour this way.
  2. Doing non-empowered Greater Rifts
    Completing a Greater Rift 100 grants you 27.6 million gold. This reward increases by 3% with each tier. If you are speedfarming Greater Rifts for XP, just doing it without empowering them can give you upwards of 1 billion gold per hour.
    However, this method is not very popular, because the most of the times when you need Gold, it's precisely because you want to empower Greater Rifts so that you have to do less of them. And doing Greater Rifts in order to do less Greater Rifts is kinda counterproductive.
  3. Farming Puzzle Rings
    Putting a Puzzle Ring into the Kanai's cube will open a portal to The Vault, a tiny dungeon full of breakable objects that drop exorbitant amounts of gold. If you use a full Gold Find build (shown above), you can get 64,652% Gold Find in a 4-Player T16 game. Clearing The Vault with this setup, will give you about 400 million Gold and it only takes 3 minutes.
    Putting an Ancient Puzzle Ring into the cube will open Ancient Vault, which is exactly the same, but contains a lot more gold - up to 2 billion. The Gold Find build doesn't do any damage, so you will need a DPS to help you clear the dungeon. Fortunately, it's very easy to find people in public communities, who want to help you with your Puzzle Rings. This method is by far the fastest, providing up to 50 billion gold per hour, but it is, of course, limited by how many Puzzle Rings you have.

Magic Find

Magic Find is currently almost completely deprecated. Excluding legacy items, the only Magic Find you can get, comes from Nagelring and low-level craftable sets: Cain's Fate (3) Bonus, Aughild's Peak, Asheara's Iron Fist, and Cain's Robes.

Whenever an item drops, the games assigns a rarity to it: Common, Magical, Rare or Legendary. The chance of each rarity to be chosen depends on the game difficulty and on the source of the drop. Magic Find increases the chance of each item to be higher rarity. It does not increase the amount of items that you find. When you go to a high enough Greater Rift (around 100), nearly all the items that drop are already Legendary, and at that point Magic Find becomes completely useless.

Much like Gold Find, Magic Find is shared between you and your Follower. Effectively, that means you can get 10% Magic Find by giving your Follower a Nagelring. However, that means giving up at least a Hellfire Ring, which is not worth it.

Overall, the benefit from Magic Find is really small; and you should just ignore it, the only exception being full leech specs.


Written by Northwar.


Mar 30th 2022
Updated for Season 26 / Patch 2.7.3