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LoD Rapid Fire Demon Hunter Guide

Last Updated: April 11th 2024

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LoD Rapid Fire Solo Push

The Legacy of Dreams Rapid Fire Demon Hunter first became a real build in Season 17, when two of its key items, Wojahnni Assaulter and Sin Seekers, received tremendous buffs. With none of the Demon Hunter's sets working with Rapid Fire, the combo with Legacy of Nightmares set was a natural choice for this build.

The build was so powerful that it immediately claimed the top spot on solo Demon Hunter leaderboards, destroying the fragile balance we had after Season 12 and Season 16 patches. Instead of 4 different builds (Impale, UE MS, N6M4, and M6 CA) performing within 3 tiers of each other, we suddenly had only one undisputed top dog. And let me tell you, that wasn't a pretty dog. Not by a long shot.

The main problem with Rapid Fire DH comes from Wojahnni Assaulter, which rewards you for channeling Rapid Fire for long periods of time. Sin Seekers further exacerbate this issue by removing Rapid Fire's channeling cost, letting you channel it indefinitely.

On top of that Rapid Fire snapshots your Attack Speed when you start channeling it, giving you extra incentive to never let go of the button. All these factors combined, resulted in a build designed entirely around standing still and holding down one button. Needless to say, such a build doesn't produce very exciting gameplay. Most of the time you just hold Rapid Fire and stare at your buffs and cooldowns, because you need neither move nor aim. At the same time this build outperformed all other DH builds by such a large margin, that you were forced to play it to compete.

Finally, after 4 seasons of Rapid Fire tyranny, Gears of Dreadlands was introduced in Season 21, giving us a superior solo push build in GoD HA Demon Hunter. In Season 27, thanks to Sanctified Powers, a unique build was made possible due to Sanctified Strafe, the LoD Strafe Cluster Bombs (see Mechanics).

Embodiment of the Marauder is the DH set designed about Sentries. LoD Rapid Fire however, goes a step further than that. It is the ultimate Sentry build: you become the Sentry.

Very Tanky ✔
A Lot of Explosions ✔
Scales Well with Density

Extremely High Recovery ✔

❌ Extremely Boring
❌ Very Slow and Clunky
❌ Long and Boring Boss Fights
❌ Did I mention it's boring?

Core Setup

Core Item Build


  • Wojahnni Assaulter is our strongest multiplier, giving 3,000% additive Rapid Fire damage. Unfortunately it also makes all other sources of additive damage (Rapid Fire rolls on gear, Strongarm Bracers, Taeguk, etc.) completely irrelevant.
  • Sin Seekers increase Rapid Fire damage by 300% and remove its channeling cost.
  • Hellcat Waistguard is an effective x2.5-5 multiplier (see Mechanics) which works with all Grenade skills including Rapid Fire Bombardment.
  • Dawn lets us achieve easy 100% Vengeance uptime.
  • Visage of Gunes gives permanent 50% damage reduction by adding Dark Heart rune to Vengeance.
  • Stone Gauntlets roughly triple our toughness with no downside due to permanent Vengeance.
  • Mantle of Channeling is a no-brainer in any channeling build giving 25% damage and damage reduction for free.
  • Convention of Elements is another separate damage multiplier, giving you triple damage during your Fire cycle.
  • Pain Enhancer is a staple in this build as we will snapshot the high attack speed in large monster density to keep channeling with increased DPS for a long duration.

Season 31 Forbidden Archives

For the duration of Season 31, the slots in Kanai’s Cube that allow you to equip three additional Legendary Powers will not be restricted to their usual categories. While normally a player can equip one power each from the Weapon, Armor, and Jewelry categories, Season 31 players can mix and match between all three! This might allow you to run two Weapon powers with one Armor power. Or perhaps you might choose to run three Amulet powers instead.

Unfortunately, this build cannot really make a good use of this Season Theme because the choices offered to Demon Hunters aren't very impactful. This build already uses all of the most important damage multipliers and can't gain any noticeable power from swapping cube slots around.

Global Stat Priorities

The most important for almost any DH build is reaching permanent Vengeance uptime. This is achievable through the 65% Cooldown Reduction effect provided by Dawn and having 37% Cooldown Reduction on your characte. If your Dawn has less than 64-63% on the legendary affix, you should consider adding a 4th Cooldown roll to make up for it, as any lower will leave you with a significant gap.

Rapid Fire Attack Speed Breakpoints

Attack Speed is largely irrelevant due to the massive boost from Pain Enhancer, only the multiplicative 7% roll on Dawn is important, but even there it's not absolutely necessary.

Aside from that, you want to stack damage stats wherever possible: Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Fire Damage and Area Damage. For your defensive stats you just need to focus on increasing the raw toughness value.

Your recovery is based on a percentage of your HP, hence there is no reason to prioritize mitigation over HP pool. Physical Resistance is also extremely useful, as you will stand directly inside your enemies and most of the incoming damage will be of that type. You should always use Flawless Royal Diamond in your Chest and Pants sockets.

Assembling the Build

Item Stat Priorities




Paragon Points

Altar of Rites





Greater Rift Solo Push
LoD Solo Push

This variant of the build gets outrageous amounts of toughness from Elusive Ring, Unity and Shadow Power Gloom. Because of that all the rest of our items, skills and passives are aimed at maximizing damage. Cindercoat, Blackthorne's Jousting Mail and Magefist for Fire damage. Wolf Companion, Ambush and Bait the Trap for damage increase and extra Critical Hit Chance.

The gameplay for this build is exactly as described above. In general you will be absolutely untouchable, there's only two things you should worry about: Oppressors and Waller Elites. Oppressors just deal ridiculous damage with their fire breath, Molten explosions and stacked Arcane Lasers don't come anywhere close. If you have many Oppressors around, try to stand next to them to make them use melee attack instead of fire breath.

Waller can also be very dangerous. Most of the time walls do literally nothing because you can walk through them. But sometimes the wall spawns directly on top of you and then it instantly stops your Side Cannons before they can hit any mobs. This completely turns off your healing and from there you have 1-3 seconds until you are dead. You need to notice that there's a wall on top of you and quickly move a step to the side or use the Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid.

For the last few percent of progress, make sure to gather a large pull, so that you have good Rapid Fire snapshot and don't let go of the button until the Rift Guardian is dead. Be careful to not hover any UI elements if the boss is moving a lot!

Be careful when playing with Aquila: while Sin Seekers remove the channeling cost, Rapid Fire still has an initial cost, so you will lose the buff if you restart the channel too often!

Instead of The Ess of Johan you can also run with Squirt's Necklace, which can prove useful at the Rift Guardian or with a Shield Pylon. If you are more experienced with the build or have higher Paragon (2,500+), you can also drop Unity to cube the second amulet instead.

At even higher paragon (3,000+), you can drop both Unity and Elusive ring to use Legacy of Nightmares set and get in Bane of the Trapped.

Other toughness options for this setup are changing Wolf Companion to Boar Companion, Caltrops to Preparation Focused Mind to get 100% uptime on Gloom, or Ambush to Awareness.

Video Guide


Rapid Fire Bombardment

Hellcat Waistguard

Wojahnni Assaulter

Vengeance Side Cannons


  • Put together the core items and level up the Legacy of Dreams gem.
  • Reach the necessary Cooldown Reduction for permanent Vengeance (37% with a perfect Dawn).
  • Apply Pain Enhancer to everything.
  • Recast Rapid Fire to snapshot the Attack Speed and hold on for dear life.
  • Activate your defensive and utility skills when necessary.

I played this build in one season, and honestly, that was one season too many. Now it's useless, but it could always make a comeback. You never know...


Written by Northwar
Updates by wudijo

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