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A Sanctified Item

After the Echoing Nightmares from Season 26, Diablo III goes back to strong itemization changes similar to Season 24 Ethereals and Season 25 Soul Shards with the exclusive Sanctified Items!

Season 27 introduces a new Seasonal Theme called Light's Calling, with a new type of consumable item called Angelic Crucibles. Once uncovered by Nephalem, these heavenly artifacts can be used to Sanctify any equippable Legendary Item.

Sanctifying an item reforges it to have perfect Ancient-level stats on all affixes while also preserving the item's Legendary Power. In addition, this process adds one of three new powers unique to each class.

Sanctified Items Overview

Looking to turn the tide of an unremitting war between light and darkness, the Angels of the High Heavens have embedded a token of their righteousness in Sanctuary. Cunning Nephalem seeking an advantage in combat will undergo an angelic trial, crystallizing a symbol of their morality into pure, otherworldly perfection. The specific celestial force imbued within by the divine is unknown—an answer waiting to be sought on the battlefield. Go forth, Nephalem!

With the Lords of Hell Season, we explored what Nephalem would do if they possessed the powers of Hell. This season we invite players to witness what Nephalem can accomplish with the powers of Heaven. Our goal with the 21 unique Class Powers was to introduce changes to skills that can redefine the way you play a build or set. We're excited to see how players will harness the powers of Heaven in Season 27!

Season 27 Light's Calling introduces Angelic Crucibles. These are a new consumable allowing Nephalems to sanctify their Legendary Items. Sanctifying an item reforges it with Primal Ancient stats and also adds a random Class-specific Sanctified Power. There are 3 exclusive Powers available per Class.

  • Angelic Crucibles and Sanctified Items can only be acquired in Seasonal play and will not transfer to your non-seasonal character when the season ends.
  • Angelic Crucibles can drop anywhere in Sanctuary at level 70, similarly to Ramaladni's Gifts.
  • Players can obtain as many Sanctified Items as they would like, however, only one can be equipped at a time.
  • Sanctified Items can be Sanctified again using another Angelic Crucible.
  • No stats are preserved when Sanctifying an item.
  • Only level 70 equippable items can be Sanctified. Crafted items cannot be Sanctified.
  • Followers cannot equip them.
  • You can use leftover Angelic Crucibles on Puzzle Rings to get Ancient Vaults!
  • Salvaging Sanctified Items can give special results randomly:
    • Forgotten Souls x15
    • Greater Rift Keystones x2-3
    • Blood Shards x128
    • Death's Breaths x35-45
    • Westmarch Holy Water x1

Some builds obviously benefit more than others from Sanctified Items. Check out our Season 27 Tier Lists to discover which builds get the most out of them! Finally as they are a seasonal theme, Sanctified Items will disappear when Season 27 ends, with no chance for non-seasonal players to get their hands on them as Angelic Crucibles can only drop in Seasonal play.

Sanctified Powers

As explained above, Sanctifying an Item with Angelic Crucibles adds a random Class-specific Sanctified Power. There are 3 exclusive Sanctified Powers available per Class.

Barbarian Sanctified Powers

Sanctified Wrath of the Berserker

  • Wrath of the Berserker applies a debuff on monsters 16 yards around you upon activation.
  • The 100% damage debuff applied is an additive damage debuff.
  • The debuff has a 20 second duration.
  • This debuff has a 10 target cap.
  • Even if you recast Wrath of the Berserker in under 20 seconds, you cannot affect more targets or stack the debuff several times on the same target.

Crusader Sanctified Powers

Sanctified Falling Sword

  • Falling Sword now summons 2 Angels that can Melee Hit and cast Consecration & Condemn.
  • Angels have a 15 second duration.
  • You cannot have more than 2 Angels at any given time. Recasting Falling Sword summons 2 new Angels.
  • They randomly cast Consecration & Condemn during their lifespan inbetween Melee Hits.
  • Their damage is scaled off of Greater Rift Tier. They do not scale with your stats at all.
  • Damage debuffs applied on monsters such as Strongarm Bracers do work.

Demon Hunter Sanctified Powers

Sanctified Strafe

  • Strafe now casts the last non-channeled Hatred spending ability cast every 12 frames.
  • This is essentially the Gears of Dreadlands (4) Bonus for Hatred Spenders instead of Generators.

Monk Sanctified Powers

Sanctified Wave of Light

  • Wave of Light now casts Bells that deal damage when any player attack them. Up to 5 Bells can be active at a time.
  • Bells have collision boxes with players and enemies.
  • Bells can deal damage 4 times before they "die". When you place a 6th Bell, the oldest one "dies".
  • Bells after 10 seconds or if you move 50 yards away (approximately 1 screen).
  • Cyclone Strike detonates Bells when attempting to pull them even if it deals no damage.
  • Skills without Proc Coefficient (Sweeping Wind) can damage Bells but do not trigger them. Exploding Palm do not trigger them even on application.
  • Rabid Strike works with this power. Bells from Mimics do not benefit from any damage multiplier if there is no Mimic active.
  • Pillar of the Ancients only deals base damage when detonated but the DoT effect ticks from the Bell continuously.
  • Shattering Light produces the Cold Wave in the direction of the attack triggering the Bell. Both the Bell Explosion and the Wave can damage the same enemy.
  • Explosive Light procs Fire Sparks in all directions when triggered. Both the Bell Explosion and the Fire Sparks can damage the same enemy.

Necromancer Sanctified Powers

Sanctified Command Golem

  • Command Golem now picks up and store Corpses within 20 yards.
  • It can store up to 30 Corpses.
  • Each Corpse stored allows you to cast Corpse Explosion, Corpse Lance or Revive as if you were consuming the maximum number of Corpses the skill can consume per cast.

Witch Doctor Sanctified Powers

Sanctified Haunt

  • Locust Swarm now automatically Haunt all monsters affected.
  • Casting Piranhas pulls all monsters within 60 yards (1 screen) to the pool.
  • If you have Bogadile, a lesser enemy stunned is instantly killed.
  • Elites and Rift Guardians are not killed but take significant damage.

Wizard Sanctified Powers

Sanctified Magic Missile

  • Magic Missile now has 10 projectiles by default and gain the Seeker rune.
  • The damage type of Magic Missile is the one from the rune you chose.

Video Guide

Sanctified Powers Presentation by Raxxanterax


While Season 26 brought a new activity to the game with Echoing Nightmares, Season 27 goes back to shaking things up with itemization just like Ethereals and Soul Shards did! Sanctified Items offer a decent power creep to some builds and at the very least a free Primal Ancient, while some builds can only exist during this season due to some Sanctified Powers. If playing new and innovative builds has always been your preference, now is the time to go for it! And you, what are you gonna play in Season 27 ?


Thanks to the Maxroll Team for extensive PTR testing!
Written by Chewingnom.


Aug 12th 2022
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