Kadala Efficient Use


Kadala is a vendor, that can be found in any town in Adventure mode. Kadala sells Mystery Items for Blood Shards; this is commonly known as Gambling. Each Mystery Item, when purchased, becomes a random item of the same type with rarity ranging from Magical to Legendary. Kadala sells a different Mystery Item for each equip slot. Off-hand items are further divided into Shields, Quivers, Sources, Mojos and Phylacteries.
Check the likelihood of every Legendary Item for each Character using our Diablo 3 Kadala Gamble Calculator.

Different item categories have different prices:

  • 25 Blood Shards: Armor Pieces and Off-hand items
  • 50 Blood Shards: Rings
  • 75 Blood Shards: 1-H and 2-H Weapon
  • 100 Blood Shards: Amulets

Gambled items have a 10% chance to be Legendary. They always come smart-looted to your current class, except for class-specific off-hand items.

Blood Shards can be obtained by killing Rift Guardians and Blood Thieves or from Bounty and Challenge Rift caches. You can only carry a limited amount of Blood Shards equal to 500 plus 10 for each Greater Rift cleared solo on current realm. This means you constantly have to spend your Blood Shards at Kadala (sometimes after every run) and can't stockpile them.


When gambling for a specific item, one should consider how many different items are contained in the same category. Usually, most armor slots have around 10 items, which means you'll spend on average 2500 Blood Shards to get exactly the item you want. Refer to the drop table for the exact numbers. The efficient gambling strategy can be summarized as follows:

  • Never gamble Amulets
  • Never gamble Weapons
  • Only gamble Rings when you have no other options, or when you are playing a different class
  • Gamble Belts and slots overlapping with your class-specific items (e.g. Chest Armor for Demon Hunters or Helmet for Monks) after everything else

If you are trying to gamble all 6 pieces of a set, and have some Forgotten Souls and Death's Breaths to spare, you can only gamble for the easiest to get piece of the set. Then, when you get 6 of them, you can use Skill of Nilfur to convert them into all the different pieces.

If you are playing on not your main class, you can still gamble class-specific off-hand item. This is a great way to spend your Blood Shards without slowing the game down by switching characters every few runs.

You can obtain 475 Blood Shards on a season start from Challenge Rift Cache, for the most efficient way to spend them, refer to the Level 1 Gambling Guide.


Written by Northwar
Reviewed by Raxxanterax


Mar 21st 2022
Updated for Season 26 / Patch 2.7.3