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Season Start Level 1 Gambling & Cubing

Last Updated: May 21st 2023

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Materials from a Challenge Rift Reward Cache

Leveling quickly at the start of a new season can save you a lot of time. Ever since Challenge Rifts were introduced, this process got sped up significantly as you are able to gain a good bunch of materials right off the bat. This includes: 15x All Bounty Materials, 35x Death's Breaths, 475x Blood Shards, ~365x Reusable Parts, ~350x Arcane Dust, ~125x Veiled Crystals as well as 5.1m Gold.

With these materials at hand, you can immediately level the Blacksmith and Mystic to max. and start gambling at Kadala at level 1. Additionally, you can craft a yellow level 70 weapon and upgrade it to legendary in the Kanai's Cube to have a chance to gain a big power boost. Depending on your class and leveling strategy (more info here), this can easily allow you to jump multiple difficulty settings and reach 70 much faster than otherwise possible. Some classes have it easier than others, especially Necromancers, Barbarians and Demon Hunters. Other classes can also build very strong combos but usually require a bit of luck to do so.

Using the Materials

Once you unlocked the cube, go to the Blacksmith and craft one class-specific weapon that you will try to upgrade into an useful option with the Upgrade Rare feature (3rd cube recipe). You only get one attempt as you are limited by Death's Breaths and it comes down to luck, so you better hit something good! The chances are between 17%-100% to get one of the top choices depending on your class. Some of them have decent alternatives that are helpful even when you don’t get the best one and can easily jump a few difficulty levels. By getting the right item here you can easily save up to half an hour or more on your journey to 70.

With your Blood Shards, you want to gamble early on at Kadala (gamble table here) to try and get an item with a big multiplier (that ideally synergizes with your weapon). Typical gambling choices are Gloves, Bracers, Offhands, in some cases you also want to wait until a certain level or change what you are going for depending on your crafts or other gambled pieces. At level 1, the pool of possible items is rather small, which you can use to your advantage to almost guarantee a good result that can carry you all the way to 70. In some cases, better options unlock a little bit later so you should hold onto your shards until exactly the mentioned level. The chance to get any legendary at all from gambling 475 Blood Shards (19 attempts) on armor pieces is 86.5%. The chances mentioned on specific items below are the outcome in case the gambled piece is a legendary.

A generally useful option that is available to all classes is Pox Faulds that can already provide a great boost during the early levels. They are not really the best option for any class but deliver consistently good results instead.

Barbarian (Craft Spears/Two-handed Mighty Weapons, Gamble Bracers)

Crusader (Craft Flails, Gamble Bracers/Shields)

Demon Hunter (Craft Daggers, Gamble Bracers/Quivers)

Monk (Craft Daibos, Gamble Bracers/Boots)

Necromancer (Craft Two-handed Scythes, Gamble Gloves/Rings)

Witch Doctor (Craft Spears or Ceremonial Knives, Gamble Mojos)

Wizard (Craft Wands, Gamble Sources)

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  • First thing in a new season, finish the challenge rift to obtain the necessary materials.
  • Acquire the Kanai's Cube before you level too high.
  • Craft and upgrade a class-specific weapon at level 1 to try to get a big damage multiplier.
  • Gamble the right armor pieces at the right levels, adjust for what you crafted/gambled.
  • Use what you get the best you can, even if the results are unfavorable.
  • Check the Kadala gambling table to find out what is available to you at certain levels.

With this info at hand, you are well-prepared for the next season start.
Good luck!


Guide and Updates by wudijo

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