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Boss Damage Tier List

Last Updated: July 4th 2024

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The Final Shape

Welcome to the Destiny 2 Boss Damage Build Tier List! This Tier List defines a build's end game boss damage performance in activities such as Raids, Dungeons and Grandmaster Nightfalls. The main criteria are Super ability damage potential and chosen weapons, but ease of use is also considered.

The arrows indicate where a build has moved since our last Tier List update.
These builds are ranked based on what is equipped in the build overview section of our guides.
Builds are ranked in no particular order within the tier.

S Tier

iconCelestial Nighthawk Prismatic Hunter

A Tier

iconPyrogale Gaunlets Solar Titan
iconLucky Pants Solar Hunter
iconFalling Star Arc Titan
iconNavigator Strand Titan
iconShards of Galanor Solar Hunter
iconGetaway Artist Prismatic Warlock
iconSwarmers Prismatic Warlock

B Tier

iconFallen Sunstar Arc Warlock
iconNecrotic Grips Strand Warlock
iconSynthoceps Solar Titan
iconPrecious Scars Strand Titan
iconSynthoceps Strand Titan
iconFoetracer Strand Hunter

C Tier

iconSunbracers Solar Warlock
iconGyrfalcon's Hauberk Void Hunter
iconContraverse Hold Void Warlock
iconCenotaph Mask Solar Warlock
iconSeverance Enclosure Solar Titan
iconOrpheus Rig Void Hunter
iconOsmiomancy Gloves Stasis Warlock
iconAssassin's Cowl Arc Hunter
iconSpeaker’s Sight Solar Warlock

D Tier

iconRenewal Grasps Stasis Hunter
iconOmnioculous Void Hunter
iconHoarfrost-Z Stasis Titan
iconDoom Fang Pauldron Void Titan
iconPhoenix Protocol Solar Warlock

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