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Osmiomancy Gloves Stasis Warlock Build

Last Updated: July 4th 2024

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The Final Shape

Welcome to the Osmiomancy Gloves Stasis Warlock Build guide! Wield the icy power of this Darkness subclass and transform the entire battlefield into a frozen tableau of conflict. This build has incredibly potent crowd control. Slow and Freeze enemies, then Shatter their defenses to splinters. Pulled from the frigid depths of Europa, Stasis bends time and space to reduce your foes to chilled fragments of their former selves!

This Stasis Warlock build hinges on the Exotic armor Osmiomancy Gloves and their ability to create multiple Stasis turrets by charging Coldsnap Grenades with the Bleak Watcher aspect. When destroyed, Frozen targets split into Iceflare Bolts which seek nearby targets and Freeze them.

You rely on crowd control to stay alive instead of an inherent ability to self heal like other subclasses. While it's an incredibly powerful tool against minor and major enemies, the Winter's Wrath Super ability is fairly inadequate against boss type enemies, so that's something to keep in mind when choosing to play this build!

WARNING: Access to the Witch Queen DLC is needed to unlock the Osmiomancy Gloves Exotic armor piece. Verglas Curve requires the Lightfall DLC to unlock.

  • Low effort playstyle.
  • Very strong crowd control.
  • Able to stun all champion types.
  • Low Super damage potential.
  • Locked into Coldsnap Grenade.

Gameplay Loop

The Stasis Warlock and Osmiomancy Gloves is a low effort, high impact combination. Start off by charging up and throwing one of your Coldsnap Grenades to create a Bleak Watcher turret that shoots projectiles at enemies and inflicts Slow. If a target is hit by enough of these projectiles, they Freeze. When heavily damaged, Frozen targets Shatter and send out Iceflare Bolts that seek out and Freeze subsequent targets. For every Stasis Crystal and Frozen enemy Shattered, you gain increased grenade energy regeneration from Whisper of Shards enabling you to continue throwing out Bleak Watchers.

While your turret is at work, fire Verglas Curve while aiming down the sights. This loads Stasis arrows into the "quiver" that can be released by firing from the hip. These Stasis arrows create a Stasis Crystal for each arrow you have in your quiver, capping at 5. Upon reaching the cap, hipfire Verglas Curve to create 5 Stasis Crystals, pull out your Forbearance and fire it in the direction of the crystals, causing them to explode and deal high damage to surrounding targets. This combination also activates the Ambitious Assassin perk on Forbearance when multiple enemies are killed by the Shatter damage. Hitting an enemy combatant directly with a Stasis arrow nocked in Verglas Curve applies Freeze.

While it struggles against bosses, popping Winter's Wrath creates some serious space when you need it. This Super ability applies Freeze on contact with it's primary attack and Shatters all surrounding Frozen targets with the secondary attack, sending out even more Iceflare Bolts. This selected loadout continues to snowball on itself in every facet, and becomes very fluid after a bit of practice.

Ability Breakdown


  • Winter's Wrath
    • Conjure a Stasis staff and fire a barrage of Stasis shards that Freeze enemies on impact. The secondary attack of this super ability shatters all surrounding enemies afflicted with Freeze.


  • Healing Rift - When inside of the rift, you and allies are healed for 40hp per second. When you are at full health, this is converted to an overshield.
  • Burst Glide - Your jump ability is up to you, but for the sake of the build we are taking Burst Glide.
  • Penumbral Blast - The only melee ability available to Stasis Warlocks. Send out a short range projectile that applies Freeze to targets on impact.
  • Coldsnap Grenade - This is the only grenade ability that interacts with Osmiomancy Gloves and is mandatory. These can either be thrown as a grenade normally would be, or charged up to create a Bleak Watcher.


  • Bleak Watcher - Charge your Coldsnap Grenade to convert it into a sentient Stasis turret, firing projectiles that apply Slow on impact. If enough of these projectiles land, the target is Frozen.
  • Iceflare Bolts - Shatter frozen targets and spawn seekers that track and Freeze other nearby targets. This provides the "snowball effect" of the Osmiomancy Gloves Stasis Warlock build.


  • Whisper of Fissures - All Frozen targets and Stasis Crystal deal increased Shatter damage.
  • Whisper of Rending - Primary weapons deal increased damage to Stasis crystals and enemies afflicted with Freeze. This directly benefits Verglas Curve.
  • Whisper of Shards - Shattering a Stasis Crystal temporarily boosts your grenade ability recharge rate. Additional time is added to this buff for every crystal Shattered, capping at 11 seconds.
  • Whisper of Torment - More grenade ability energy is never a bad thing. Gain a small amount every time you take damage from enemy targets.


Required Gear and Weapons

Osmiomancy Gloves - Provides an additional Coldsnap Grenade charge. Direct impact from your grenades give increased grenade ability regeneration. Seekers spawned from Coldsnap Grenades travel further and faster.

WARNING: The Witch Queen DLC is required to unlock the Osmiomancy Gloves Exotic armor piece.

How to acquire:

  • Complete the Witch Queen campaign on Legendary difficulty.
  • Farm the expert lost sector on Arms armor days.
  • Complete the Vex Strike Force Public Event on Neomuna.

Stat Priorities

  • Resilience > Discipline > Recovery.
  • Resilience is always the most coveted stat when in a PVE environment. It increases your damage resistance and shield capacity. The goal is 100 Resilience.
  • Discipline decreases the cooldown on your grenade ability, allowing it to charge faster.
  • Recovery governs the cooldown on the Warlock's class ability and decreases the time it takes to regenerate your health and shields.

Learn more about the Stats available to you in Destiny 2 with our dedicated guide.

Armor Mods

  • Helmet
    • Harmonic Siphon - Rapid Stasis weapon final blows create an Orb of Power.
    • Dynamo - Reduces Super cooldown when using your Healing Rift near targets.
    • Heavy Ammo Finder - Increases the drop chance of heavy ammo on kills.
  • Gauntlets
    • Grenade Kickstart - When your grenade energy is fully expended, your armor charges are consumed and you gain grenade ability energy for each armor charge stored.
    • Bolstering Detonation - Grants class ability energy when you cause damage with a grenade.
  • Chest
    • Charged Up - Increases the maximum number of armor charges you can carry by 1.
    • Resist/Reserves mods of your choice - choose for the activity you are going into!
  • Leg
    • Innervation - Reduces grenade cooldown each time you pick up an Orb of Power.
    • Better Already - Your health begins to regenerate immediately after picking up an Orb of Power.
    • Recuperation - Replenishes health each time you pick up an Orb of Power.
  • Bond
    • Powerful Attraction - Automatically collects nearby Orbs of Power when you activate your class ability.
    • Bomber - Reduces grenade cooldown when using your class ability.
    • Proximity Ward - Gain a powerful overshield while performing your finisher.

Armor Mods are unlocked by progressing your Guardian Rank. Check out the Guardian Ranks Guide for more information.

Artifact Mods

  • Creeping Chill - Enemies afflicted by Slow or Freeze create a burst of Stasis energy that Slows nearby targets when defeated with a Stasis weapon.
  • Press The Advantage - Gain a boost to your weapon stability, handling and reload speed when you break an enemy's shield.
  • Elemental Siphon - Rapid final blows with your Stasis weapons create a Stasis Shard that boosts your melee ability energy.
  • Expanding Abyss - If a fireteam member is able to apply a Weaken, your Edge Transit becomes a DPS powerhouse.
  • Prismatic Transfer - When you cast Winter's Wrath, your fireteam members that do not have a Stasis super equipped gain a boost to their weapon damage for a short time.

Recommend Weapons

  • Kinetic Weapon: Verglas Curve - An elegant weapon, this bow becomes very powerful when paired with the Stasis subclass. It provides an easy way to create Stasis Crystals and directly synergizes with Forbearance.
    • Verglas Curve requires access the Lightfall DLC to unlock.
  • Energy Weapon: Forbearance - A dual purpose weapon in the Osmiomancy Gloves Stasis Warlock build, this wave frame grenade launcher is used to kill targets directly or shot at Stasis Crystals to provide the benefits from Shatter and your fragments.
  • Power Weapon: Edge Transit - From meme weapon to dream weapon, this heavy grenade launcher puts out a huge amount of damage with deep ammo reserves.


  • Swap Verglas Curve for Wicked Implement.
    • This scout rifle might not be as flashy as Verglas Curve, but it continues to feed into the Stasis fantasy of the build. Use Wicked Implement in activities where a scout rifle is more appropriate.
    • How to acquire: Complete the special mission, Whetstone. You must have access to Season of the Deep, which is part of the Lightfall DLC.
  • Swap Grenade Kickstart in your arms armor for Stasis Loader and Innervation in your legs armor for Stasis Weapon Surge.
    • Use this swap if you don't need the added grenade energy regeneration and instead want more damage out of your Stasis Weapons.
  • Feel free to utilize other weapons, as they do not make or break this build. Use what works for you!


With a small army of Bleak Watcher turrets and walls of Stasis Crystals, you'll never feel safer to move across the battlefield. Harness the power of the Darkness and fight fire with ice. Bury your enemies in the crippling afflictions of Slow and Freeze, Shattering them into little more than snowflakes with this Osmiomancy Gloves Stasis Warlock build!


Written by: SquirrelyDan

Reviewed by: ShieldMaiden, Tenkiei

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