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Doom Fang Pauldron Void Titan Build

Last Updated: June 10th 2024

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The Final Shape

Doom Fang Pauldron Void Titan is a classic setup that is still used to this day even with stronger subclasses like Solar and Srand existing. Its ability to get your super back fast makes it a phenomenal choice for general play. Void 3.0 only improved this setup with the addition of Shield Throw and consistent Overshield for damage reduction. Additionally, a buff to Doom Fang Pauldrons that gives a Void surge weapon boost to your build is filled out even more.

The backbone of this build is the exotic chest piece, Doom Fang Pauldron. Defeating targets with Void damage has a chance to grant bonus damage to Void weapons. In addition, defeating targets with Void melee grants additional super energy. Now the biggest part that helps your Void roaming super is defeating targets with melee attacks - It recharges your shield throw which in return extends your super on each hit.

  • Great ad-clear
  • Multiple weapon options
  • Fast super energy recharge
  • Great self and team healing with overshields
  • Not effective at endgame
  • Super dependant on dense enemy mobs
  • Higher-tier targets still harder to take out

Gameplay Loop

Doom Fang Pauldron Void Titan is extremely potent because of the great loop of damage it provides. Getting to use your abilities nearly at will, plus getting a boost to weapon damage is an incredibly fun time. Also getting your super back extremely fast while keeping it up longer than normal is perfect for any activity.

Now if you’re comboing this with Monte Carlo it’s very simple: use your Shield Throw, shoot to get your shield back, throw the shield again, repeat. It’s so incredibly fun to keep throwing these like you’re Captain America while knowing each hit gives your super back that much faster. Use other weapon types for fun and boss damage, but know Monte Carlos can carry you most of the way.

If you choose to use a void exotic, you get  a crazy boost to your damage consistently. Getting that x4 boost to void weapon damage from Doom Fang Pauldrons means most targets won’t last in front of you. Said boost is an additional 25% damage, so on strong exotics like Graviton Lance you can  nuke most mobs in seconds.

Ability Breakdown


  • Sentinel Shield
    • This has to be one of my favorite supers because of how versatile it is. First you have the ability to run around and melee enemies with your shield. This is great because you can also throw said shield taking mobs out from a distance. This feeds into your Doom Fang Pauldrons since the more damage you do the longer the super lasts. Finally you can hold up your shield to create a large Void wall blocking damage. Your teammates can also shoot through said wall dealing extra damage. Having this mobile defense is incredibly strong for endgame content.


  • Rally Barricade, Really love this barricade for it's short cooldown and benefits to basic weapon stats.
  • Strafe Lift, Completely your choice!
  • Shield Throw, Phenomenal choice for those looking for a long distance melee that activates Overshield.
  • Vortex Grenade, This is a great option for damage overtime while also pulling enemies into certain zones.


  • Offensive Bulwark, Not only do you get another shield for your Sentinel Shield but you consistently regenerate grenades and increase you melee range. Great for passive energy generation while feeding into your roaming super.
  • Bastion, Having an easy way to get your Overshield to feed into Offensive Bulwark is so incredibly nice. It also helps your team as well since anyone near your barricade is granted a overshield.


  • Echo of Undermining, Getting an easy Weaken debuff ability on your grenade is very nice. This build already feeds into some grenade energy so it's incredibly easy to keep up.
  • Echo of Remnants, Having your Vortex Grenade last longer is great to hold more enemies down and continue to debuff them.
  • Echo of Starvation, Having a consistent way to keep up Devour is very good for the survivability of this build.
  • Echo of Harvest, We always like to have our abilities feed into one another. Being able to weaken targets to create orbs and Void Breach that eventually will feed into our devour is very nice.


Required Gear and Weapons

Doom Fang Pauldron

How to acquire:

  • Purchase from Xur (his loot rotates weekly).
  • Decrypting exotic engrams at Rahool (it will be a random exotic drop, but will prioritize exotics you currently do not have, known as the knockout system).
  • Farm the expert lost sector on arm Armor days.
  • Note: this exotic is not locked behind a DLC.

Stat Priorities

  • Resilience > Discipline > Recovery.
  • Resilience is the amount of damage you can take before dying, as well as your shield capacity.
  • Discipline is what reduces your grenade cooldown.
  • Recovery is how long it takes for your health to regenerate after you take damage.

Learn more about the Stats available to you in Destiny 2 with our dedicated guide.

Armor Mods

  • Helmet
    • Hands-On x2 - Reduce super cool down when getting melee kills.
    • Heavy Ammo Finder - Increases the drop chance of Heavy ammo on kill.
  • Gauntlets
    • Heavy Handed x2 - Your powered melee final blows create orbs of power.
      • Stacking 2 reduces the cooldown of Heavy Handed to 5 seconds.
    • Impact Induction - Dealing damage with your powered melee reduces the cooldown of your grenade energy.
  • Chest
    • Resist mods, your choice - choose for the activity you are going into!
  • Leg
    • Better Already - Your health begins to regenerate immediately after picking up an orb of power.
    • Recuperation - Replenishes health each time you pick up an Orb of Power.
    • Void Scavenger - Void weapons get bonus reserves when picking up matching ammo types.
  • Mark
    • Reaper - Use class ability, then get a kill with a weapon to spawn an orb of power.
    • Powerful Attraction - Activate barricade to collect orbs around you automatically.
    • Outreach - Reduces melee cooldown when using your class ability.

Armor Mods are unlocked by progressing your Guardian Rank. Check out the Guardian Ranks Guide for more information.

Artifact Mods

For artifacts most of beneficial perks will be in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th column so make sure you're getting that filled out.

First off lets talk about Elemental Siphon and how it benefits this build. Getting rapid final blows with our Monte Carlo create a Void Breach that will help feed into our other abilities.

Next in the 4th slot we have Void Hegemony that gives us a Overshield every time you defeat a weakened target. Using your Vortex Grenade will ensure this is always active.

Finally in the 5th column we have 2 perks that are beneficial to this build. Expanding Abyss increases our void damage on weakened targets. This is huge for massive damage with your Edge Transit. Also Shieldcrush will provide some extra energy and damage to our melee since Overshield is constantly applied.

Recommend Weapons

  • Kinetic Weapon: Monte Carlo - This AR will help refill your shield throw energy fast and even restore it completely on some final blows.
  • Energy Weapon: Null Composure - Any Void weapon will work, but we recommend this for it's great damage output and ease of use.
  • Power Weapon: Edge Transit - This Into the Light weapon is a best in slot for DPS if you have Bait and Switch and Envious Assassin perk on it.


  • Monte Carlo
    • Using this kinetic AR allows your melee energy to be refunded quicker if not instantly because of its intrinsic perk. With this, you are able to use your melee and shield throw more often for greater Super uptime. Since this takes up your exotic slot we recommend void weapons for your energy and heavy slots like Null Composure, Hollow Denial, Regnant, Hammerhead, and Retrofit Escapade.
  • Any Exotic Void Weapon
    • Weapons like Graviton Lance, Collective Obligation, Wavesplitter, and Vexcalibur are great options. This means you can  take advantage of the weapon boost that Doom Fang Pauldrons provides while doing less overall melee damage.


Doom Fang Pauldrons speed up your super cooldown and give you the ability to roam freely longer. Getting a boost to your Void damage as well makes this classic setup a little bit stronger than before. Don’t listen to the haters saying you have to use just Strand to win when great builds like this exist. Future updates to void in the Final Shape mean Doom Fang Pauldron Void Titan is likely to just get stronger with time.


Written by: Byrdman

Reviewed by: Chunky, Dredscythe

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