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Pyrogale Gauntlets Solar Titan

Last Updated: June 4th 2024

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The Final Shape

WARNING: The Final Shape brings a lot of changes to builds, Exotics, classes and subclasses. Therefore, many elements of this guide are subject to change. When the expansion goes live our team will test them extensively and update accordingly. Remember to use the "pin the post" feature to be notified of new updates then refresh your page and check the changelog at the bottom of the guide to learn more!

Pyrogale Gauntlets Solar Titan has quickly become one of the top choices for meta builds in endgame content. The subclass advantages of the healing with Restoration and weapon buffs with Radiant on top of improved super damage is huge for any activity. This can be used in any piece of content and is becoming a great option for boss damage in raids.

What are the Pyrogale Gauntlets though? These exotic arms turn your Burning Maul super into a one shot attack vs a roaming one. Adding 3 fire cyclones that continue to damage the target as well, this is a great way to Scorch targets and activate Ignition effects. Another addition is your Consecration aspect adds one fire cyclone as well. With this setup you can keep this going consistently in any content level.

  • Great enemy clear
  • High ability uptime
  • Multiple Weapon Options
  • Non-Stop Scorch and Ignitions
  • Consistent restoration and radiant buffs
  • Orbs of Power needed
  • Super won’t always be available
  • Must Scorch to get melee back fast

Gameplay Loop

Beginning with a Consecration slam can be all the work this build needs in some instances due to high ignitions and that fire cyclone. How do you get that back quickly though? Sunshotis great for this since it scorches enemies around defeated targets. This combined with Ember of Searing ensures your power melee returns quickly. Even just running around using your Throwing Hammer is an option since it instantly recharges and cures at the same time. Hands-On ensures you get your Super back fast with any of these options since most is coming from melee damage. Any boss is in trouble when faced with your super since it creates high ignitions and fire cyclones that continue to damage them. Add onto all of this, you can take advantage of sunspots as well that help spread scorch and apply restoration to you. This is a great way to keep up healing for yourself while also ensuring enemies are constantly falling.

This gameplay loop is the same even with the other weapon options since anything that helps apply Scorch continues to feed your consecration blast.

This gameplay loop is the same even with the other weapon options since anything that helps apply Scorch continues to feed your consecration blast.

Ability Breakdown


  • Burning Maul
    • Typically when summoning Burning Maul you would be able to switch between a spinning light attack and a heavy slam that creates sunspots at a distance. With the changes that Pyrogale Gauntlets add, this becomes a one shot slam that instantly ignites the target. In addition to this explosive slam, three fire cyclones spawn to scorch the target and nearby enemies.


  • Rally Barricade, Create a small barrier that you can peek over while aiming down sights. Increases weapon reload speed, stability and range when you stand behind it.
  • Strafe Lift, Jump of your choice
  • Throwing Hammer, This is massive for this setup ensuring you'll get that super back fast while consistently activating Cure.
  • Healing Grenade, A grenade that cures allies on impact and creates an Orb of benevolent  Light, granting restoration to allies when picked up.


  • Sol Invictus,  This is one of my favorite aspects for Titan for many reasons. First it constantly will heal you when running through the sunspots with Restoration. Also those sunspots will boost your energy when walking through them while Scorch targets around you.
  • Consecration, This has been a cool aspect since the Solar 3.0 launch since it creates a new avenue to use your melee besides just throwing hammer. The fact it also instantly will stun Champions: Unstoppable plus is boosted now from Pyrogale Gauntlets is very fun!


  • Ember of Torches, This is great because you get the Radiant from either Consecration or just your powered melee.
  • Ember of Searing, Perfect to get that Consecration back fast from just scorching targets. Also those Firesprite are perfect for getting that healing grenade back fast.
  • Ember of Empyrean,  You should have Radiant and Restoration consistently active because of this.
  • Ember of Char, Your ignitions are already extremely high with this setup so getting free scorch to feed our melee is ideal.


Required Gear and Weapons

Pyrogale Gauntlets

How to acquire:

  • Purchase from Xur (his loot rotates weekly).
  • Decrypting exotic engrams at Rahool (it will be a random exotic drop, but will prioritize exotics you currently do not have, known as the knockout system).
  • Farm the expert lost sector on arm Armor days.
  • This assumes you've purchased Lightfall and it's season pass that includes Season of the Witch.

Recommend Weapons

  • Kinetic Weapon: Sunshot - A hand cannon that fires explosive rounds that scorchnearby targets on kill.
  • Energy Weapon: Scatter Signal - Strand rapid-fire frame fusion rifle from Season of the Wish. Access to perks like Controlled Burst makes it an excellent option for overall damage.
  • Power Weapon: Apex Predator - The Last Wish raid adaptive frame rocket launcher is incredible for boss DPS with perks like Bait and Switch and Explosive Light.

Stat Priorities

  • Resilience > Discipline > Recovery.
  • Resilience is the amount of damage you can take before dying, as well as your shield capacity.
  • Discipline is what reduces your grenade cooldown.
  • Recovery is how long it takes for your health to regenerate after you take damage.

Learn more about the Stats available to you in Destiny 2 with our dedicated guide.

Armor Mods

  • Helmet
    • Harmonic Siphon - Rapid final blows create orbs of power.
    • Hands-On - Reduce super cool down when getting melee kills.
    • Heavy Ammo Finder - Increases the drop chance of Heavy ammo on kill
  • Gauntlets
    • Heavy Handed x2 - Your powered melee final blows create orbs of power. Stacking 2 reduces the cooldown of Heavy Handed to 5 seconds.
    • Impact Induction - Causing damage with a powered melee attack reduces your grenade cooldown.
  • Chest
    • Resist mods, your choice - choose for the activity you are going into!
  • Leg
    • Solar Weapon Surge x2 - Your Solar weapons gain a small bonus to damage while you have any Armor Charge. Your Armor Charge now decays over time. Collection of an Orb of Power causes you to gain 1 temporary Armor Charge.
      • 2 surges adds a 17% bonus to Solar weapon damage.
    • Recuperation - Replenishes health each time you pick up an Orb of Power.
  • Mark
    • Reaper - Use class ability, then get a kill with a weapon to spawn an orb of power.
    • Powerful Attraction - Use class ability to collect orbs around you automatically.
    • Outreach - Reduces melee cooldown when using your class ability.

Armor Mods are unlocked by progressing your Guardian Rank. Check out the Guardian Ranks Guide for more information.

Artifact Mods

Pyrogale Gauntlets Solar Titan does not require any artifact mods from season/episode


  • Weapons can be shifted depending on your preference.
    • Sunshot and Apex Predator - Sunshot is great for getting high ignitions and consistently scorching targets with current fragments. A craftable Apex Predator allows the player to access Bait and Switch, which can be the best option for boss DPS.
    • Zaouli's Bane and Dragon's Breath - Zaouli’s is an incredible hand cannon that has access to incandescent that  applies scorch to enemies around the target. Dragon's Breath has access to consistent ignitions that can be great for boss damage. It also adds solar damage on its flight path which can scorch targets that walk through it as well.


If you want healing, high super damage, plenty of ignitions, and just fun mechanics Pyrogale Gauntlets Solar Titan is the build for you. This is the only setup that truly stands up to Stand Titan at this moment since it gives most of the same benefits in a different way. This build provides so many options of other weapons to use while keeping the same loop. 

If you want your Titan to always be on top in regards to boss damage, this is the build for you!


Written by: Byrdman

Reviewed by: Chunky, Dredscythe

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