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Apotheosis Star-Eater Prismatic Warlock Build

Last Updated: July 9th 2024

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The Final Shape

Welcome to the Apotheosis Star-Eater Prismatic Warlock Build Guide! This build takes advantage of Solipsism to pull the Spirit of the Star-Eater Exotic trait from Hunters, letting you do huge damage with your Nova Bomb. Picking up Orbs of Power after your Super is fully charged gives you Feast of Light stacks, capping at 6 stacks for the most damage output. Additionally, Spirit of Apotheosis lets you eek out even more damage by spamming your abilities after your Super is cast.

To keep you alive and your Vortex Grenade full, Feed the Void gives you the ability to activate Devour, one of the strongest self-heals in the game. Your grenade also Weakens targets, thanks to Facet of Dominance. Since you're able to Weaken targets so easily, you can take full advantage of your Void weapons damage output by way of Expanding Abyss.

Hellion grants you a little Solar buddy that lobs flaming mortars at nearby enemies and applies Scorch. If enough of these mortars hit a target, this leads to an Ignition, giving you just a little bit more ad clear capability and a way to stun Unstoppable Champions. Since you have a way to gain Radiant and Overshield, Shieldcrush gives your abilities a bit more punch and faster regeneration.

Before you continue, it's worth noting that this build is not New Light friendly because of its subclass and choice of Exotic.

WARNING: The Prismatic subclass and Solipsism require The Final Shape DLC to unlock. Izanagi's Burden requires the Forsaken DLC Pack to unlock.

  • High ability uptime.
  • Very high Super damage.
  • High self-healing from Devour.
  • Not New Light friendly.
  • Requires a lot of Orb generation.

Gameplay Loop

The aim of the Apotheosis Star-Eater Prismatic Warlock build is get your Super ability charged as quickly as possible so you're able to pick up Orbs of Power for Spirit of the Star-Eater.

  1. Cast Phoenix Dive to activate Reaper. Your next weapon final blow generates an Orb of Power. This also spawns your Hellion, allowing you to spread Scorch and Ignitions.
  2. Secure kills with Vortex Grenade to spawn Orbs of Power with Firepower. These kills grant bonus Super energy thanks to Ashes to Assets. Additionally, Vortex Grenade applies Weaken to targets that it damages from Facet of Dominance.
  3. Use Arcane Needle to spread Unravel. Facet of Courage causes your Light abilities deal even more damage to targets afflicted with this debuff.
  4. Pick up Orbs of Power to become Radiant from Radiant Orbs and secure kills with The Recluse to gain Overshield. This allows Shieldcrush to work double time, increasing the damage and regeneration speed of both your Vortex Grenade and Arcane Needle.
  5. Pop Transcendence whenever it's available. This build lacks in Darkness damage, so Facet of Sacrifice helps supplement Dark Transcendence energy.
  6. Before a damage phase starts, tag the boss with Arcane Needle to apply Unravel, and in doing so, activate Facet of Courage. Additionally, throw your Vortex Grenade to apply Weaken.
  7. Pop Nova Bomb: Cataclysm and continue casting as many abilities as possible for max damage output. Cycle through your weapons to activate Bait and Switch for massive boss damage with Edge Transit.

To unlock Solipsism, you need to complete Dual Destiny. Check out our dedicated guide.

Ability Breakdown


  • Nova Bomb: Cataclysm
    • Using the power of Void Light, you throw out a dying star that detonates on impact. Upon detonation, Void seekers are released which track other nearby enemies. When you are at 6 stacks of Feast of Light with Spirit of the Star-Eater, this Super does 70% more damage than a standard Nova Bomb would. This Apotheosis Star-Eater Prismatic Warlock build turns Nova Bomb into a top tier Super ability, ready to take out the strongest enemies out there.


  • Phoenix Dive - Jump in the air and activate your class ability. You and surrounding allies gain 2 stacks of Cure. This also activates your Hellion Aspect.
  • Burst Glide - Your jump ability is up to you, but the example setup uses Burst Glide.
  • Arcane Needle - This melee ability gives you three charges. Used as a way to activate Devour and apply Unravel to enemy targets.
  • Vortex Grenade - A Light damage type grenade ability that pulls enemies into its core. Used to generate Orbs of Power with Firepower and a way to Weaken from Facet of Dominance.


  • Feed the Void - Getting a kill with any of your available abilities activates Devour. This is your main source of grenade ability energy to keep debuffing targets with Weaken. Every kill while Devour is active restores your health to full and a portion of your grenade energy.
  • Hellion - Casting Phoenix Dive summons a Solar turret that stays with you. This turret fires mortars at nearby enemy targets that apply Scorch on hit.


  • Facet of Sacrifice - While Devour is active, ability final blows grant Darkness Transcendence energy. This fuels one side of your Transcendence activation. The build lacks on Darkness Transcendence energy and this Fragment helps supplement it.
    • This fragment gives you 10 Discipline.
  • Facet of Hope - While you have Devour and Radiant active, your Phoenix Dive ability energy regenerates more quickly.
  • Facet of Courage - Your Light damage abilities deal more damage to targets afflicted with Unravel. Tag bosses with Arcane Needle before using your Nova Bomb: Cataclysm on them.
    • This fragment gives you 10 Discipline.
  • Facet of Balance - Rapidly defeating targets with any source of Light damage grants melee energy. Since Devour only helps out your Vortex Grenade, Arcane Needle gets a little love here.
  • Facet of Dominance - Your Vortex Grenade applies a Weaken debuff to enemies and Devour allows you to keep applying it whenever necessary.
    • This fragment costs 10 Discipline.


Required Gear

Solipsism - This Exotic class item pulls from two pools of Exotic traits from all three classes. This Prismatic Warlock build uses Spirit of Apotheosis and Spirit of the Star-Eater specifically.

How to acquire:

  • Complete the Dual Destiny activity on The Pale Heart.
  • Earned as an uncommon reward from the Cooperative Focus campaign missions. (If previously unlocked)
  • Rarely awarded from chests on The Pale Heart. (If previously unlocked)
  • Note: Solipsism is locked behind The Final Shape DLC.

Stat Priorities

  • Resilience > Recovery > Discipline.
  • Resilience is always the most coveted stat when in a PVE environment. It increases your damage resistance and shield capacity. The goal is 100 Resilience.
  • Recovery governs the cooldown on the Warlocks class ability and decreases the time it takes to regenerate your health and shields.
  • Discipline decreases the cooldown on your grenade ability, allowing it to charge faster.

Learn more about the Stats available to you in Destiny 2 with our dedicated guide.

Armor Mods

  • Helmet
    • Harmonic Siphon - Rapid Solar weapon final blows create an Orb of Power.
    • Ashes to Assets - Gain bonus Super energy on grenade kills.
  • Gauntlets
    • Bolstering Detonation - Grants class ability energy when you cause damage with a grenade.
    • Harmonic Loader - Increases reload speed of Solar weapons.
    • Momentum Transfer - Causing damage with a grenade reduces your melee cooldown.
  • Chest
    • Charged Up - Increases the maximum number of armor charge stacks you can carry by 1.
    • Resist/Reserve mods of your choice - Choose for the activity you are going into!
  • Leg
    • Void Weapon Surge - Your Void weapons gain a small bonus to damage while you have any armor charge. Your armor charges now decay over time.
    • Invigoration - Reduces melee ability cooldown each time you pick up an Orb of Power.
    • Insulation - Reduces class ability cooldown each time you pick up an Orb of Power.
  • Class Item
    • Powerful Attraction - Automatically collects nearby Orbs of Power when you activate your class ability.
    • Reaper - Shortly after using your class ability, your next weapon kill spawns an Orb of Power.
    • Outreach - Reduces melee cooldown when using your class ability.

Armor Mods are unlocked by progressing your Guardian Rank. Check out the Guardian Ranks Guide for more information.

Artifact Mods

  • Anti-barrier Submachine Gun - Allows you to pierce the shields of Barrier Champions, stunning them for a short time after the shield breaks.
  • Press The Advantage - Gain a boost to your weapon stability, handling and reload speed when you break an enemy's shield.
  • Radiant Orbs - Between The Recluse, Firepower, and Reaper you're going to create a ton of Orbs of Power making Radiant nearly always active.
  • Shieldcrush - While you have Overshield, your Arcane Needle has a 25% increase to recharge rate and damage output. While you are Radiant, Vortex Grenade has a 25% increase to recharge rate and damage output.
  • Expanding Abyss - Any targets affected by Weaken from Facet of Dominance take extra damage from your Void weapons.
  • Kinetic Weapon: Izanagi's Burden - A quick, high powered shot from this sniper rifle makes it a great choice for activating Bait and Switch on your power weapon.
    • Izanagi's Burden requires the Forsaken DLC Pack to unlock.
  • Energy Weapon: The Recluse - An old Guardian favorite, this versatile SMG mows down enemies quickly and grants an Overshield with its selected perks.
  • Power Weapon: Edge Transit - This Void grenade launcher has deep ammo reserves and great damage output with Bait and Switch and Expanding Abyss.


Neutral Game
Ad Clear

Gear Swaps

  • Swap Spirit of Apotheosis for Spirit of Inmost Light or Spirit of Osmiomancy.
    • These swaps give you more of a neutral game play style for the times in between boss damage phases. You also have the potential for even more ability spam when using one of these Exotic traits.

Ability Swaps

  • Swap Hellion for Bleak Watcher.
    • Being able to Slow and Freeze enemies gives the build some crowd control to increase your ad clear potential.

Gear Swaps

  • Swap Izanagi's Burden for The Call.
    • This swap frees up your Exotic weapon slot while still giving you a potent special weapon with deep ammo reserves and decent damage output. The Call requires The Final Shape DLC to unlock.
  • Swap The Recluse for Graviton Lance.
    • Graviton Lance gives the Apotheosis Star-Eater Prismatic Warlock a lot more range to play with when compared to The Recluse. Cosmology also makes this a great choice for increasing your ad clear capability.
  • Swap Anti-barrier Submachine Gun for Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle.
    • Since you're using a pulse rifle instead of an SMG, this still gives you a way to deal with Barrier Champions.


This Apotheosis Star-Eater Prismatic Warlock build gives you a fighting chance to top the damage leaderboards. You wont offer much in the way of support, but you and your team are still be thankful for the sheer amount of Orb generation from your weapons and abilities. Embrace the power of Void Light and vaporize enemies of all sizes that stand in your way!


Written by: SquirrelyDan

Reviewed by: ShieldMaiden, Tenkiei

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