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Aeromancer PvP Build Guide

Last Updated: December 27th 2023

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The Aeromancer is Lost Ark's DPS specialist class that calls upon nature to dispatch her foes. The class excels in supportive combat and has an array of skills that will help control the battlefield.


This article assumes you have a Character with a minimum level of 26 before transitioning to it. Check out the Aeromancer Leveling and 1-50 Leveling guides to reach Level 26.

Check out the General PvP Guide for a better understanding of the arena systems in place.

Core Skills

  • Face to Face counter skill that Knocks away opponents.
  • Piercing Wind your main burst skill. Don't be afraid of using it to help your team.
  • Whirlpool similar to Sorc's Lightning Vortex, it's mainly used to zone and catch.
  • Rainstorm Your best skill that provides CC and Reduces Damage from the enemy team that are touched by it. Great peeling/DPS skill.
  • Strong Wind enables a lot of combos and is a great zoning/poke skill.
  • Spring Breeze defensive skill that grants you and your teammates in the area a small shield.
  • Fly mobility skill.
  • Wiping Wind another defensive skill that can be used to enable combos and catch.

Sun Shower (Identity)

  • Our Identity grants us several perks
    • A Double Spacebar Float similar to Gunslingers.
    • DoT damage within the ring.
    • Superamor on activation of identity
    • Extra damage with Steam Control
  • With Specialization, we can build up our identity very fast.
  • Sun Shower is all purpose and is crucial in our gameplay.
  • Just use it off cooldown during fights.

PvP Builds

Team Deathmatch (3v3)
Team Elimination (1v1)

Combat Stats

750 Swiftness, 1 Critical and 249 Specialization


Melee Variant


  • Piercing Wind version can be used for a melee dash.
  • Downward Strike can also be used for a Superarmor option.


  • Play with your team and support them.
  • Try to look for catches with Whirlpool, Wiping Wind and Rainstorm.
  • Spring Breeze and Rainstorm are great defensive/supportive tools to aid your team.
  • Storm's Approach is mainly used defensively or to peel.
  • Sun Shower allows you to play really aggressively with it's built in protection and mobility.

Basic Combo #1

  1. Catch with Whirlpool or Wiping Wind.
  2. Follow with Piercing Wind or Strong Wind.

Combat Stats

750 Swiftness, 1 Critical and 249 Domination


Basic Combo #1

  1. Catch with Whirlpool or Wiping Wind.
  2. Follow with Piercing Wind or Strong Wind.
Heavy Armor
Spirit Absorption
Cursed Doll
Hit Master
Nothing Can Stop Me
Crisis Evasion


GvG is more chaotic than Arena battles, so you rarely have the opportunity to do long combos. This mode is more about zoning/interrupting objectives and assisting allies. Do your best to coordinate with your team and stick together. Refer to 3v3 section for more gameplay tips.

Please refer to the GvG Islands and GvG Builds Guide for more information!


  • Remember your combos!
  • Play with your team and support them.


Written by Starlast

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