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Legion Raid Commander Thaemine Guides

Last Updated: April 17th 2024

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Hell's gates are opening! We are invited to prove ourselves against Thaemine, the final and strongest Legion Raid Commander. If you're up for the challenge, make sure to closely study the core patterns of each gate, since Thaemine himself will relentlessly use them against you in a drawn-out confrontation!

This Legion Raid can be attempted by 8-player teams, with Normal Mode requiring everyone to be Item Level 1610, while Hard Mode requires Item Level 1630. Normal Mode features 3 Gates, and Hard Mode introduces an additional 4th Gate where you make your last stand against Thaemine. This gate can be entered every two weeks.

Thaemine Gates

For the first time, we attached a Poll to each of the gate related guides. Use it to rate the difficulty of each gate after clearing it. The results will provide us with valuable information for future articles and discussions.

Disclaimer: All cheat sheets were added to the Cheat Sheet Collection article.

Raid Rewards

Transcendence System

Unlock the full potential of the Transcendence System! Learn to elevate your gear and gameplay as we provide you with all the essential tips and strategies. Use this guide to master one of the game’s most powerful progression systems.

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