GvG Builds Guide


Guild vs. Guild is a weekly event that matchmakes guilds against each other on specific islands. These islands range from full PvP battleground fights to minigames. Rewards will differ based on the type of island your guild chooses to conquer. We'll be going over the PvP battleground islands, which are the A-ranked islands on the list. These islands will require you to have battle items and gear to fight against other players.

Note: The builds shown are just examples, please adjust accordingly to your liking.

Item Hotbar

  1. Your potion slot will be Splendid Elemental HP Potion.
  2. Your second slot will be either Frost Grenade and Clay Grenade.
  3. Last slots can be flexible. Sacred Charm, Time Stop Potion, Marching Flag, Panacea, Stealth Robe and Swiftness Robe.

Special Equipment

Brass Champion's Crest or higher is needed. Coin of Courage is needed to purchase at the PvP vendor. Special Nebula Compass can also help with speed.

Engraving Priorities

Ranking priority, but most can be used with similar efficiency depending on the setup.


Heavy Armor 3 is a must, I would also recommend at least Fortitude 3 and/or Strong Will 3. The rest can be mixed around accordingly.

  1. Heavy Armor 3 always take!
  2. Fortitude 3 great for classes that have high hp/defenses. I recommend classes that need to go in.
  3. Strong Will 3 great engraving for any class that wants additional defenses.
  4. Spirit Absorption 3
  5. Crisis Evasion 1 great one time revive, 15min CD.
  6. Expert can be decent on high shielding classes (Gunlancer, Destroyer, Artillerist)
  7. Enhanced Shield 3 can be good on certain classes (Destroyer and Gunlancer)


Follow some of the build examples below and adjust accordingly to enemy teams/preferences.

  1. Cursed Doll 3 great universal damage increase for all classes.
  2. Raid Captain 3 is great for classes that can achieve the 40% speed requirement.
  3. Keen Blunt Weapon 3 great boost in damage if you can reach the Crit needed. Crit damage in PvP is reduced to 150% from 200%.
  4. Hit Master 3 great skill if your skills don't have positional damage.
  5. Class Engraving 1 or 3
  6. Super Charge 3 can be good depending on skill build (Gunlancer, Deathblade, Striker)
  7. Disrespect 3 can be good against Mayhem and Fortitude.
  8. Barricade 3 depends on skill build/class.
  9. Shield Piercing 3 can be good against high shield team comps.
  10. Precise Dagger 3 can be ok if you are lacking Crit as a class that relies on a big damage skill (Deathblade)

Card Set

Check out the Card Set Guide on how to get them.

Building Your Character

The builds below are just an example of many variations. Please adjust accordingly to your liking, here are some tips on building your character for GvG. Gems and Tripods can be costly to also build around just for GvG, but can be worth the effort if you can afford to.

General Gear Choice

Ever since the latest balance patch, specific gear sets are no longer needed. Higher the ilv the better.


Very important stat. Some classes can forgo this for more offensive stats (Specialization/Domination) and for more defense (Endurance). If you choose to forgo this, you can make it up with Spirit Absorption.


Great stat for classes that have self mitigation/defenses/high hp. You can use it on any class realistically, but just note that you would be missing out on other damaging stats for more defenses, so it's up to you.


Refer to your character identity when determining whether or not it's worth it.


Good damage stat. If your class relies on combos, I would suggest taking this stat if you need damage.


Good stat if you want damage, but don't want to rely on long CC chains for Domination or your class doesn't scale off Specialization that well. Note that Crit is reduced to 150% efficiency on PvP islands.


Cooldown and Damage Gems for your hard hitting skills at least. The rest can be preference. Cooldown on mobility/catch skills/party buffs. Rest preference.


Focus on leveling your damaging skills, increasing the duration of your Hard CCs and general Cooldown of skills.

Damaging tripods like Enormous Palm if you have (ignore defense).




Martial Artist



Written by Starlast