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GvG Islands Guide

Last Updated: May 16th 2023

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Guild versus Guild is an important activity for all guilds. Even if you don't win, participating in any of the islands will reward you with Bloodstones, Contribution, Experience, and even Gold. There is a wide range of GvG islands, ranging from PvP Conquest to Mini games. Picking the right island will be dependent on your goals as a guild, so choose wisely! Don't worry, once picked, you are only locked into that island for the week.

Difference between PvP and PvE islands is the interaction between guilds. PvP will interact directly with other guild members, while PvE islands will interact with events/bosses. Islands are not equalized for PvP islands (aside from Naruni and Snowpang), so please have your GvG setup ready before going in.

Please refer to the GvG Setups Guide for more information!


GvG Islands

Posible Rewards:

  • Sylmael Bloodstone (personal)
  • Yellow Bloodstones
  • Gold
  • Guild Experience
  • Contribution

Every weekly reset, the guild leader or deputy can reserve one of the many GvG islands to contest. This choice should be made based on several factors, because each Island has a different objective, gear limitations and minimum required participants. The higher the rank of the island, the more min maxed the participants needs to be to get a good placement. Higher rank Islands like the Rank ones have much better rewards than the lower ranked Rank islands. But be aware, picking an island to contest costs a small amount of Sylmael Bloodstone which gets deducted from the Guild Storage.

The Guild War is held once per week at a fixed time and consists of multiple rounds which decide the final placement. The placement and the rank of the island dictates what rewards the guild earns at weekly reset. Earned Gold is stored in a separate Guild Storage. The guild leader can distribute it between the guild members.

Getting the first place on one of the 2 rank islands unlocks a special feature for the guild leader. The guild leader can set a day and a time within the week to host a server wide event for all players. This event rewards the participants with upgrade materials. The guild hosting the event earns additional gold based on the amount of the participants, which is stored in the Guild Storage at the next Weekly Reset.

Guilds that hold the Island will have a guild banner on the designated island. Note that GvG is server based, not region based.


GvE Islands

Posible Rewards:

  • Sylmael Bloodstone (personal)
  • Yellow Bloodstones
  • Guild Experience
  • Contribution

Similar to reserving a GvG island, the guild leader or deputy must reserve an island for GvE too. Each island is separated into specific tiers based on gear requirements, maximum allowed participants, and unique Field Boss monster you must slay. Once a GvE event is registered by the guild leader, the guild has 2 attempts to get the fastest clear time possible. Guilds with the lower clear time will be ranked higher. A major difference between this and GvG is that you can do it any day and time you want. It is recommended to pick a time when the most guild members are able to participate. The reward your guild gets at Weekly Reset, depends on the rank of the island and your clear time.

Please refer to the Guild Systems Guide for more information!

S Rank Islands

Medeia Island (PvP)

Team Size: 12-16
Hold the most points at the end of the timer.
Method: Holding mirrors on structures, collecting materials, and defeating enemies.

Slime Island (PvP)

Team Size: 12-16
Goal: Hold the most points at the end of the timer.
Method: Killing slimes across the island and defeating enemies. Be sure to get the Queen Slime when she spawns!

A Rank Islands

Death's Hold Island (PvP)

Team Size: 8-12
Goal: Hold the most points at the end of the timer.
Method: Capture swords that spawn throughout the island and defeat enemies. Protect your sword carrier!

Alteisen Island (PvE)

Team Size: 1-50
Goal: Defeat Sol Grande faster than your opponent.
Method: Periodically Sol Grande will become overcharged with color, match the correct EMP color to deal damage!

B Rank Island

Naruni Island (PvP)

Team Size: 7-8
Goal: Finish with as many guild members at the end.
Method: Work with your teammates to disrupt the opposing team and eat your cake!

Snowpang Island (PvP)

Team Size: 6-8
Goal: Have more points than your opponents at the end of the event.
Method: Work together and hit your snowballs! Be careful of snowstorms!

Volare Island (PvE)

Team Size: 1-50
Goal: Defeat all the crocodiles as fast as you can.
Method: Work together with your guild to efficiently defeat the crocs! Having designated roles helps!

Tranquil Isle (PvE)

Team Size: 1-16
Goal: Grow the tree as fast as you can.
Method: Work together and assign spots for song players and protectors. Defeat demons to acquire powerful buffs!


  • Decide which GvG island is most suitable for your guild.
  • Don't be shy! You don't have to win to receive rewards for the guild!
  • Be sure to check out the GvG Setups Guide if you are looking for PvP builds.


Written by Starlast

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