Arcanist PvP Build Guide

Last Updated: September 28th 2023

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The Arcanist is Lost Ark's magical card class that plays more closely to a brawler than your traditional mage. She has an array of cards for any situation and can be quite elusive when played correctly.

This class is very unforgiving due to the nature of her kit and defense values. Although you have a lot of zone control, mobility and damage, they are very long and predictable in high rank PvP. The class is very reliant on the ability of the user to bring the most out of her kit. If you want a fun, yet challenging battle mage esque class, look no forward to dueling your opponents with the Arcanist.


This article assumes you have a Character with a minimum level of 26 before transitioning to it. Check out the Arcana Leveling and 1-50 Leveling guides to reach Level 26.

Check out the General PvP Guide for a better understanding of the arena systems in place.

Core Skills

  • Unlimited Shuffle is a great catch skill that leads into your combos. You can only cancel out of the skill with your space bar so be careful when locking yourself in the skill.
  • Dark Resurrection is a catch/combo skill. Don't be afraid to toss it out to catch opponents in the circle.
  • Dealer's Flip is a great mobility skill with Paralysis Immunity that allows the class to become even more mobile. Use it to get a good position/escape.
  • Scratch Dealer is great mobility/catch skill that has a Knockdown on the 2nd combo.
  • Spiral Edge is mainly used as your Push Immunity protection skill. You can also catch people with this skill when trading skills.
  • Dancing of Spineflower one of your main nuke/combo extender skills. This skill is quite flexible as it can also be used as a protection skill for Paralysis Immunity. Using the skill again will teleport you back to where you started the skill and for additional damage.
  • Stream of Edge a great zoning/peel tool. It will stun opponents touching the triangle after a few ticks.
  • Celestial Rain your "spender" skill that does high damage to opponents. This skill is quite flexible and can also be used as a catch tool. Don't be afraid to use it at lower than 4 card stacks if you must.
  • Secret Garden is an optional ruin skill you can add to your build for more damage. At max cards stacks, the skill will also Knockdown opponents.
  • Evoke is an alternative skill over Dark Resurrection if you want. Functions the same (Damage + Combo).


  • Mayhem, Corrosion, Three-Headed Snake, Ghost, Moon, Royal, Star are cards just used generally, don't need to hold onto these cards for too long.
  • Wheel of Fortune is usually used on Unlimited Shuffle or Stream of Edge.
  • Balance and Judgment is nice for quick combos.
  • Cull is probably your best card to hold onto for combos. Twisted Fate can also work but is unreliable.
  • Try to use the new Joker card with any of the high priority cards.

PvP Builds

Team Deathmatch (3v3)
Team Elimination (1v1)

Combat Stats

750 Swiftness, 1 Critical and 249 Domination


Double Yellow


  • Unlimited Shuffle can be used with Core of Darkness if you prefer a Knockdown effect. Storm of Dest. is also another option for a faster skill at the cost of lower AoE.
  • Deathbound can be used but be sure to use it with max stacks (skill is less flexible than Prismatic Mirror).

Basic Combo #1

  1. Catch with Unlimited Shuffle or any CC.
  2. Follow with Dark Resurrection or Evoke.
  3. Call of Destiny
  4. Finish with Celestial Rain.

Note: If you happen to have any combo cards like Cull, you can pop them when you're guaranteed the combo off any of your skills.

Basic Combo #2

  1. Catch with Scratch Dealer (don't 2nd combo).
  2. Call of Destiny
  3. Finish with Celestial Rain.


  • Unlimited Shuffle and Stream of Edge are big skills so use them wisely! Shuffle as both a peel and catch tool, while Stream mainly for zoneing purposes.
  • Try to get at least 4 stacks on the target before popping your Ruin Skill on them for maximum damage (the red skills themselves have short cooldowns so don't worry too much if you are forced to pop the stacks below 4).
  • Many of your skills have Paralysis Immunity so be sure to take advantage of that when trading or trying not to get caught.
  • Remember your cards and use them for the appropriate situation when needed (refer to the Card Section for a quick rundown.


  • Remember your immunity skills and try to stay elusive when fighting.
  • Unlimited Shuffle and Scratch Dealer are great catch tools used to start off combos.
  • Remember to hold your important cards when needed.


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