Legendary Item Mechanics


This post gives you an overview over all important item and set mechanics in the game. While there are many more items you may find (see our Salvage List), we highlight those that matter the most or are commonly asked about. The first section covers all generally usable items, the second all class-specific loot and sets.

Generic Items

Bastion's of Will

  • The bonuses are multiplicative with each other, meaning proccing one of them makes you deal 1.5x damage, while having both up gives you 2.25x damage.
  • Each buff must be refreshed individually and the attack must land on an enemy.

Cain's Destiny

  • The 25% chance to generate an extra key, rolls on each key individually, making it possible to get an 8 key drop in Torment 16.
  • The experience gained is cut by a factor of 10 for Level 70 Players, and then either cut by a factor of 5 if used on a follower or divided amongst party members in group play. In plain English: the XP gained is insignificant and is only used on support characters with nothing better to wear.
  • As of Patch 2.7.0, this set emanates and is mainly used on Followers for solo players.

Captain Crimson's Trimmings

  • Captain Crimson's Trimmings (3) Bonus has the following properties:
    • The Damage Reduction bonuses only work with percentage-based Cooldown Reduction and Resource Cost Reduction. Flat, skill-specific and remove all cost sources have no effect.
    • You always get the value shown on your character sheet.
    • Every 8% Resource Cost Reduction (RCR) roll provides 8.7% toughness, making it one of the best defensive stats in the game.
    • While the Cooldown Reduction (CDR) damage boost is useful, it has severe diminishing returns. For a character with low CDR, an 8% CDR roll equates to roughly 3.5% increased damage, while characters who stack CDR will see less than a 2% increase.

Endless Walk

  • Damage stacks are gained in increments of 5 every 0.25 seconds, while Damage Reduction stacks move in increments of 2.5 every 0.25 seconds.
  • This is a separate multiplier which is a great substitution for Squirt's Necklace if you cannot keep its buff up or you are playing Hardcore.

Guardian's Jeopardy

  • This set multiplies the base stats of your items including their socketed gems, but doesn't work with stats gained from Augments or Paragon.
  • It's a strong early game replacement for builds using Aughild's Authority or Captain Crimson's Trimmings.
  • As a rule of thumb, Guardian's Jeopardy starts getting outclassed at around Paragon 2000-3000 for most builds. At this point it usually provides more toughness but less damage and utility than Aughild's Authority or Captain Crimson's Trimmings. With more Paragon, other options become more and more favorable.
  • Builds that have core items in both their Bracer and Belt slots never use Guardian's Jeopardy.
  • This set works for Followers but merely raises their stat multiplier from x2.5 to x3.5.

Istvan's Paired Blades

  • Provides a total bonus of 30% Attack Speed, Damage and Armor at 5 stacks.
  • Using your primary resource refreshes the duration of all stacks.
  • The Attack Speed and Armor bonuses are additive, while the Damage bonus is multiplicative.

Ancestor's Grace

  • This is the only Hardcore-only item in the game.
  • On death (after all other Cheat Death abilities have been already used), the item procs and is destroyed. Any gem socketed into it is automatically put into your inventory.

Bovine Bardiche

  • Can be used in the Kanai's Cube to open a portal to Not the Cow Level, which is filled with ~500 murderous humanoid cows.
  • The main use of this item is to boost low level characters from 1-70 and to gather the 2 guaranteed Pools of Reflection.
  • There are always all 5 shrines present in the map.

Broken Promises

  • Has a 0.25 seconds internal cooldown for its counter, making the minimum downtime 1.25 seconds.
  • Requires 5 consecutive non-critical hits to activate the 100% Critical Hit Chance effect which lasts for 3 seconds.
  • Any critical hit resets the counter back to 0 (even if they happen during the ICD). This makes the item largely useless in big density if your build cannot reliably target only one enemy at a time.
  • The chance to activate the ring with exactly 5 attacks using a single target ability with 5% Critical Hit Chance is 77.4%.
  • Damage over Time (DoT) effects often cannot crit and activate the ring very easily (e.g. Locust Swarm) exactly on cooldown (for a maximum of 70.5% uptime).

Echoing Fury

  • Each Echoing Fury stack grants 15% Attack Speed and 5% Movement Speed for a grand total of 75% additive Attack Speed and 25% Movement Speed at the maximum of 5 stacks.
  • The Attack Speed granted is additive with other sources of Attack Speed.
  • The Movement Speed buff goes above the 25% Movement Speed cap from Paragon and Gear.
  • All stacks are refreshed when an enemy dies, including from party member's killing blows.


  • The bonus Cold damage applies twice for most Cold pet skills, the only exception being Corpse Spiders Medusa Spiders (which are considered pets with Spirit of Arachyr (2) Bonus equipped).
  • Basic Attacks of Fetish Sycophants as well as Belt of Transcendence fetishes benefit from this if your highest elemental bonus is Cold.
  • Spirit Barrage Phantasm also gets this bonus despite having lost most of its pet privileges back in patch 2.6.9.
  • All Cold skills cast by The Grin Reaper mimics or Simulacrums also benefit from this bonus.

Goldwrap + Avarice Band + Boon of the Hoarder

  • A simple concept worth mentioning, this combination of items is a core part of most T16 builds.
  • Boon of the Hoarder makes enemies drop gold, Avarice Band increases your Pickup Radius by up to 30 yards when you pick up Gold and Goldwrap gives an insane Armor boost based off the amount of Gold you've picked up.
  • If you're playing T16 with any build this combo is a great addition almost no matter what. PICK UP THE GOLD!

Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan

  • The buffs and debuffs are additive and show up on your character screen.
  • The buff persists for 0.2 seconds (12 frames) after you stop moving, making it possible to use the item even with the skills that cannot be cast while moving by stutter-stepping.


  • Provides a 8-10 seconds flat Cooldown Reduction to all skills the moment you (or anyone else on the same map) kill an Elite Pack for 15 seconds. This could be blue or yellow Elites (including all of their minions), a Goblin, a Rift Guardian, or a Purple Named Monster.
  • Most cooldown skills and some other skills cannot have their cooldown reduced below 0.5 seconds even with flat Cooldown Reduction like In-geom.
  • Some of the Purple Named Monsters (mostly the ones in RoS zones) and Hamelin are bugged and don't grant the buff.

Krede's Flame

  • Restores 1% of your primary resource for every 1% life of Fire damage taken.
  • You get the resource even if you are protected by a shield but not when you are invincible.
  • The Fire damage can come from any source, like a monster affix, or a firewall, etc.
  • As of Patch 2.7.0, this power emanates to players from Followers. In this case you also get resource when the follower takes Fire damage.

Mantle of Channeling

  • The Damage and Damage Reduction are applied immediately when you start channeling and the refresh rate of the buff is based on the tickrate of the channeled ability used, meaning there's a delay before you lose the buff after you stop channeling.

Messerschmidt's Reaver

  • This effect only reduces the cooldown of ONE skill for each enemy slain. This means if you're using multiple skills with long cooldowns, the reduction will be spread amongst them. If you're trying to keep a big cooldown up, don't waste your procs on other cooldowns.
  • If Messerschmidt's Reaver procs on a skill with less than 1 second remaining on its cooldown, it is immediately refreshed and can be used right away.
  • The effect procs when an enemy dies in the area you're currently in, including from party member's killing blows.

Nemesis Bracers

  • Spawn a Yellow Elite Pack when clicking on a Shrine, Pylon, or other various buff-granting devices.
  • On the World Map or in Nephalem Rifts, the elite type is based on the surrounding mobset.
  • In the Greater Rifts the Yellow Elite is always a Fallen Master with one of 5 minion types:
    • 2 Dune Dervishes (aka Spinners)
    • 3 Lacuni Slashers
    • 3 Lacuni Huntresses
    • 3 Fallen Mongrels
    • 5 Fallen Soldiers
  • The most dangerous of them are the Spinners, which reflect certain attacks that usually 1-shot you. These minions have been the end of the road for many Hardcore players running the GoD Demon Hunter.
  • The pack spawns next to you, letting you manipulate its starting position by approaching the pylon from a certain direction.
  • Sometimes the entire pack instantly attacks you upon spawning, which can one-shot some of the squishier builds. It's recommended to take a defensive action before or immediately after clicking the Pylon.
  • As of Patch 2.7.0, this power emanates to players from Followers.

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

  • This effect only reduces the cooldown of ONE skill for each attack used that hits an enemy. This means if you're using multiple skills with long cooldowns, the reduction will be spread amongst them. If you're trying to keep a big cooldown up, don't "drown" your procs on other cooldowns.
  • The effect can be triggered any time a resource spending attack hits an enemy, but it has an Internal Cooldown (ICD) equal to 0.9/APS.
  • Effects that grant skill-specific Attack Speed bonuses (e.g. Hunter's Wrath, Bracers of the First Men) reduce this cooldown accordingly when those skills are proccing the effect.

Oculus Ring

  • Procs a yellow ring of light when a party member is landing a killing blow. This ring lasts for 7 seconds and spawns randomly around the position of the monster killed.
  • Grants an 85% separate damage multiplier to players standing in the ring.
  • Does not stack with other Oculus Rings.
  • Is mainly used on support characters and Followers.
  • The rings don't spawn from Pet kills unless the ring is worn or cubed by the player himself. However it is possible to "killsteal" for some builds when an enemy dies during a Knockback effect caused by the player (e.g. Cyclone Strike, Speed Pylon). This will produce a ring even when used on a Follower only.

Pauldrons of the Skeleton King

  • Pauldrons of the Skeleton King has 25% chance to proc upon receiving fatal damage.
  • The proc prevents you from dying and restores 25% of your HP while proccing a 25 yards 2 seconds Fear.
  • The internal cooldown is 600 seconds (10 minutes) but resets when you die.

Puzzle Ring

  • When placed alone in a cube and transmuted, it will destroy the item and spawn a Vault. This zone generally contains several Goblins, a large amount of Gold and Gems, and a Boss at the end who is guaranteed to drop at least 2 Legendaries.
  • Transmuting an Ancient or Primal Ancient Puzzle Ring opens an Ancient Vault, which contains several packs of 3 Goblins each in addition to the other rewards of a Normal Vault. There are no reward differences between an Ancient and Primal Ancient Puzzle Ring.
  • The rewards are not equal. You can open 10 different Vaults and get different Goblin combinations and amounts each time.


  • The proc only works on attacks to monsters which are already frozen, meaning the attack that applied the freeze cannot proc Rimeheart.
  • The chance to proc scales with the proc coefficient of each attack, which makes the real proc rate much lower than the tooltip.

Rogar's Huge Stone

  • This ring works on Followers. As Life per Second is the primary source of recovery for them when trying to keep them alive without an immortality relic, this ring can be a valuable choice.


  • When you deal more than 50% of a monster's current HP with one blow, that monster is executed and a huge damage number appears.
  • Effectively, that means that you need one less hit to kill any monster, making this bonus better for builds that hit rarely but very hard, such as Tempest Rush Monk.


  • Solanium has a chance to spawn a Health Globe upon dealing a Critical Hit to an enemy.
  • The 4% chance to proc is affected by the proc coefficient of the hit.
  • This effect has an Internal Cooldown (ICD) of 8 seconds.

St. Archew's Gage

  • The shield is granted before you take damage from an elite pack, making it very useful for protecting buffs that rely on not getting hit such as Squirt's Necklace, Pride's Fall or Krelm's Buff Belt.
  • Shields from different Elites do not stack.
  • The same Elite can give you the shield more than once if they leave combat and then you engage them again. For example, Elite Terror Demons will do it every time they use their invisibility skill.

Stone Gauntlets

  • Being attacked places a stacking buff (up to 5) that increases Armor by 50% (up to 250%) and reduces Movement Speed by 15% (up to 75%) and Attack Speed by 20% (up to 100%) multiplicatively.
  • The magnitude of both debuffs is affected by Crowd Control Reduction stat.
  • Having a Crowd Control Immunity (like Ice Climbers, Ignore Pain Mob Rule, Epiphany, Wrath of the Berserker, etc.) nullifies the penalties but still allows you to keep the Armor buff.
  • The 100% multiplicative Attack Speed debuff is extremely dangerous in that it will always put you at minimum possible Attack Speed equal to 0.1 * Weapon APS. Depending on your Weapon type this means one attack every 6 to 10 seconds. If you attempt to attack while the debuff is in effect, you will be locked in this long animation. You can break the animation if you use a Crowd Control Immunity skill, but even if you do that you won't be able to use the same attack again until the time this animation would have completed.

Stone of Jordan

  • As of Patch 2.6.9, the highest static Elemental Damage you deal is applied to all elements. Static is just a term to emphasize the fact that fully dynamic separate damage multipliers like Convention of Elements don't work. Here is an an example:
    • If we have 60% Fire Damage, 20% Cold, and 0% for all other elements, Stone of Jordan takes our highest one and applies it to all. So we would have 60% bonus damage to all elements.
    • This bonus only applies to the elements available to the class using the ring. In this case a Necromancer (who can't use Fire) would only have 20% to all elements.
    • Currently there aren't many opportunities to take advantage of this power in Diablo 3. It can be useful on builds that are forced to wear specific items with Elemental Damage rolls, while using a different element for their main damage ability (e.g. Won Khim Lau with Lightning damage for Cold Tempest Rush Flurry or Winter Flurry with Cold damage for Fire or Lightning Hydra builds).

Strongarm Bracers

  • Strongarm Bracers apply a 5 seconds 30% additive damage debuff on the monsters affected. This debuff can stack if several players wear and proc them on monsters.
  • Strongarm Bracers apply their debuff if a monster was attempted to be displaced. Any displacement constitutes a knockback for this purpose. Whether or not the monster was successfully displaced is irrelevant, as long as an attempt was made to displace it. Learn more about this in our Crowd Control Guide!

The Burning Axe of Sankis

  • The Burning Axe of Sankis procs an effect which gives 35% damage reduction.
  • This effect has a 4 seconds duration for a 4 seconds Internal Cooldown (ICD). It has approximately 10% chance to proc when hit.
  • This effect stacks with Ignore Pain but does not provide Crowd Control Immunity.


  • Splits damage between you and another player (or follower) who are wearing or cubing the ring.
  • This is never used in group play, but is commonly used in solo on followers with a "Cannot Die" relic. This cuts your damage in half and does nothing to your follower since... well... they can't die! (To be precise, their damage taken is set to zero by the relic so neither they nor you are negatively affected by each other's Unity).

Class Specific Items


Horde of the Ninety Savages

  • (2) Bonus:
    • When the game refers to Shouts, it refers to the skills from the Tactics category: War Cry, Threatening Shout and Battle Rage.
    • Enemies take double damage only from Barbarians using the Horde of the Ninety Savages (2) Bonus and only when they are affected by a Fear, Freeze or Stun. Make sure to understand Crowd Control Resistance!
    • Horde of the Ninety Savages (2) Bonus doubles the effectiveness of Shouts. Effectiveness doesn't include base buff effect duration nor range. As the term effectiveness is rather blur and only refers to specific effects, let's take a closer look at what we get in practice:
    • For Battle Rage, every number except duration and range is doubled.
    • War Cry
      • Base effect of 20% Armor bonus gets buffed to 40%.
      • Hardened Wrath 5 second Armor bonus gets buffed to 120%.
      • Charge! is not affected and still generates 50 Fury.
      • Invigorate's Life % and Life Regeneration are doubled.
      • Impunity grants 40% All Resistance.
      • Veteran's Warning Dodge Chance is buffed to an impressive 60%.
    • Threatening Shout
      • Base effect of 20% Reduced Enemy Damage is buffed to 40%.
      • Demoralize Taunt and Terrify Fear duration both get doubled.
      • Intimidate 60% Movement Speed Slow becomes a tremendous 90% Slow.
      • Grim Harvest Health Globe spawn chance goes from 15% to 30%.
      • Falter 25% additive damage buff becomes a 50% buff.
  • (4) Bonus stacks are additive with themselves for a total of 60% damage reduction when combined with Bastion's Revered at 10 Frenzy stacks.
  • (6) Bonus provides a x201 damage multiplier to Frenzy when combined with Bastion's Revered at 10 Frenzy stacks.

See more about this set in our Savage Frenzy Barbarian Guide.

Immortal King's Call

  • (2) Bonus makes Call of the Ancients permanent until you or they die.
  • (4) Bonus has negative synergy with Resource Cost Reduction, as it reduces the amount of Fury you spend per attack. It is best to avoid Resource Cost Reduction to gain the maximum Cooldown benefit.
  • (6) Bonus provides a straight x41 multiplier to all damage as long as both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients are active.

See more about this set in our IK HoTA Barbarian Guide.

Might of the Earth

  • (2) Bonus has negative synergy with Resource Cost Reduction, as it reduces the amount of Fury you spend per attack. It is best to avoid Resource Cost Reduction to gain the maximum Cooldown benefit.
  • (4) Bonus causes an Earthquake every time you land on the ground after your Leap animation. This Earthquake carries the rune chosen on your skill bar and can proc Area Damage.
  • (6) Bonus is one of the highest multipliers in the game with a whopping x201 damage bonus to Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, Ground Stomp, Ancient Spear and Seismic Slam.

See more about this set in our Might of the Earth Leapquake Barbarian Guide.

The Legacy of Raekor

  • (2) Bonus & (4) Bonus
    • Furious Charge does not have a specific Attack Speed Breakpoint. Furious Charge animation is split between the charge animation that scales using your Movement Speed and the ending animation that has a base duration of 30 frames and scales using your sheet Attack Speed. The charge animation has a minimum duration of 10 frames, even if you Wall Charge.
    • Furious Charge alternates Weapons, which means Attack Speed matters on both your Weapons.
    • The Legacy of Raekor (2) Bonus grants a Furious Charge charge refund if you only hit one enemy. This is very powerful as it allows for a better mobility control as you can purposefully decide to charge through only one enemy on your way to refresh charges during a Greater Rift.
    • The Legacy of Raekor (4) Bonus gives you access to all Furious Charge runes, which enables great synergies for mobility, speed and control.
    • Stamina makes it so that Furious Charge generates 15 Fury + 10 Fury per monster hit. This means hitting 6 to 7 monsters is enough to completely refill your Fury, making it easier to manage the heavy use and cost of Ancient Spear Rage Flip.
    • Cold Rush triggers a 2.5 second Freeze on every monster hit: this is without a doubt one of the best crowd control in the game in combination with The Legacy of Raekor (4) Bonus as you can spam it on demand, and proc it on as many targets as you want. This is the main reason why zBarb is extremely potent at proccing Krysbin's Sentence or Ancient Parthan Defenders, as well as managing Rift Guardians.
    • Merciless Assault + Dreadnought in combination allow for crazy mobility by reducing Furious Charge Cooldown by 2 seconds for each enemy hit (up to 10 seconds) while being able to store and manage up to 3 charges of Furious Charge.
    • Environmental breakables objects or layout elements such as doors, crates or rocks are able to proc both The Legacy of Raekor (2) Bonus and Merciless Assault to reset your Furious Charge charges. This means you don't necessarily need to charge through monsters to keep up your charges. Note that breakables also count as targets in regard to Stamina.
    • When using The Legacy of Raekor (4) Bonus, applying the Strongarm Bracers damage debuff using Furious Charge is troublesome. Indeed, regardless of the rune you choose, you inherit the special behavior of Dreadnought which does not knockback enemies you charge through!
      It is still possible to proc them using the 20 yard radius Front Cone at the end of Furious Charge animation but this is not reliable enough: this explains why speed setups are generally not using The Legacy of Raekor, in order to not worry about Strongarm Bracers application.
  • (4) Bonus increases the damage of Ancient Spear by 2% for every 1% Life you are missing, meaning you can get up to a 198% damage multiplier at 1% Life remaining! This bonus has an incredible synergy with Relentless and Captain Crimson's Trimmings.
  • (6) Bonus is a x56 multiplier to Ancient Spear per Furious Charge stack consumed. Stacks up to 5 times for a total of x276 multiplier. You can only have a maximum of 100 stacks total. It generates 1 stack per enemy hit since Season 26 to fight Wall Charging shenanigans. Yet this method can still be useful on Rift Guardians. The idea is to position yourself close to a wall with monsters nearby to keep spamming Furious Charge off cooldown, thanks to Merciless Assault. Doing so will build up stacks faster as you reduce the Furious Charge travel time animation. You keep the offensive buff from the Endless Walk set by Wall Charging as you will stay stationary and not move at all.
  • (6) Bonus throws 3 additional Boulder Tosses in a 90° cone in front of your character. These procs can proc Area Damage. They travel ~20 yards away before hitting the ground. This means the most optimal way to maximize damage is to position monsters against a wall so that these procs collide with the layout and hit the monsters.

See more about this set in our Raekor HoTA Barbarian Guide and our zBarb Guide.

Wrath of the Wastes

  • (2) Bonus increases the damage of Rend by x6 multiplicative and triples its duration (which doesn't matter and is another x3 multiplier when using Ambo's Pride)
  • (4) Bonus increased the damage of Rend by an additional 200% (x3) multiplicatively.
  • (6) Bonus is another x101 multiplier to Rend but also buffs Whirlwind.
  • The set grants an incredible total damage multiplier of x5454 to Rend.
  • With all these damage bonuses, the build's main damage comes from Rend while Whirlwind just applies the Rend to the targets with Ambo's Pride.

See more about this set in our Waste WW Rend Barbarian Guide.

Ambo's Pride

  • Ambo's Pride has a proc coefficient of 1 and applies a Rend on each Whirlwind tick.
  • Rend applied by Ambo’s Pride does not proc Area Damage, which is why the pushing builds have to use the skill manually as often as possible in high monster density.
  • Applies the equipped rune from the skill bar.
  • Alternates between Main-Hand and Off-Hand, just like Whirlwind.
  • Can't exceed the base Lamentation cap of two stacks.

Bastion's Revered

  • Bastion's Revered allows you to get 10 Frenzy stacks, doubling the (4) and (6) Bonuses of Horde of the Ninety Savages for 60% damage reduction and 10,000% increased damage.
  • Bastion's Revered chains damage instances can proc Area Damage and Bloodshed. Furthermore, every chain damage instance can critically hit.

Blade of the Tribes

  • Gives Avalanche and Earthquake a 800% separate damage multiplier which equals a 9.0 multiplier.
  • War Cry and Threatening Shout now both cause an Avalanche and Earthquake when cast. This cast also carries the runes chosen on your skill bar and can proc Area Damage.

Bracers of Destruction

  • The 6.0 damage multiplier of this item only applies to a maximum of 10 targets.
  • For this reason you will not get as much benefit from big monster pulls in comparison to AoE heavy builds like the Whirlwind Barb. Thus you will not focus on stacking Area Damage on your gear too much. This also means you will not be spending minutes trying to pull half the Greater Rift floor into one spot with Ancient Spear Rage Flip.
  • On some item pieces like Shoulders it is still worth going for, as this slot in particular lacks any decent alternative. On other items, like Rings or Echoing Fury, there are just better options with Cooldown Reduction or Physical Damage.
  • For a full in-depth Area Damage mechanics guide check out this post.


  • The damage formula for Standoff's damage increase is:
Base Example:
Furious Charge Damage * ( 1 + Movement Speed% * 5)

Solo Example:
25% Paragon, 40% Sprint, 20% WotB, 25% Wreath of Lightning = 110%
1 + 110 % * 5 = 6.50 damage multiplier

Group Example:
25% Paragon, 40% Sprint, 20% WotB, 25% Wreath of Lightning, 40% zBarb, 20% zBarb, 30% zMonk = 200%
1 + 200 % * 5 = 11.00 damage multiplier


  • As you can see here, the supports in a group can double your damage gain from Standoff on top of what you are already getting from the normal additive damage buffs. When we divide 11.00 / 6.50 we get a total of 1.69 times more damage in a 4-Player group just from the Movement Speed buffs alone!


Aegis of Valor

  • (2) Bonus increases the damage of Heaven's Fury by 125% per stack stacking additively for a total of 375% increase.
  • (4) Bonus gives 5 Wrath with every instance of Fist of the Heavens damage including zaps from Divine Well and fissure/lightning arc ticks from Fissure. Fire Storm from Heaven's Tempest is the exception and doesn't return any Wrath.
  • (6) Bonus provides an unconditional x201 multiplier to Heaven's Fury and Fist of the Heavens.

See more about this set in our Heaven's Fury Crusader Guide and Fist of the Heavens Crusader Guide.

Armor of Akkhan

  • (4) Bonus lets your Phalanx reduce the cooldown of Akarat's Champion and trigger Condemn on enemies affected by Judgment.
  • Enemies are considered "affected by Judgment" for 6 seconds after you cast it, even if they are completely CC-immune.
  • Phalanx Shield Bearers procs both effects each time the avatars push enemies away despite dealing no damage.
  • Condemns triggered by Phalanx use your equipped rune and can't proc Area Damage or any other on-hit effects, except Blade of Prophecy.
  • The damage of these Condemns benefits from Phalanx Damage rolls on gear and Enforcer but not from Warhelm of Kassar.

See more about this set in our Akkhan Bombardment Crusader Guide.

Roland's Legacy

  • (2) Bonus reduces the remaining cooldown of all Defensive and Law skills with each cast of Shield Bash or Sweep Attack.
  • (4) Bonus provides an unconditional 17,500% separate multiplier (x176) to Shield Bash and Sweep Attack.
  • Attack Speed provided by the (6) Bonus stacks additively for a total of 375%, which together with 10% from Paragon leaves you just 15% away from Attack Speed cap of 5.0 while using the slowest Weapon type - a Two-Handed Mace.
  • Damage reduction provided by the (6) Bonus is the only stacking buff in the game that stacks multiplicatively with itself providing a total of 55.6% damage reduction at 5 stacks.
  • After reaching 5 stacks, every use of Shield Bash or Sweep Attack refreshes the duration of all stacks.

See more about this set in our Roland's Legacy Sweep Attack Crusader Guide.

Seeker of the Light

  • (2) Bonus reduces the remaining cooldown of Provoke and Falling Sword each time Blessed Hammer hits an enemy. This effect has an internal cooldown equal to 0.9s/Blessed Hammer APS.
  • (6) Bonus provides a x151 multiplier to Blessed Hammer and x11 multiplier to Falling Sword. Since Falling Sword has no other supporting legendaries its damage is never relevant and this bonus is purely cosmetic.

See more about this set in our SotL Blessed Hammer Crusader Guide.

Thorns of the Invoker

  • Increased Thorns Damage, provided by the (2) Bonus, stacks with itself up to 10 times for a total of x10 increased Thorns.
  • Each stack of the buff has a separate 2 second timer.
  • The Thorns bonus stacks additively with Iron Skin Reflective Skin.
  • Damage reduction from the (4) Bonus can be activated by Bombardments cast by Belt of the Trove. Mines from Mine Field can't proc this buff.
  • Attack Speed from Thorns of the Invoker (6) Bonus stacks multiplicatively with Weapon Attack Speed, Attack Speed Increase from gear and skills, and Fanaticism.
  • Thorns of the Invoker (6) Bonus makes your Punish deal 67,500% Thorns damage to the first target hit. If you click Punish while hovering over a monster, that monster will always be considered "the first target hit", even if you don't hit it at all. However, Thorns Damage will only be applied to that "first target" if your Punish actually hits something.
  • The above interaction lets you deal damage at range. You need to have an enemy directly in front of you and then you use Force Stand Still + Punish while hovering over your intended target. However, using this technique in solo push is not recommended because you will be applying Bane of the Stricken stacks to the wrong target.

See more about this set in our Thorns of the Invoker Crusader Guide.

Belt of the Trove

  • Bombardment cast by the item uses the equipped rune.
  • Can proc Area Damage and stack Bane of the Stricken.
  • Cannot proc Life per Hit.
  • Casts Bombardment only when there are enemies nearby.
  • The item's cooldown is reset upon drinking a Health Potion or switching area. This allows us to easily synchronize it with Convention of Elements.

Blade of Prophecy

  • Produces up to two extra explosions with 0.1-0.3 second delay.
  • Each enemy hit can trigger only 1 extra explosion; at least two enemies need to be hit to get full benefit.
  • Extra explosions inherit the damage type and proc coefficient of the equipped Condemn rune.
  • Extra explosions can proc Area Damage and Holy Cause.

Bracer of Fury

  • The damage bonus is only active while the target is crowd controlled. All the normal CC-related considerations apply.
  • Some Rift Guardians can ignore your crowd controls, reducing your damage by a factor of 5 (Vesalius is immune to blinds, Erethon breaks Judgment whenever it dashes).
  • Check out this post by Chewingnom for more information about Crowd Control!

Flail of the Ascended

  • The stored damage is exactly equal to the sum of the 5 damage instances produced by your Shield Bash down to Weapon Damage Range and Critical Hit Chance RNG.
  • The Shield Glare damage cannot be modified by any buffs or debuffs, you need to apply those buffs when you are hitting with Shield Bash.
  • The Shield Glare damage cannot proc Area Damage.

Hammer Jammers

  • Applies a 10 second debuff to each monster hit by Blind, Immobilize, Stun or Knockback (although the tooltip does not state it).
  • The debuff is applied independently from Crowd Control Resistance, even on CC-immune targets.
  • The damage bonus from the debuff doesn't interact with Area Damage in any way. Area Damage procs from debuffed targets deal unbuffed damage, same for AD procs against debuffed targets.

Ivory Tower

  • Fires of Heaven are shot in the direction your character is facing.
  • Fires of Heaven shot by this item have no proc coefficient, they don't proc Area Damage, don't heal with Holy Cause and don't apply Shield of Fury stacks.
  • Can only fire a shot once every 12 frames (5 times per second). If 2 attacks are blocked in the same 12 frame interval, then the next proc will deal double damage. If 3 or more attacks are blocked, the damage is increased to 250% of the base. Blocking more attacks will not increase the damage further.
  • Blocking an attack with Punish Fury active, immediately consumes the Critical Chance buff.
  • Fire Chains Champions Packs will be your best friends when playing Ivory Tower builds as Fire Chains have a tickrate of 10 times per second. Also, the Rift Guardian Orlash with its Lightning Breath throwing 20 projectiles in quick succession as a beam is the best Rift Guardian for Ivory Tower.

Shield of Fury

  • Applies a stack every time Heaven's Fury deals damage. Cannot apply stacks to the same target more often than once every 0.9/APS seconds.
  • Stacks are lost when the target leaves combat. Normal mobs and elites lose stacks when you move too far away or change zones. Bosses never lose stacks. Additionally, some mobs can dispel stacks even when you are fighting them: Terror Demons lose stacks when entering invisibility, Morlu Legionaries lose stacks when they enter their stone form.
  • Damage bonus from stacks doesn't interact with Area Damage in any way. Area Damage procs from debuffed targets deal unbuffed damage, same for Area Damage procs versus debuffed targets.

Demon Hunter

Embodiment of the Marauder

  • With the (2) Bonus you will have 7 pets. When combined with Zoey's Secret you will gain a total of 63% damage reduction. After adding The Cloak of Garwulf to this combo the damage reduction will go up to 81% for a toughness increase of 94.7% (with perfect rolls).
  • (4) Bonus makes your Sentries fire certain hatred Spenders when you do. Each Sentry will target the closest to itself enemy within line of sight. Sentries will attempt to fire at the target regardless of range.
  • The skills fired by your Sentries benefit from all the skill and generic damage multipliers, as well as separate 5.0 multiplier from the (4) Bonus, Sentry Damage on gear, and Enforcer. There are two exceptions to this rule: Embodiment of the Marauder (6) Bonus and The Shadow's Mantle (2) Bonus. These two multipliers do not affect spenders fired by Sentries.
  • (6) Bonus makes the overall contribution of Sentry (and Vengeance/Companion) to your DPS next to zero with almost any reasonable build imaginable. It is possible to combine the Embodiment of the Marauder (4) Bonus with the Natalya's Vengeance (6) Bonus and boost the Sentry way above your own, effectively reversing this distribution (the so-called N6M4 setups).
  • The attacks fired by Sentry proc Area Damage as normal but have no proc coefficient.
  • Certain item effects that change the behavior of a skill (Hellcat Waistguard bounces, Dead Man's Legacy double hit, Holy Point Shot extra knives) don't work with Sentry attacks.
  • Killing blows by pets (including Sentry) don't produce an Oculus Ring unless it's worn by a player.

See more about this set in our Marauder Cluster Arrow Demon Hunter Guide.

Gears of Dreadlands

  • (2) Bonus provides a Momentum buff lasting 4 seconds on using a Primary skill. 5 successive casts will provide the maximum bonus (20 seconds). Each stack/second left adds a 10% multiplicative damage for your Primary skills. There are some bugs that sometimes prevent you from getting a Momentum stack just cast it again. When using Calamity, there are additional bugs preventing Momentum from appearing even more often.
  • (4) Bonus also adds 8% Movement Speed and 60% damage reduction. Strafe will fire your last used Primary skill when it hits an enemy. This effect can occur once every 9 frames (game runs at 60 FPS, max. 6.67 procs/s). Rockets from Rocket Storm can proc it when the cooldown is ready (using that rune can increase your DPS by a small amount). The ground effect from Icy Trail can not. Projectiles generated from the set gain full effects of Hatred generation, Area Damage and proc coefficients.
  • (6) Bonus buffs your Primary skills but not Strafe so trying to deal damage with that skill is futile.

See more about this set in our Gears of Dreadlands Demon Hunter Guide.

Natalya's Vengeance

  • Natalya's Vengeance (2) Bonus removes all costs and cooldowns for Spike Trap, increases its damage by 100% when combined with Caltrops and refills Discipline rapidly all the time.
    • The 100% damage bonus can be triggered by other Demon Hunter's Caltrops.
    • The Discipline recovery happens unconditionally at the time of each detonation.
  • Natalya's Vengeance (4) Bonus allows Caltrops to pull in enemies when hit by Spike Trap and provides 75% damage reduction. Holding down Spike Traps continuously resets and increases the timer of the damage reduction buff up to a maximum of 10 seconds.
    • The pulling effect only works on unsprung Caltrops, so they have to be placed at the same time as you trigger your Spike Traps if there are enemies in the area.
    • Too long chain reactions detonate with too much delay which prevents the later Spike Trap explosions from pulling in enemies. The optimal way to pull enemies together is detonating small chains with 2-4 Spike Traps while setting up new Caltrops.
    • The pulling effect pixelstacks enemies (ignores their collision boxes) and has around 50-60 yards range (roughly the distance from the center to the edge of the screen to the left or right).
    • This pulling effect does not work for the Lightning Rod rune.
  • Natalya's Vengeance (6) Bonus provides a 10,000% damage bonus to Spike Trap and increases their damage by 25% for consecutive explosions of the same chain reaction.
    • The consecutive bonus is multiplicative with all other bonuses but additive with itself.
    • This bonus can stack up to 9 x 25% = 225% bonus for the final tick of the chain reaction, raising the average damage of all Spike Traps in a full chain reaction by 112.5%.
    • This stacking damage effect does not work for the Lightning Rod rune.

See more about this set in our Natalya Spike Trap Demon Hunter Guide.

The Shadow's Mantle

  • (2) Bonus requires you to wield a melee weapon to function.
  • Melee weapons can't be combined with ranged weapons so that a combo between The Shadow's Mantle (2) Bonus and Natalya's Vengeance (6) Bonus is impossible. (Although there used to be an exploit that actually enabled this combo which has since been fixed.)
  • Unlike most other set bonuses in the game the (6) Bonus adds Weapon Damage to the first hit of your Impale, so it's not a direct damage multiplier (instead the damage done is 750% + (6) Bonus value). Further targets from Impale Overpenetration or Ricochet receive 1/3 of that amount. Single target damage is doubled for Chemical Burn because the burn applies the same first-hit bonus.

See more about this set in our Shadow Impale Demon Hunter Guide.

Unhallowed Essence

  • (2) Bonus gives you additional resources when using a Generator (includes Elemental Arrow with Augustine's Panacea and Chakram with Spines of Seething Hatred).
  • (4) Bonus is a separate 1.6 multiplier and stacks multiplicatively with the 6-piece bonus. The timer resets regularly multiple times a second when at least 10 yards away from any enemy. This is a great way to learn how to play with Steady Aim as this passive has no UI indicator but the same requirement.
  • (6) Bonus increases Multishot damage by 1700% per point of Discipline you currently have. This bonus adds up as one big multiplier - you won't get a multiplicative bonus for every point. At 86 Discipline, missing 1 point means a DPS loss of ~1.2% (increasing slightly the less you have).

See more about this set in our UE Multishot Demon Hunter Guide or UE Hungering Arrow Demon Hunter Guide.

Buriza-Do Kyanon

  • Makes your projectile attacks pierce 1-2 times.
  • Has a 0.5sec internal cooldown.
  • Does not increase the amount of pierces done by Hungering Arrow.
  • When used with the Gears of Dreadlands set, it very slightly increases the amount of projectiles fired by the (4) Bonus (~1-2%) because Strafe may hit at a better moment for the set's internal cooldown.


  • This item has been very useful in the past and heavily nerfed after Season 6 (Patch 2.4.2).
  • This effect does not stack with Marked for Death anymore, instead it applies that skill (or the chosen rune from your skill bar) to any enemy hit.
  • The effect can only be active on one enemy at a time.
  • Essentially, the only use of this item is to boost the DPS on a single enemy (especially Rift Guardians) when you DON'T intend to have Marked for Death on your skill bar.
  • For certain very fast Speed-GR setups running this weapon together with Marked for Death Valley of Death will allow you to apply the effect for a split second to one enemy before you hit the next. This can help give a marginal DPS increase to your party in situations where you don't have time to cast it yourself.

Chanon Bolter

  • The Taunt effect focuses enemies attention towards the center of the Spike Trap that taunted them.
  • Taunt is a crowd control effect that raises monsters' crowd control resistance. This directly interferes with other, more desirable effects such as the knockbacks from Natalya's Vengeance (4) Bonus or Ground Stomp Wrenching Smash from a Support Barbarian in groups, so they might not always work as expected.

Dead Man's Legacy

  • The double-hit effect can occur on the first shot if it brings the target below the 60% HP threshold.
  • This item makes Ambush a better than usual DPS choice for this build. It provides 11.3% DPS increase instead of the regular 7.7%.
  • The extra hits produce their own damage number and double the total number of hits.

Fortress Ballista

  • Gives a shield that stacks up to 10 times for a maximum of 30% of your total life.
  • The shield lasts permanently and snapshots your Maximum Health at the time of application.
  • Each time you attack you get at least 1 stack of the shield, however you often get more (sometimes all 10 at once), making this item significantly stronger than it appears at first glance.
  • Taking damage without breaking the shield will protect the buff given by Squirt's Necklace.
  • Keep in mind that your shield takes more damage with this setup as long as you have the amulet's buff.

Hellcat Waistguard

  • Each grenade has a 50% chance to start bouncing X number of times the first time it hits the ground. A grenade will bounce as many times as the legendary affix roll says once it has started doing so.
  • A bouncing grenade will deal 150% damage on the first impact, then 50% more damage on each consecutive one, finishing at 800% damage on the final one. For a 5 Bounces Belt the sequence is 150%, 200%, 250%, 300%, 800%.
  • Bouncing grenades can proc Area Damage and on-hit effects and have the same proc coefficient as the original skill.
  • On each bounce the grenade will move 11 yards in a random direction.
  • Grenades disappear when they hit obstacles or walls.
  • The randomness of bounces makes the effectiveness of Hellcat Waistguard vary depending on the size of the target and explosion radius. A bigger target is more likely to be hit by multiple bounces and the 800% final bounce. A higher number of bounces makes the average spread of grenades wider, however it almost always deals more damage on average even to the smallest targets.
  • That rule is only broken when you are fighting in a tight spot and grenades are likely to stop bouncing before they reach the final 800% bounce. Below you will see a graph simulating the different legendary affix rolls on various target sizes:

Karlei's Point

  • Hatred will only return starting on the second hit.
  • Impale Ricochet can give you Hatred back on the first attack (due to bounces).

Odyssey's End

  • Hitting any enemy in the pull will slowly spread the slow effect to more and more targets nearby (even if the target was already under the entangle effect).
  • The visual effect is not always displayed properly, but you can be sure that enemies are slowed after a while or see it from the slow animation at their feet.
  • Refreshing the debuff on one monster of the chain will refresh it on all of them.
  • If you lose the debuff, you will have to re-apply it to every single monster again.
  • The damage bonus of this item is in the additive category.
  • With multiple Demon Hunters in the party the effect can be stacked if different runes of Entangling Shot are chosen.

The Demon's Demise

  • After getting hit by Spike Trap, this weapon produces a secondary explosion emanating from the enemy hit. The timer is indicated by a small icon above an enemy's head.
  • This explosion deals the same damage as the original hit that triggered it.
  • Multiple explosions can stack up and occur over time if the enemy is hit frequently.
  • Lightning Rod only produces one extra explosion per trap even if all 3 ticks hit an enemy, making the item significantly weaker for this rune.
  • While it's a proc, this effect can trigger Area Damage.

Trag'Oul Coils

  • The "deployed twice as fast" line doubles the effective attacks per second for laying Spike Traps.
  • Scatter's 1160% weapon damage is overwritten by the selected rune.
  • A full chain reaction of 10x Spike Trap takes ~65 frames (~1.1 seconds) to complete.

Valla's Bequest

  • Valla's will make all Strafe projectiles pierce. This is useful when combined with the Gears of Dreadlands to proc its (4) Bonus more often. The item doesn't add anything to the Hungering Arrow itself.
  • Piercing projectiles can proc the 4-piece bonus again as long as the Cooldown is up (9 frames).
  • In big density, you almost guarantee a 4-piece proc immediately when the Cooldown is ready.
  • The overall DPS gain over wearing another random weapon is between 0% (single target) to 25% (high density).
  • Valla's comes with one extra primary stat and an item-specific Strafe damage roll that can be removed (Strafe damage does not affect Hungering Arrow damage).
  • When used with the Demolition Rune, the effect will cause grenades to bounce once if another enemy is located behind (relative to the player's position) the first enemy.

Wojahnni Assaulter

  • Gives 10 stacks for each second spent channeling Rapid Fire, regardless of Attack Speed.
  • Each stack gives up to 100% additive Rapid Fire damage for a total of 3000%. This makes all other rolls (helm, boots, quiver) and buffs worthless.
  • All stacks are immediately lost when you stop channeling.
  • The damage bonus is fully dynamic. You need to have the buff up when Rapid Fire hits enemies.


Inna's Mantra

  • (4) and (6) Bonuses give you passive effects of all Mantras and all Mystic Allies, which are doubled by the (2) Bonus and the Mystic Ally buffs are further doubled by The Crudest Boots. In total you get:
    • 56% additive damage (40% buff from Fire Ally and 16% debuff from Mantra of Conviction)
    • 40% All Resistance from Mantra of Salvation
    • 80% Life from Earth Ally
    • 63368 (+42% of your LPS) Life per Second from Mantra of Healing and Enduring Ally
    • 16 Spirit per Second from Air Ally
  • (6) Bonus provides a 900% Mystic Ally damage for each active Mystic Ally.
  • Damage bonus stacks additively with itself for a total multiplier of x91 at 10 Allies.
  • Extra Allies are summoned per attack per enemy (or object) hit.
  • Extra Allies are summoned in their passive form.
  • Extra Allies don't provide their passive bonuses.
  • Activating Mystic Ally gives you 100 Spirit (200 with The Crudest Boots) even if Air Ally rune is not selected, but it does not increase Mystic Ally damage even if no rune is selected.

See more about this set in our Inna Mystic Ally Monk Guide.

Monkey King's Garb

  • (4) and (6) Bonuses' magnitude can be increased by the Vengeful Wind for a total of 13,000% Weapon damage explosion and x196 damage multiplier for Wave of Light, Lashing Tail Kick and Tempest Rush at 13 Sweeping Wind stacks.

See more about this set in our Sunwuko Wave of Light Monk Guide.

Patterns of Justice

  • (2) Bonus provides 5% Movement Speed per stack of Sweeping Wind for a total of 15%. Vengeful Wind can increase that bonus to 65% at 13 Sweeping Wind stacks.
  • (4) Bonus provides damage reduction and Spirit Regeneration while Tempest Rush is active and for 0.2 seconds after.
  • (6) Bonus gives a x201 global damage multiplier and a Sweeping Wind size buff for 2 seconds, which is refreshed each time Tempest Rush hits an enemy.

See more about this set in our PoJ Tempest Rush Monk Guide.

Raiment of a Thousand Storms

  • (2) Bonus provides 25% multiplicative Attack Speed and 400% damage multiplier (x5) for your Spirit Generators.
  • (4) Bonus makes your Dashing Strike cost 25 Spirit instead of a charge. This makes Dashing Strike a Spirit Spender letting it proc Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac and Bastions of Will.
  • (6) Bonus provides a 61x damage to your Spirit Generators and modifies the Weapon Damage of Dashing Strike from 370% to 60,000%, effectively being a x162 damage buff. This only buffs the damage of the Dash itself, the extra strikes from Barrage are unaffected.

See more about this set in our Raiment Generator Monk Guide.

Uliana's Stratagem

  • (2) Bonus applies an Exploding Palm to all enemies hit by the 3rd hit of your Spirit Generators. These palms use your equipped rune and can proc Area Damage, but are not buffed by Mythic Rhythm.
  • Hitting an enemy that already has an Exploding Palm on it refreshes its duration.
  • (4) Bonus gives 54.4x Seven Sided Strike damage multiplier. The Lion's Claw doubles this number of hits of Seven Sided Strike and increases this bonus to x108.8.
  • (6) Bonus gives a x91 Exploding Palm damage bonus and lets your Seven Sided Strike detonate your Exploding Palms. Normally this would remove Exploding Palms from enemies but when used in combination with Gungdo Gear, the palms are immediately reapplied to the original target as well as all surrounding enemies.

See more about this set in our Uliana's Exploding Palm Monk Guide.

Shenlong's Spirit

  • Provides 2% Spirit Generator damage for each point of Spirit you currently have. With Maximum Spirit rolls on both Weapons, Spirit Stone, Paragon Points and Exalted Soul it provides a maximum x8.9 damage multiplier.
  • When reaching full spirit, provides a separate x4.5 generic damage multiplier and forcibly sets your passive Spirit Regeneration to negative 65. While the buff is active you can only gain spirit by hitting enemies with Spirit Generators, basic attacks and Blinding Flash Replenishing Light or by using Air Ally and Blinding Flash with The Laws of Seph.

Bindings of the Lesser Gods

  • Applies the debuff to all enemies damaged by Cyclone Strike, i.e. all enemies within 15 yard radius around the monk.
  • Cyclone Strikes cast by Won Khim Lau can apply the debuff.
  • Cyclone Strikes cast by Rabid Strike clones cannot apply the debuff.

Flying Dragon

  • 4% chance to proc on any action, including hitting air or even talking to an NPC.
  • The Double Attack Speed buff lasts for 7 seconds.
  • Upon activation, the item goes on Internal Cooldown (ICD) for 5 seconds, meaning there is a 2 second window when it can be re-procced before you lose it. With 5 APS and Alacrity, you have roughly 44% chance to re-proc it by attacking with a Generator.

Gungdo Gear

  • Exploding Palm is applied after the damage is dealt, meaning that palms can only create a chain reaction when the enemies can survive at least one explosion, unless Essence Burn is selected.
  • The applied Palms are the exact copies of the original detonated one and retain Mythic Rhythm bonus.


  • Exploding Palm is applied before damage is dealt, which lets you instantly apply and detonate palms when combined with Uliana's Stratagem (6) Bonus.

The Crudest Boots

  • The extra ally also provides their passive effect, doubling its magnitude.
  • The passive effects granted by Inna's Mantra (6) Bonus are doubled in the same way.
  • Also doubles the number of allies you summon with Inna's Mantra (6) Bonus. Effectively, that means you need to hit 4 enemies one time or one enemy 4 times to summon the maximum number of Allies.
  • Increases the duration of Water Ally, Earth Ally and unruned Mystic Ally active effects to 30 seconds.

Rabid Strike

  • Epiphany needs to be active to get the clone.
  • The clone is considered a Mystic Ally. It gets buffed by Enforcer, The Crudest Boots and Bindings of the Lesser Gods, but not Mystic Ally damage.
  • Instead of picking a random value between the Minimum and Maximum Damage from your Weapon, the clone always uses the average of their sum.
  • When dual wielding, the clone alternates between your Main-Hand and Off-Hand Weapons to calculate its damage.

Won Khim Lau

  • Uses the equipped rune of Cyclone Strike.
  • Can proc every time Tempest Rush damages an enemy, including the Electric Field aura and Flurry explosion.
  • The frequency of Cyclone Strike casts is based on your Attack Speed. For most setups it procs on every other Tempest Rush tick for a total of 2.5 casts per second. Some high APS builds with Flying Dragon can proc it twice as often - on every Tempest Rush tick.


Bones of Rathma

  • (2) Bonus makes Revive minions count as permanent. Combined with Command Skeletons you have 17 minions that can reset Army of the Dead within seconds.
  • (4) Bonus provides up to 75% damage reduction.
  • (6) Bonus is a damage multiplier for Army of the Dead. Using the two aforementioned skills provides a total bonus of 17 * 500 = 8,500% which can only be maxed out by adding Command Golem.

See more about this set in our Rathma Army of the Dead Necromancer Guide.

Grace of Inarius

  • (2) Bonus is effectively useless for any endgame build.
  • (4) Bonus increases the damage reduction of Bone Armor from 3% to 6% per stack with a maximum of 10 stacks (75% toughness increase with a total of 60% damage reduction).
  • When combined with Wisdom of Kalan this bonus can be increased to 15 * 6 = 90% damage reduction (x4 toughness over not having the item).
  • (6) Bonus activates a Bone Storm around the player while Bone Armor is active. While its own damage is meaningless, it massively boosts the damage done to enemies hit for 3 seconds. This also applies to damage done by Pets and Simulacrum.

See more about this set in our Inarius Corpse Explosion Necromancer Guide, Inarius Poison Scythe Necromancer Guide or Inarius Death Nova Necromancer Guide.

Masquerade of the Burning Carnival

  • (2) Bonus grants the following runes for Simulacrum:
    • Cursed Form
    • Reservoir
    • Self Sacrifice
    • Blood Debt
    • Blood and Bone
  • Furthermore, they become invincible unless you take a hit that would kill you otherwise. If that happens, you will become extremely squishy due to the toughness loss granted by the (4) Bonus, so (re)activating them as fast as possible is crucial.
  • Their UI indicator on the skill bar is difficult to track in the heat of battle so it's important to stay ready in case they die.
  • (4) Bonus grants you 50% damage reduction while also splitting all damage taken with Simulacrums, which sums up to an incredible total of 83.33% damage reduction (x6 toughness).
  • (6) Bonus is a 9,000% separate damage multiplier for Bone Spear but with a twist: almost all of the damage done (~96%) comes from your Simulacrum due to the build's reliance on Gelmindor's Marrow Guards and the triple bonuses granted from the set, so focusing on their positioning is the key to success.

See more about this set in our Masquerade Bone Spear Necromancer Guide.

Pestilence Master's Shroud

  • (2) Bonus fires a Corpse Lance with your equipped rune each time you consume a corpse. Corpse Lances fired by the (2) Bonus have the same proc coefficient as the base skill and can apply all kinds of on-hit effects, including Iceblink, Knockback on Hit or Gogok of Swiftness. These automatic lances consume The Johnstone stacks.
  • With Land of the Dead active (or enough natural corpses around), Devour can consume 20 corpses per second. Since Devour doesn't have an animation, you can also cast Corpse Lance (or Corpse Explosion) at the same time for another 10-12 (depending on your Attack Speed) corpses consumed each second. In total this amounts to over 400 Corpse Lances fired during single Land of the Dead. Since The Johnstone can only buff 50 of them, its overall damage bonus is diminished by the factor of 8, making Squirt's Necklace a better choice for Pestilence builds.
  • (4) Bonus grants a generic 50% damage reduction.
  • (6) Bonus grants a 3,300% separate damage multiplier to Bone Spear, Corpse Explosion and Corpse Lance, however the former is extremely clunky and outclassed by Masquerade of the Burning Carnival.

See more about this set in our Pestilence Corpse Lance Necromancer Guide.

Trag'Oul's Avatar

  • (2) Bonus grants Blood Rush and Siphon Blood every rune. Choosing any rune or no rune has no effect.
  • (4) Bonus lets you stack a bonus granting you up to 300% Maximum Life, as a separate multiplier to Life %.
  • (6) Bonus provides 10,000% increased damage (x101) to Life-spending abilities and doubles your healing from skills.

See more about this set in our Trag'Oul Death Nova Necromancer Guide.

Jesseth Arms

  • Jesseth Arms grants you a 400% global separate damage multiplier as long as your Skeletons from Command Skeletons are commanded to attack a target.
  • As long as enemies are nearby when the target dies, the skeletons will switch to another and keep up the buff.
  • Especially in speed runs it's very likely to drop the buff so it may have to be reapplied periodically.
  • Using the Kill Command rune is a bad idea.

Briggs' Wrath

  • Pulls monsters to the center of the curse as long as there is enough empty space. Each individual affected monster checks for available space independently, which lets you pull multiple monsters into the same space achieving pixelpull.
  • When there is not enough space in the center of the curse for the monsters to land, they are instead knocked up in place.
  • Enemies lose all curses if they leave combat (even with Eternal Torment equipped). This always happens if you go to town, and depending on monster type and rarity can also happen if you go to a different floor or just move far enough away (2-3 screens for most enemies). This can be used to repixel the mobs without waiting 30 seconds for the curse to time out.

Dayntee's Binding

  • When used in groups, this item only works with your own Curses.
  • Since an enemy cannot be affected by the same Curse twice, it is possible to steal the Damage Reduction from your ally by re-cursing the enemies they already cursed.

Fate's Vow

  • The 250% damage bonus from Fate's Vow is an additive bonus rather than a separate damage multiplier to Army of the Dead. This means most personal or group buffs (such as Spreading Malediction) have a rather small effect on this skill.
  • With another rune on your skill bar and Fate's Vow equipped, you receive both effects at the same time. The Unconventional Warfare effect lasts 4 seconds, so casting your main nuke at the start of your Convention of Elements cycle is crucial to getting the most out of it.
  • Unconventional Warfare deals the same elemental damage type as the chosen rune.
Unconventional Warfare + Blighted Grasp

Funerary Pick

  • Siphon Blood Power Shift lasts 3 seconds. Stacks are additive with each other, stacking up to a 200% bonus damage multiplier. One tick refreshes the duration of all stacks.
  • The bonus damage against drained enemies is another multiplier for a total of x12 damage against 2-3 targets or x21 against a single target.
  • The bonus damage against drained enemies does not work for damage done by pets or Simulacrum.
  • With Simulacrum Blood and Bone the total damage done against a single target is triple of the usual.

Haunted Visions

  • This item is bugged and contrary to what the tooltip says Simulacrum actually keeps the ability to replicate Skeletal Mage as long as you don't have Grim Scythe on your bar.
  • Skills used by Simulacrum can proc Area Damage.
  • Essence generated through their Grim Scythe also transfers to the Necromancer.

Iron Rose

  • While channeling Siphon Blood, you automatically cast Death Nova regularly.
  • These Death Novas also consume Bone Armor duration (through Scythe of the Cycle) and only then get the damage benefit the same way.
  • As these free casts are considered procs, they do not benefit from Area Damage at all. This doesn't matter on single targets and very small pulls, but in high density manual casts could provide a lot more value. Simulacrums procs Area Damage, however!
  • Siphon Blood ticks every 21 / (Attacks per Second * Swift Harvesting) frames.
  • Iron Rose has an internal cooldown of 18 frames.
  • Typical one-handed setups range between 10-11 frames tick rate, meaning you can get a Blood Nova on every other tick (20 or 22 frames // 3.0 or 2.72 times per second).

Krysbin's Sentence

  • With a perfect roll (100%), this item exactly doubles your damage done (100% base + 100% ring = 200%) if the enemy is at least slowed or chilled.
  • The triple damage effect doubles your damage again from that point of view (100% + 300% ring = 400%) only during the effect of a Hard Crowd Control.
  • Because any serious Necromancer build relies on this ring, fighting Juggernaut Elites is almost always a no-go for Necromancers.

Leger's Disdain

  • Simulacrum ignores how much current and maximum Essence you have. This means they always get the full benefit of Leger's Disdain. That's why it's better to simply swing again at full essence (having 2 Simulacrums attacking at full power) than to waste time trying to dump essence to increase your own damage.
  • All three swings happen at the same time and deal full damage even if one swing is enough to kill some of the monsters.

Lornelle's Sunstone

  • The minimum bonus is 0% damage reduction at full health all the way up to 95% damage reduction when on the brink of death.
  • Due to the item's toughness scaling it becomes extremely potent in builds that are already tanky enough to survive some hits and stay in the fray without escaping to heal up. As your health drops lower your recovery (from Life per Second / Life per Hit) becomes more effective, making it easier to outheal incoming damage as long as no large hits are taken that could kill you.

Lost Time

  • Gives you up to 50% Movement Speed above the 25% Movement Speed cap from Paragon and Gear.
  • Some Necromancer builds do not require a specific Off-Hand and can use this one instead of a random one.
  • If your build has no source of Cold damage, you can give a Weapon with a Cold damage roll to your follower which will then proc it for you.

Nayr's Black Death

  • Each stack of this item has its own duration (15 seconds).
  • As this is just slightly longer than the Necromancer's Convention of Elements rotation of 12 seconds, you want to make sure to activate all of your Poison skills at least once every cycle.
  • The stacks add up as one combined multiplier (100% per Poison skill used).

Requiem Cereplate

  • This item is bugged and gives you way more essence back than it should when you consume corpses with Devouring Aura.
  • The exact mechanic is unclear, but it starts slowly and then gives you more and more to the point where you fill your entire resource bar instantaneously as long as you keep devouring corpses regularly.

Witch Doctor

Helltooth Harness

  • (2) Bonus applies Necrosis to enemies hit by primary skills, Firebats, Acid Cloud, Wall of Death, Piranhas, Grasp of the Dead, Gargantuan, Zombie Dogs and Zombie Charger. Necrosis slows enemies by 60% and deals 3,000% Weapon Damage per second for 10 seconds. This bonus is relatively meaningless.
  • (4) Bonus grants you 60% damage reduction for 10 seconds after applying Necrosis.
  • (6) Bonus provides you with a 17,500% separate damage multiplier (x176) to primary skills, Firebats, Acid Cloud, Wall of Death, Piranhas, Grasp of the Dead, Gargantuan, Zombie Dogs and Zombie Charger after casting Wall of Death.

See more about this set in our Helltooth Zombie Bears Witch Doctor Guide.

Mundunugu's Regalia

  • (2) Bonus makes Big Bad Voodoo last twice as long and follow you around.
  • (4) Bonus grants you 60% damage reduction for 30 seconds after entering the Spirit Realm (Using Spirit Walk or proccing Spirit Vessel).
  • (6) Bonus provides 20,000% increased damage (x201) + an additional % equal to 5 times your Mana/sec to Spirit Barrage. The mana portion of the bonus takes your character sheet Mana regeneration but is overall meaningless, each Mana Regen roll on your equipment representing roughly 0.3% damage.

See more about this set in our Mundunugu Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor Guide.

Raiment of the Jade Harvester

  • (2) Bonus can critically strike but using non-critical DoT damage as a base. There’s no crit double dipping!
  • (4) Bonus grants you all runes of Soul Harvest and reduces its cooldown by 1 second everytime you cast Haunt or Locust Swarm.
  • (6) Bonus cannot critically strike as DoT damage is already affected by your critical multiplier.
  • As separate damage multipliers like Power Pylon, Convention of Elements or Oculus Rings stay fully dynamic, they are applied at the moment when you consume the DoT with either Haunt or Soul Harvest. If you hit the enemies within the Cold Convention of Elements for example all damage consumed by the Raiment of the Jade Harvester (2) Bonus and (6) Bonus will get the full 3,500 and 10,000 seconds damage bonus with the 200% damage amplification applied.
  • Quetzalcoatl is essentially a 2.0 separate damage multiplier for Jade Bonuses as it makes your DoTs deal their full damage in half their duration only.

See more about this set in our Jade Harvester Witch Doctor Guide.

Spirit of Arachyr

  • (2) Bonus summons a permanent Spider Queen linked to you by an infested thread. Enemies hit by this thread are infested for 10 seconds. All damage done by Corpse Spiders to any infested enemy is also taken by every infested enemy. This bonus is at the core of the build, enabling the build to deal great AoE damage.
  • The Spider Queen is commanded to move where you cast Corpse Spiders, so be mindful about where you cast them.
  • (4) Bonus makes the Spider Queen leaving webs that last 15 seconds on the ground. These webs refresh the infest duration on enemies and grant you 75% damage reduction. The damage reduction effect lingers for 4 seconds when you leave the web.
  • (6) Bonus grants 25,000% increased damage to creature skills: Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Locust Swarm, Hex and Piranhas.

See more about this set in our Arachyr Corpse Spiders Witch Doctor Guide.

Zunimassa's Haunt

  • (2) Bonus only affects Fetish Army's fetishes. Thus, Fetish Sycophants will still last 60 seconds regardless of this bonus.
  • (4) Bonus provides you and your pets 3% damage reduction for each Fetish alive, stacking additively with each other. Fetish Army Legion of Daggers is often preferred as it summons 8 fetishes instead of 5 with other runes. Fetish Sycophants, on the other hand, have a 15% chance to spawn a fetish per cast, up to a maximum of 15. This brings us to a total of 23 fetishes, granting us a total of 69% damage reduction.
  • (6) Bonus requires you to hit enemies with a mana spender ability (like Piranhas or Locust Swarm) every 8 seconds in order to benefit from its damage multiplier of 15,000% (x151). This bonus only buffs damage coming from your pets such as Fetishes.
  • Zunimassa's String of Skulls comes with 20-25% Fetish Army Damage as a fifth primary affix instead of the usual 10-15% affix roll.

See more about this set in our Zunimassa Poison Dart Witch Doctor Guide.

Manajuma's Way

  • This set allows your Hex Angry Chicken to last for 15 seconds, meaning you have that long before it will automatically explode if you don't manually activate it.
  • A great thing about this is that your Hex Angry Chicken Cooldown actually starts the moment you become a Chicken and not when you explode.
  • This can be used to your advantage in that you can let the Cooldown finish while still running around as a chicken then explode, recast Angry Chicken and explode once more in an instant once you find an Elite.

Brood of Araneae

  • Brood of Araneae grants a 100% separate damage multiplier to Corpse Spiders by default.
  • Brood of Araneae secondary effect applies a 1% stackable debuff separate damage multiplier to the target for every Corpse Spiders hit. Each stack has an independent 5 second duration. This is where things get interesting because it effectively means Attack Speed double dips! Indeed, Attack Speed allows you to cast more Corpse Spiders, meaning you get more hits while getting more stacks of this effect at the same time.
  • The theoretical maximum Brood of Araneae stacks can be calculated using this formula, with FPA being your Breakpoint, S the number of spiders per cast, H the number of hits per spider and D the stack duration. S, H and D are all constants with S = 4, H = 3 and D = 5.
  • For instance, with a 17 FPA Breakpoint on Corpse Spiders, you can get a theoretical maximum of 212 stacks:
  • This helps us to understand why Echoing Fury is that good for the build, since its 75% Attack Speed buff bumps us from 2.4 to 3.52 casts per second (25 to 17 FPA) meaning we cast Corpse Spiders ~47% faster and get ~47% more Brood of Araneae maximum possible stacks (144 to 212 stacks), resulting into a 1.47 * 1.47 = 2.16 damage multiplier.


  • With this item equipped, the 10 Fetishes closest to you will shoot a Poison Dart when you do.
  • Fetishes will shoot in the direction of your cursor, which makes cursor and Fetishes positioning a crucial point to manage in order to maximize damage output.
  • The Poison Dart shot by Fetishes is a special one that uses the Poison Element and deals 455% weapon damage instead of the usual 185%, meaning the rune from your own Poison Dart does not matter.
  • The Poison Dart shot by Fetishes does hit the enemies twice! As a result, Fetishes' Poison Dart is around 5 times more powerful than your own, before even taking damage multipliers specific to Pets into account.

Mask of Jeram

  • The 200% Pet Damage bonus from Mask of Jeram is a specific case: its damage buff is additive with your Elemental Damage (Fire / Physical / Poison / Cold). As a consequence, "Fire / Physical / Poison / Cold skills deal X% more damage" affixes (mainly found on Bracers and Amulet slots), grants a lower relative damage increase to builds using Mask of Jeram in comparison to other builds.

Ring of Emptiness

  • Buffs all your damage by 300% as a separate damage multiplier. In order to activate the damage multiplier, the target needs to be inflicted by either Haunt or Locust Swarm.
  • Keep in mind that Fetishes don't benefit from this damage multiplier and it shouldn't be used in builds that focus on them do to damage!

Shukrani's Triumph

  • The 100% Damage bonus while in the Spirit Realm from Shukrani's Triumph is an additive damage buff, meaning its effect is additive with other buffs such as Pierce the Veil.
  • You are in the Spirit Realm when in Spirit Walk and when Spirit Vessel procs.
  • After the initial duration of Spirit Walk (2 seconds or 3 with Jaunt), you stay indefinitely under Spirit Walk until you attack 3 times or until you have any Elite enemy within 20 yards.
  • A very interesting property of Spirit Walk is that you do not generate aggro under this effect, which means you are invisible to all monsters. This mechanic can be used to your advantage on some Rift Guardians which need a target to perform some abilities (Bloodmaw's Jump for instance).

Staff of Chiroptera

  • Gives Firebats a 150% separate damage multiplier which equals a 2.5 multiplier.
  • Halves Firebats Frames per Attack (FPA) but does not affect its mana cost. Firebats mana cost per tick is calculated this way:
  • Firebats base mana cost is 125 and its Attack Speed Coefficient is 2.0. In our situation, we have 10% Resource Cost Reduction (RCR), and benefit from the 75% less mana cost (Resource Coefficient) from Staff of Chiroptera.
    This mana cost per tick is then multiplied by our APS Breakpoint (without taking Staff of Chiroptera in consideration) to get the total mana channeling cost per second. For instance when the 3 FPA Breakpoint is reached, our mana cost will be 120.54 mana per second:

The Barber

Spirit Barrage Phantasm

  • You can have 3 Phantasms at a time.
  • They last for 10 seconds, ticking once every 0.5 seconds.
  • With The Barber equipped, they will deal no damage while on the ground. Instead, they will accumulate that damage (as in: add up / remember what they would have done) and then release it in the final explosion at the end of the duration (with the extra damage multiplier).
  • Casting Spirit Barrage while you have 3 Phantasms active will detonate the oldest one (with its accumulated damage).
  • Each tick is scaled by Attack Speed (sheet APS being a separate damage multiplier), making Pain Enhancer your strongest DPS gem by far in high density situations.
  • The Attack Speed multiplier snapshots for each Phantasm individually upon casting. Moving out of the pull and therefore losing Pain Enhancer stacks will not reduce the Attack Speed multiplier of already placed Phantasms.
  • All damage buffs are dynamically calculated for each tick during the accumulation phase with the exception of Sacrifice Provoke the Pack, which is snapshotted upon Phantasm cast. This means that you accumulate (wait) during DPS buffs like Oculus Ring or Convention of Elements and detonate afterwards. You won't need to have those buffs when the Phantasms explode.
  • The explosions cannot proc Area Damage, hence why it's not taken as a stat and actively removed from Paragons in groups to reduce lags.

Spirit Barrage Manitou

  • Casting Spirit Barrage once will activate Manitou, an eerie ghost sentry hovering above your head.
  • Manitou lasts 20 seconds and shoots 2 projectiles per second (for up to 40).
  • With 3 active Phantasms, the attack speed is improved by ~5x (~200 projectiles per 20 seconds).
  • The Attack Speed is fixed and adding more to the character does not improve damage any further.
  • In conjunction with Voo's Juicer, the numerous projectiles from Manitou are effectively triggering the effects of The Spirit is Willing and Phlebotomize runes.
  • When accumulating for long periods of time on the same target (especially Rift Guardians), you will not see any damage done to the enemy until the The Barber explosion is released.
  • Running out of range or dying will release the explosion.
  • Manitou will immediately explode as soon as enough damage has been accumulated to finish off the target, so no time can be lost by waiting too long. You can not overkill a target (accumulate for too long).
  • If there are more than one nearby enemy, Manitou will randomly switch targets and create tiny The Barber explosions all the time. Especially in high group Greater Rifts, you should avoid using the rune since all of your damage will come from Phantasm - this will help reduce the lags.

The Grin Reaper

  • The Grin Reaper spawns 2 Mimics that can cast most of your skills equipped. It used to be a popular item back in the days for zWD since their Piranhas casts for instance were stacking the damage debuff. However this got nerfed in Season 7.
  • The Grin Reaper Mimics can cast Corpse Spiders with your equipped rune. The interesting part is that these Corpse Spiders can proc the damage debuff from Brood of Araneae.
  • Tasker and Theo buff the Attack Rate of Mimics by 1.5 so they can cast more Corpse Spiders. At the same time, it also buff the Attack Rate of Corpse Spiders so they attack on average 6 times instead of 3-4.
  • This means the The Grin Reaper + Tasker and Theo combination brings you at the same time more Corpse Spiders and more attacks from them, which result in an insane amount of Brood of Araneae debuff stacks in single target since it creates an Attack Speed triple dipping.

The Short Man's Finger

  • Instead of a single Gargantuan, you will split that one into three small ones which deal 750% of the normal damage. The total damage bonus is 2,150%.
  • In combination with Spite, these 3 small Gargantuans gain the Cleave ability as well as the chill effect of the Humongoid rune, granting the build additional AoE damage.
  • The extra two Gargantuans behave and deal damage exactly like the regular one, but are much squishier. But this should not be an issue with Enforcer equipped anyway.


Delsere's Magnum Opus

  • (2) Bonus reduces the cooldown of Slow Time by 3 seconds every time you cast Arcane Orb, Explosive Blast, Energy Twister, Wave of Force, Magic Missile, Spectral Blade or Shock Pulse.
  • (4) Bonus provides you with a 60% damage reduction while you have a Slow Time active. Allies gain 30% damage reduction.
  • (6) Bonus grants you 12,500% increased damage (x126) with Arcane Orb, Explosive Blast, Energy Twister, Wave of Force, Magic Missile, Spectral Blade and Shock Pulse against enemies affected by Slow Time during the last 5 seconds.

See more about this set in our DMO Twister Wizard Guide.

Firebird's Finery

  • The Meteor that revives you from the Firebird's Finery (2) Bonus has a 60 second internal cooldown (ICD) and resets when you die.
  • The Ignite DoT of Firebird's Finery (2) Bonus has a maximum range of 200 yards. Once you exceed this distance to an ignited enemy the DoT is removed from the target. The Ignite DoT is also removed when you change Greater Rift floors or die.
  • You gain Combustion stacks from Firebird's Finery (4) Bonus very quickly when channeling Disintegrate. Combustion stacks decay at the rate of 2 per second.
  • Teleport Cooldown is reduced by up to 100% at 50 Combustion stacks, but still has a minimum cooldown of 0.5 seconds.
  • The Ignite DoT benefits from "Fire skills deal X% more damage" and include Critical Hit Chance and Damage (1 + CHC * CHD) as a damage multiplier but cannot proc Area Damage. Like any DoT, crit debuffs applied on monsters such as Iceblink, Multishot Wind Chill or Conflagration don't work.
  • Firebird's Finery (6) Bonus procs benefit from "Fire skills deal X% more damage" and can critically hit but cannot proc Area Damage. Crit debuffs like Iceblink or Conflagration do work.
  • Firebird's Finery (6) Bonus cannot proc from effects with a proc coefficient of 0. Thus Etched Sigil and Wand of Woh procs do not trigger the (6) Bonus!
  • Blizzard Apocalypse, Mirror Images and Hydra does not proc the (6) Bonus either.

See more about this set in our Firebird Explosive Blast Wizard Guide.

Tal Rasha's Elements

  • Each element (Arcane, Cold, Fire, Lightning) has its own unique stack with a 8 second duration.
  • Once you have 4 stacks, refreshing any stack will additionally add 2 seconds to the duration of the three other stacks. This means by alternating two abilities of a different element (after hitting 4 stacks) you'll be able to continuously refresh the set buff.
  • The 2,000% damage buff per stack is self-additive, for a total 8,000% separate damage multiplier (x81).

See more about this set in our Tal Rasha Meteor Wizard Guide.

The Typhon's Veil

  • The Typhon's Veil works with all Hydra runes besides Mammoth Hydra, as it is not a multi-headed Hydra. The intended playstyle of this set is to never take any damage whatsoever by using the numerous shield mechanics available to the class.
  • The number of active Hydra heads is displayed on the skill bar. Keep an eye on it when you start taking damage. Make sure to set up Hydras immediately when you start a run, die or change zones in order to gain the Toughness buff. Refresh Hydras a lot when your shields are broken and you need time to recover.
  • Serpent's Sparker allows you to cast a second Hydra, effectively doubling all bonuses gained from the The Typhon's Veil set in addition to its 300% separate damage multiplier. The maximum number of heads using this item is (2 + 3) * 2 = 10 for a total of 40,000% separate damage multiplier (x401) from the (6) Bonus and 80% damage reduction from the (4) Bonus.

See more about this set in our Typhon Hydra Wizard Guide.

Vyr's Amazing Arcana

  • (2) Bonus grants Archon all runes.
  • (4) Bonus makes Archon stacks also increase your Armor, All Resistances and Attack Speed by 1%.
  • (6) Bonus provides you with 0.15% damage reduction per Archon Stack and makes them grant you 100% damage per stack (additive with themselves) instead of 6%. In addition, you gain an Archon stack every time you hit an enemy with an Archon ability. At 667 stacks you will achieve full invincibility as the damage reduction will exceed 100%.
  • The Swami and Fazula's Improbable Chain are the most common and mandatory combo to any Archon build. The Swami stacks are additive with each other and with Archon stacks, forming one global separate damage multiplier.

See more about this set in our Vyr Chantodo Archon Wizard Guide.

Chantodo's Resolve

  • The Element Type of Wave of Destruction from Chantodo's Resolve is fully dynamic and matches your current highest element at all times.
  • Wave of Destruction from Chantodo's Resolve benefits from Elemental Damage Bonus if and only if an Archon rune with the same Element Type is selected on the skill bar. Selecting an incorrect rune on Archon will lead to Wave of Destruction not gaining any Elemental Damage Bonus even though "all runes" are granted via Vyr's Amazing Arcana (2) Bonus.
  • Wave of Destruction uses your current Attacks per Second (from your details sheet) as a separate damage multiplier. The faster you attack, the harder it hits. This multiplier caps out at 5.0 Attacks per Second with a reduced scaling for a final value of 5.0 * 1/1.75 = 2.857. Any further Increased Attack Speed % past that point will not increase WoD damage anymore.
  • Activating Archon will consume all Chantodo's Resolve stacks immediately; however, any lingering abilities, such as Explosive Blast and Arcane Torrent that were cast out of Archon will already grant you new Chantodo's Resolve stacks for your next rotation.

See more about this set in our Vyr Chantodo Archon Wizard Guide.


  • When channeling Arcane Torrent, Ray of Frost or Disintegrate, the Deathwish 325% damage multiplier is activated after 60 frames of channeling (1 second) and lasts for as long as you channel, dropping immediately when you interrupt the channel.
  • Being teleported by Wormhole Elite affix doesn't cause you to lose the Deathwish damage multiplier.
  • Due to this 1 second delay, it is not always optimal to teleport into an Oculus Ring proc during a damage burst.

Etched Sigil

  • Etched Sigil has an Internal Cooldown (ICD) of 59 frames.
  • An Energy Twister can only spawn when Arcane Torrent, Ray of Frost or Disintegrate ticks and Etched Sigil is off cooldown.
  • You can spawn one Energy Twister every 60 frames when your channeling abilities' Breakpoint is a divisor of 60 (2 FPA, 3 FPA, 4 FPA, 5 FPA, 6 FPA, 10 FPA, 12 FPA, 15 FPA, 20 FPA, 30 FPA). On other Breakpoints your Etched Sigil will have a longer cooldown.
  • The first Energy Twister (the parent) must be selfcasted. It does not matter for any consecutive Twister that merges into the parent if it's selfcasted or not. Twisters cast by Etched Sigil cannot proc Area Damage. That is due to the fact that only a selfcasted Energy Twister can proc Area Damage.
  • Any Arcane Energy Twister rune casted by Etched Sigil (when channeling) will consume Wave of Force Arcane Attunement stacks.

Fragment of Destiny

  • The Attack Speed bonus of The Shame of Delsere and Fragment of Destiny are multiplicative with each other and with other bonuses. This means using both will grant you a 1.5 * 1.5 = 2.25 Attack Speed multiplier to all Signature Spells.
  • The damage bonus stacks from Fragment of Destiny are additive with each other, combining into a 300% separate damage multiplier at 10 stacks. To gain and keep the stacks, you need to actually hit enemies. Each enemy hit adds another stack, so you won't have to attack 10 times in AoE situations.

Halo of Karini

  • This item provides you a 5 second buff (seen on your buff bar) when you electrocute an enemy at least 15 yards away (around 1/4 to 1/3 of a screen).
  • Keep in mind the range requirement! If you keep standing in melee range without other enemies further away, you will be in trouble.
  • The Shocking Aspect is generally used for high Greater Rifts to guarantee consistent uptime of this buff. When staying too close to enemies - even with a large pull around you - it can happen that a streak of consecutive hits will not activate Halo of Karini and choosing the rune prevents this from happening.

Manald Heal

  • Manald Heal applies 14,000% Weapon Damage to targets stunned with Paralysis.
  • Paralysis behaves differently for skills with an inherent speed coefficient = 1.0 (damage hit skills) and speed coefficient > 1.0 (channeling skills).
    • If the speed coefficient is 1.0: These skills have a flat 15% chance per attack to proc Paralysis on the target. If Paralysis is procced by a damage instance, that instance will additionally apply a Manald Heal damage instance. For instance Spectral Blade applies three hits per animation - each hit will apply a Manald Heal damage instance if Paralysis is procced for that attack.
    • If the speed coefficient is > 1.0: These skills have a different chance per damage instance to proc Paralysis for your character. The proc chance for Electrocute is 7.804%; the proc chance for Arcane Torrent Static Discharge is 5.086%. If Paralysis is procced by a damage instance, it opens a 67 frame window on your character. Each damage instance within that specific window from the same skill will additionally apply a Manald Heal damage instance to all targets hit.
  • The take away is that On-Hit skills proc Paralysis on a target while Channeling skills proc Paralysis for your character and open a 67 frame window (this also means you can proc it without hitting a target, e.g. in town). At this point it is also worthwhile noting that while a Paralysis window is open, each damage instance within that window can reproc a new window (there is no ICD) giving you the possibility to chain Paralysis procs.
    Additionally, there is an anomaly where while there is a window open created with a channeling skill (speed coefficient > 1.0), any damage hit skill (speed coefficient = 1.0) will immediately close the said window. This effect can drastically decrease your damage when attempting to deal damage with channeling abilities while also incorporating any non-channeling Lightning abilities.

Ranslor's Folly

  • Pulls normal monsters only and pixelpulls them ignoring their hitboxes. Ranslor's Folly tries to pull enemies within 30 yards twice a second. This is extremely useful to benefit from Area Damage.
  • This will usually work best when cast on an empty spot somewhere between all of the monsters you would like to pull. Certain monsters do not stack very well when the spot you cast on is already occupied.
  • Each twister attempts to pull surrounding monsters 2 times per second, however each monster can only be pulled by this item once every 6 seconds.
  • If you only cast one Energy Twister, it will be able to pull the same monsters twice: immediately upon appearing and right before disappearing.
  • Energy Twisters cast by Etched Sigil can proc the pull, while the ones cast by Mirror Images cannot.
  • Due to the Crowd Control Resistance, you can't pull enemies together endlessly. Try to get everything in with a single cast.

The Shame of Delsere

  • The Attack Speed bonus of The Shame of Delsere and Fragment of Destiny are multiplicative with each other and with other bonuses. This means using both will grant you a 1.5 * 1.5 = 2.25 Attack Speed multiplier to all Signature Spells.

The Twisted Sword

  • The first placed Energy Twister (the parent) snapshots Absolute Zero, Spellsteal, Arcane Attunement.
  • Any consecutive Twister, which merges into the parent, will adapt all multipliers from its parent.
  • It does not matter for any consecutive Twister, which merges into the parent, whether it's selfcasted or casted by Etched Sigil.
  • Each time the parent grows from a merge its duration is reset.
  • Each parent can be merged a maximum of 4 times.
  • Each time a Twister merges into a parent, the traveling direction of the parent can change even if Valthek's Rebuke is equipped.


Written by Northwar, Raxxanterax, Chewingnom, Rob, wudijo and Facefoot.


Aug 24th 2022
Updated for Season 27 / Patch 2.7.4.

Apr 25th 2022
Added Frostburn Mechanics.