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Paladin PvP Build Guide

Last Updated: December 27th 2023

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The Paladin is a tanky support class in PvP. He synergizes well with offensive classes because of Holy Protection and Heavenly Blessings. He gives his team more control over the battlefield with skills like Holy Sword, Dash Slash and Executor's Sword.

Make no mistake, the Paladin is also capable of dealing damage. You can choose to amplify your own damage with Sacred Executioner instead of supporting your team with Holy Aura.

The biggest drawback for this class in PvP is the lack of Push Immunity. This requires proper timing of Skills to avoid interruption.

This article assumes you have a Character with a minimum level of 26 before transitioning to it. Check out the Paladin Leveling and 1-50 Leveling guides to reach Level 26.

Check out the General PvP Guide for a better understanding of the arena systems in place.

High Peel ✔
Decent Damage ✔
Offensive Support ✔

❌ Lack of Push Immunity
❌ Somewhat Team Reliant

Core Damage Skills

  • Charge is the only fast mobility Skill the Paladin has other than the spacebar dodge. It has Paralysis Immunity Push Immunity and the Tripods provide a shield and Knock Up, making it useful for engaging.
  • Dash Slash is an alternative mobility Skill that can serve as another engage. Be careful not to get interrupted while using it, as It is slower than Charge.
  • Holy Sword is the finisher for combos. Alternatively, Outburst of Light Tier 2 Tripod can turn it into a ranged skill at the cost of damage.
  • Execution of Justice is the only Push Immunity Skill in the build, making it useful for starting combos.
  • Executor's Sword is a far reaching Knock Up Skill that can start combos.
  • Wrath of God is a combo filler used to shock opponents in mid-air after a Knock Up. It is also his only Debuff Attack skill to stop opponents in Push Immunity.
  • Dash Slash is an alternative
  • Holy Protection provides shields for allies.

Group Support Skills

  • Heavenly Blessings provides nearby allies with a Damage Reduction buff. This Skill has no Push Immunity, so be careful to not get interrupted while using it.
  • Godsent Law is used as an emergency rescue Skill to save allies from burst damage.

PvP Builds

Team Deathmatch (3v3)
Team Elimination (1v1)

Combat Stats

  • 750 Swiftness, 1 Crit and 249 Domination for more damage.
  • 750 Swiftness, 1 Crit and 249 Endurance for more defensive and support.


  • Dash Slash can be used over Heavenly Blessings or Godsent Law for extra mobility with Paralysis Immunity.
  • Reduce Charge to level 7, and replace Executor's Sword with Dash Slash.
  • The 2nd Tripod for Holy Sword can be swapped between Outburst of Light for a range interrupt or Vital Point Strike for Crit Rate.

Basic Combo #1

  1. Initiate a combo with Charge, Execution of Justice, Executor's Sword (first part) or Dash Slash to knock-up.
  2. Follow up with Wrath of God.
  3. Finish with Holy Sword.
  4. If safe Heavenly Blessings.

Basic Combo #2

  1. Catch with Godsent Law.
  2. Follow up with Charge.
  3. Optional: Wrath of God
  4. Holy Sword
  5. If safe Heavenly Blessings.


  • If you've taken Godsent Law, keep track of allies who have their Stand Up on cooldown or if they're in a Crowd Control state. Shield them when they're in a pinch.
  • Precast Heavenly Blessings near allies before engaging to provide Damage Reduction.
  • Sacred Executioner is the best PvP Identity because it empowers Punish Skills, drastically increasing the total damage of combos.
  • Be careful when engaging with the Paladin, as he lacks mobility and Super Armor Skills. Play within range of your team so they can assist.

Combat Stats

750 Swiftness, 249 Domination and 1 Crit


  • Wrath of God's Tier 2 tripod can be replaced with Thunder for combo consistency.
  • Dash Slash Tier 2 tripod can be use with Sustain Enhancement extra duration to prolong Paralysis Immunity while maneuvering around, It is especially strong against classes that relies on Paralysis skills to open up their combos or Lightning Slash to speed up the uppercut at the end of the skill with higher chance to critical strike for a hefty damage.
  • With Charge being only having just 2 tripods it does open up a new combo route with Charge > Execution of Justice > so on.
  • Execution of Justice Tier 2 tripod can be replaced with Perfect Strike for shorter animation but will require some execution from you and understanding of situations when to complete the move to finish the combo or to let it fail for much shorter animation recovery to cover up mistakes.

Basic Combo #1

  1. Initiate a combo with either Charge, Executor's Sword (first part) or Dash Slash to Knock Up.
  2. Follow up with Light Shock.
  3. Finish with Holy Sword or Light of Judgment.

Basic Combo #2

  1. Initiate a combo with either Light Shock stun.
  2. Follow up with Execution of Justice.
  3. Hit with 1 basic attack.
  4. Fill with an optional Wrath of God. Alternatively, this skill can be saved for an emergency Push Immunity.
  5. Finish with either Holy Sword or Light of Judgment if they don't have Stand Up.


  • Avoid using Dash Slash as the first initial engage, because it is easily avoided and interrupted.
  • Pressure with Charge, Light of Judgment, Light Shock or just walk in with Executor's Sword.
  • Poke at range with Light of Judgment to Knock Up opponents. Be careful when you use it, because it has a wind-up delay before it shoots.
  • Use Light Shock to stun an opponent using a Push Immunity skill.
Heavy Armor
Spirit Absorption
Strong Will
Crisis Evasion


GvG is more chaotic than Arena battles, so you rarely have the opportunity to do long combos. This mode is more about zoning/interrupting objectives and assisting allies. Do your best to coordinate with your team and stick together. Refer to 3v3 section for more gameplay tips.

Please refer to the GvG Islands and GvG Builds Guide for more information!


  • Charge, Execution of Justice, Dash Slash Executor's Sword and Holy Sword (with Outburst of Light) has far reach while Sacred Executioner is active. This is useful for sniping or peeling opponents from a safe distance.
  • Shield allies with Godsent Law when they can't escape from opponent attacks.
  • Precast Holy Protection and Heavenly Blessings before engaging to assist your team.


Written by Starlast
Reviewed by Lexyu

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