Elite Hunting Tier List


Elite Hunting or "Sniping" is all about maximizing odds for finding the rarest Unique and Set items in Solo gameplay or /Players1 on Single Player. Unique and Champion monsters (Elites) in Level 85 areas such as The Pit can drop every item in the game; this is also the case in Terror Zones that are Level 85 or above. Due to the speed of Elite Hunting, this method of farming is a lot more efficient than farming Baal, the only Act Boss that can drop every item in the game. Build rankings primarily reflect the average number of Elites killed per minute in a build's best Farming Spot(s); both a build's mobility and individual Elite kill speed significantly contribute to this metric. The ability to stack Magic Find and Barbarian Find Item are also major considerations.



Oct 4th 2022
Updated for Patch 2.5

Apr 23rd 2022
Updated for Patch 2.4