Gold Find & Magic Find

Gold Find & Magic Find


When farming for Gold and valuable items in Diablo 2 Resurrected, nothing is more important than Gold Find (x% Extra Gold from Monsters), also known as "GF", and Magic Find (x% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items), also known as "MF". Generally speaking, the more you have of each Stat, the better. For both Stats there are a number of specialized builds.


  • Gold Find and Magic Find are summed up from the Mercenary and the Character whenever the Mercenary deals the final blow to a monster. This includes kills done through Thorns, Iron Maiden, and Spirit of Barbs.
  • When the Character deals the killing blow to monsters, only the Magic Find directly equipped on it counts for the drop calculation.
  • The Stats do not apply to kills made by monsters affected by Mind Blast, Conversion, Confusion, or Attract.
  • They also don't apply to monsters that die to Iron Maiden while attacking a Bone Wall, or Bone Prison.


  1. Myth: Magic Find increases the tier of Rune drops.
    Reality: Magic Find has no effect on Rune drops.
  2. Myth: Magic Find reduces the amount of Rune drops.
    Reality: Magic Find has no effect on Rune drops.
  3. Myth: Magic Find increases the number of item drops.
    Reality: Magic Find has no effect on quantity of items dropping. You can increase the item drop rate with higher /player settings.
  4. Myth: Magic Find improves the tier of base items dropping.
    Reality: Magic Find has no impact on the item tier. The chances for Normal, Exceptional, or Elite base items depend on the Treasure Class.
  5. Myth: Magic Find improves you chances for higher rarity items or better stats from gambling, crafting, or other Horadric Cube-recipes.
    Reality: Magic Find has no influence on these mechanics.
  6. Myth: There are Breakpoints for Magic Find / Gold Find.
    Reality: Magic Find and Gold Find undergo diminishing returns with increasing values. There are no realistic or applicable Breakpoints!
  7. Myth: Magic and Gold Find have a negative impact after a certain threshold.
    Reality: Magic Find and Gold Find always have a positive effect, but there are diminishing returns.
  8. Myth: Gold Find increases the number Gold pile drops.
    Reality: Gold find only increases the value of the Gold pile. You can increase the item drop rate with higher /player settings.

Extra Gold from Monsters (Gold Find)

  • Increases the Gold value dropped by a percentage based on the determined drop value:
    • E.g. The game determines a drop of 100 Gold. The Character has 100% Extra Gold from Monsters, so 200 Gold is dropped instead.

Better Chance to Find Magic Items (Magic Find)

  • Increases the chance for an item to drop in a higher Quality (Magic, Rare, Set, Unique) instead of a Base Item. It also means that the chance of finding lower Quality items is reduced.
  • The increased chance for the item Qualities Rare, Set, and Unique undergoes diminishing returns:
Chance to Find aFormulaExample with 50% Magic Find
Magic Item% Magic Find50% Increased Chance
Rare Itemround(% Magic Find * 600 / (% Magic Find + 600))round(50 * 600 / (50 + 600)
= 46% Increased Chance
Set Itemround(% Magic Find * 500 / (% Magic Find + 500)) round(50 * 500 / (50 + 500)
= 45% Increased Chance
Unique Itemround(% Magic Find * 250 / (% Magic Find + 250)) round(50 * 250 / (50 + 250)
= 42% Increased Chance

Keep in mind that the Increased chance for a higher Quality Item is based on the base chance for them to drop. It doesn't mean you have a 42% Chance of dropping a Unique Item.

  • The Quality of an item is selected after the Base Item is chosen. Not every Base Item has a Set or Unique version. When they are rolled on a Base Item anyway, they drop as so-called "Failed Sets" or "Failed Uniques", lower Quality items with increased Durability:
    • A "Failed Set" drops as a Magic Item with the Base Item's Durability doubled instead.
    • A "Failed Unique" drops as a Rare Item with the Base Item's Durability tripled instead.


While every Character is capable of making excellent use of Magic Find, the Barbarian with his Gold Find build, is uniquely qualified to farm Gold for gambling Items because of Find Item.

It's a fine balance between Magic Find / Gold Find and your damage output. Reducing your damage too far leads to diminished efficiency in farming for high Quality Items, so be careful when doing so.


  • A Character's Magic Find and Gold Find is summed up with values on the Mercenary, when the Mercenary does the killing blow. When the Character deals the killing blow, only the equipped values apply.
  • Magic Find has diminishing returns for higher Quality Items.


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