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Barbarian Overview

Last Updated: March 2nd 2024

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The Barbarian, the embodiment of strength and will power. Being the master of almost any Weapon type, the Barbarian can overwhelm his enemies with massive Physical Damage. Oh boy is he a motivational speaker, his shouts install fear in his enemies and increase the battle readiness of his allies.

Let's get the elephant out of the room first. The early game for the Barbarian is terrible. If he doesn't have allies or a decent gear set up, he struggles to get to the end game.

In the mid to late game, the Barbarian becomes the best Character for farming gear due to Find item. This Skill increases his farming efficiency of Elite monsters by around 30%.

War Cry is your best bet when it comes to leveling your Barbarian without any previously acquired gear, unfortunately it doesn’t unlock until level 30. Until then, Double Swing and, no joke, Choking Gas Potions give you a reliable way of killing monsters.

The ultimate late game Elite sniper is using Berserk, which allows the Barbarian to basically one-shot his enemies with overwhelming Magic Damage. This Skill needs some build enabling items and is not recommended as a starter!


Every Character has the Attributes Strength, Dexterity, Vitality and Energy. At maximum Level, a Character has access to 505 Stat Points which can be allocated into the Attributes. While Vitality only affects the Life pool and Energy only affects the Mana pool of your Character, Strength and Dexterity have additional uses:

Generally, Stat Points are only allocated to this Attribute to wear your gear, however, Strength has an additional use: it increases the Physical Damage portion of melee attacks.

Generally, Stat Points are only allocated to this Attribute to wear your gear, however, Dexterity has 4 additional uses:

  • It increases the % Chance to Block up to 75 while using a Shield.
  • The Attack Rating of every attack is increased, improving the Chance to hit your target.
  • Every 4th Stat Point into Dexterity increases the base Defense of the Character by 1.
  • On ranged builds, Dexterity increased the Physical Damage potion of your attacks.

Starting Attributes of the Barbarian

Baseper Levelper Stat Point
Life55+2+4 per Vitality
Stamina92+1+1 per Vitality
Mana10+1+1 per Energy


Breakpoints are an integral way to improve your Character's performance. For in-depth explanations on them, please check out our article on Breakpoints.

Attack Rate

Block Rate

Cast Rate

Hit Recovery Rate

Skill Trees

Every Character has 3 Skill Trees to allocate their Skill Points into. Each Skill Tree consists of a total of 10 Skills, and you can assign a maximum of 20 points per Skill. These Skills are placed into 6 rows, which represent the 6 Skill tiers. While tier 1 is available at Character Level (clvl) 1, the other tiers become available at clvl 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30.

Skill Points
Every Character gains access to 110 Skill Points (98 from Level-Ups and 12 from quests).

Not every Skill is available right away. The arrows on the Skill Tree show the prerequisites needed to obtain skills further down the Tree.
Example: You have to put a Skill Point into Howl and Shout to gain access to Battle Orders.

A lot of Skills have Synergies, which are Skills that passively boost the strength of another Skill. The main Skill shows how much a Synergy increases its power per Skill Point allocated into it.
Example: The base Magic Damage of Berserk is increased by a summed up multiplier which increases by 10% for each Skill Point allocated into Howl, and Shout.

Build Guides

The Barbarian has a variety of builds to choose from:

Immortal King
Immortal King

Immortal King is the Elite Set, which was exclusively designed for the Barbarian. As one of the stronger Elite Sets, you are capable of clearing almost all content in melee combat. It is most frequently used for Whirlwind. Long term, this Set gets out scaled by setups that focus on a combination of Uniques and Runewords.

Character Specific Gear

Every Character has exclusive items that only it can use. For the Barbarian, these are Primal Helmets. They can spawn with 0-3 "Staff mods" with the range of +1-3 to individual Skills added by the Staff mods.

Base Items

Set and Unique Items

Lore & In-Game dialogue

In this section you will find the lore of the Barbarians as well as the in-game dialogue he uses while travelling through Sanctuary.


Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5


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