Frenzy Barbarian Guide

Last Updated: 24 May 2023

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This guide covers the Frenzy Barbarian. It is a well-rounded build capable of farming and even destroying Ubers. With the main source of our damage being Physical Damage from Frenzy and Magic Damage coming from Berserk, the majority of the game is unlocked to us.

The Frenzy Barbarian has excellent mobility with its ability to gain "Frenzy Stacks" which increases the overall speed of your character with each successful hit. Common farming places are The Chaos Sanctuary, The Pit, or Travincal for the Council Members that drop an abundance of items. It is very gear dependent, but has plenty of gear options. Your Mercenary is also a great asset for this build with Decrepify from The Reaper's Toll to help break Physical Immunes.

Ideal Standard Setup
Ideal Standard Setup


Double Swing


Grim Ward

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 75 before transitioning to it. Check out our Barbarian Leveling Guide and our General Leveling Strategies to reach Level 75.

Uber Variant ✔
High Mobility ✔
Fast Paced Gameplay

Plenty Of Gearing Options ✔

❌ Gear Dependent
❌ Repetitive Gameplay
❌ Can Feel A Bit Clunky
❌ Slow Against Physical Immunes

Sunder Charm Setup

Patch 2.5 introduces a new way of breaking Immunities: Sunder Charms. Any enemy that would be Immune to your damage type is instead reduced to 95% Resistance, before any other Resistance reductions apply. (e.g. Conviction, Lower Resist) The Charm also reduces YOUR Resistance against the sundered damage type! Check out our post on Sunder Charms to learn more about these new Charms. The following setup uses Bone Break, allowing you to farm anywhere you want.

Sunder Charm Setup
Sunder Charm Setup

Gear Changes

To optimize this Sunder Charm you need Grim Ward and a source of Amplify Damage or Decrepify. Equip Atma's Scarab and The Reaper's Toll on your Mercenary.

Counteract the negative effect of Bone Break with Crown of Ages.

Terror Zones

The new Terror Zone mechanic combined with Sunder Charms open up a wide range of farmable areas. The following list highlights the best and worst Terror Zones for this build on the Starter or Budget setup. With the Sunder Charm Setup, more Terror Zones become accessible. Learn more about Terror Zones here and see how they stack up in our Terror Zone Tier List.


Travincal - Quick Access, Council Members
Frigid Highlands - No Immunities, Quick Access, Eldritch
Nihlathak's Temple ONLY - No Immunities, Quick Access, Pindleskin
Pit - No Immunities, Many Elite Groups
Tristram - No Immunities, Quick Access, Many Elite Groups


The Tower Cellar - Trash Mobility, Immunities
Arcane Sanctuary - Trash Mobility, Immunities
Blood Moor + Den of Evil - Low Density, Few Elite Groups
Burial Grounds + Crypt + Mausoleum - Low Density, Few Elite Groups, Trash Mobility, Slow Access
Act 2 Sewers - Trash Mobility, Few Elite Groups, High Physical Damage


Put 1 Point into each of the following Skills:
1. BattleCry
2. finditem
3. Grim Ward
4. Shout
5. Battle Command
6. increasedspeed
7. naturalresistance
8. leap
9. leapattack

Max out the following Skills in this order:
1. Frenzy
2. Double Swing
3. blade Mastery
4. Battle Orders
5. Berserk

Use the Scroll Bar to see Skill Point Progression
Use the Scroll Bar to see Skill Point Progression




Note: This section provides you with the standard Stat Point allocation. Build Variants can require a different allocation!


Allocate enough Stat Points into Strength to equip all of your gear. Take into account how much Strength your gear provides when equipped.


Allocate enough Stat Points into Dexterity to equip all of your gear. Take into account how much Dexterity your gear provides when equipped.


Allocate any remaining Stat Points into Vitality after meeting Strength, Dexterity and Energy requirements.


Do not allocate any Stat Points into Energy. Mana costs are covered by “x% Mana Stolen per Hit” or “+x Mana after each Kill” on gear.


Gear Options

Farming Spots





Build Variants

Magic Find


The Frenzy Barbarian requires a decent amount of gear to farm efficiently. Physical Damage and Attack Rating are some of the most important stats for this starter. Oath Balrog Blade and Treachery are strong Runewords that can be farmed from The Countess in Hell Difficulty. Increased Attack Speed, base damage on items, Life, and Resistances important stats to focus on.


To keep your Mercenary alive, equip him with a Treachery and Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest for Life and Resistances. Insight is a pretty easy Runeword to find and farm that gives a great amount of damage and Quality of Life with Meditation. Hire the Might Aura Mercenary, to gain extra Physical Damage.


The Weapon Mastery depends on the Weapon used with your Frenzy Barbarian. We recommend blade Mastery for our Oath.

Put 1 Point into each of the following Skills:
1. Howl
2. Taunt
3. BattleCry
4. finditem
5. Grim Ward
6. Shout
7. Battle Command
8. increasedspeed
9. naturalresistance
10. leap
11. leapattack

Max out the following Skills in this order:
1. Frenzy
2. Double Swing
3. blade Mastery
(Depends on your Weapon)
4. Battle Orders
5. Berserk


Allocate enough Stat Points into Strength and Dexterity to equip your gear. Put remaining Stat Points into Vitality.

Video Guide


  • Enough Strength and Dexterity to wear gear and put remaining Stat Points into Vitality.
  • Keep your Battle Command, Battle Orders, and Shout buffs up at all times.
  • Use Teleport and Leap Attack to move around obstacles.
  • Take note of your surroundings before fully sending into an area. Beware of enemy Auras, movements, and positioning.
  • Generate Frenzy stacks and use Double Swing for big single target DPS.
  • Utilize Grim Ward in confined areas to deal additional damage.
  • Have fun!

This build can be a ton of fun with its ability to ZOOM around the map with all your Frenzy Stacks and additional movement speed. You'll notice that sometimes you move so fast that it can be difficult to target enemies!

Good luck!


Updated and Reviewed by Teo1904
Original Author BTNeandertha1


  • 13 February 2023
    Updated to Patch 2.6 - Added new Runewords
  • 22 September 2022
    Updated to Patch 2.5 - Added Sunder and Terror Zone sections - Added Gear Options - Added Sunder to Playstyle - Added Sunder Charm Suggestion in variants
  • 17 April 2022
    Updated to Patch 2.4 - Reworded Introduction - Reworked Skills section - Added Gear Options - Added Farming Spots - Playstyle added Grim Ward - Reworked all Build Variants - Reworked Summary and added Grim Ward

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