Hellfire Torch Farming Guide


The Pandemonium Event, also known as "Ubers" or "Uber Tristram", is the ultimate challenge in Diablo 2 Resurrected. The Ubers were added in patch 1.11 of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. Defeating them grants you access to the powerful Hellfire Torch charm, a must-have for every Character! Before we dive into this challenge, check out our Uber Tier List and choose from the best builds available for it!

Why do I farm Hellfire Torches?

Every Character in the game needs a Hellfire Torch charm in its inventory for maximum build potential. While you can make due with farming a Torch for each Class in Single Player, the Hellfire Torch can be a great way to gain wealth in Multiplayer, especially early on. There is always a market for those illusive perfect Torches.

Where do I find the Hellfire Torch?

Farming Hellfire Torch is a 3-step process:

1. Key Farming

The first step is to collect the following Keys:

Check out the linked farming guides for these Key-Bosses.

2. Mini Ubers

After collecting 3 of the above-mentioned Keys, go to Act 5 in Hell difficulty. Put 1 of each key into the Horadric Cube and hit Transmute to open one of 3 Red Portals (Matron's Den, Forgotten Sands, and Furnace of Pain). Repeat this 3 times, but make sure to move around a little to avoid stacking the Portals on Top of each other. The Red Portals contain the 3 Mini Ubers. They drop Diablo's Horn, Baal's Eye, and Mephisto's Brain which we need in step 3. MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS OPEN ALL 3 PORTALS BECAUSE YOU CAN'T TARGET A SPECIFIC ONE!


Lilith drops Diablo's Horn and is located in the Matron's Den. She is Immune to Poison and is the most dangerous of the Mini Ubers, dealing massive Poison Damage with regular attacks and toxic spells.

Lilith spawns in a specific tile which is "Left" of the entrance. Check out the Map Reading Guide for a detailed explanation of directions and map generation.

Entrance "BL"

Lilith tile

Entrance "TL"

Lilith tile

Entrance "BR"

Lilith tile

Entrance "TR"

Lilith tile

Uber Duriel

Uber Duriel drops Baal's Eye. and is located in the Forgotten Sands. He is arguably the easiest of the bunch, being Immune to Cold and dealing Physical Damage and Cold Damage with melee attacks. He uses Jab, Smite and Charge with an active Holy Freeze at all times.

The Forgotten Sands looks very similar to the Canyon of the Magi from Act 2. Uber Duriel has a high tendency to spawn around the center square of the map, making him fairly easy to find, but he can spawn anywhere in the area. Sometimes he even spawns on top of the Red Portal!

Uber Izual

Uber Izual drops Mephisto's Brain and is located at the far end of the Furnace of Pain. He is Immune to Cold and packs quite punch, dealing Physical Damage and Cold Damage with melee attacks. He uses Chilling Armor, Frost Nova and Teleport.

The Furnace of Pain has a couple of fixed layouts with a set location for Uber Izual.


The Matron's Den takes the map tiles and rule from the Mausoleum in Act 1 which has a "Left" orientation. Check out the Map Reading Guide for more information.

Lilith spawns in a specific map tile, which is determined by the entrance tile:

Entrance "Bottom Left"

Lilith spawn

Entrance "Top Left"

Lilith spawn

Entrance "Bottom Right"

Lilith spawn

Entrance "Top Right"

Lilith spawn


3. Uber Tristram

After defeating the Mini Ubers, it is time to face the Uber versions of the Prime Evils; Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal. Return to Harrogath in Hell and place Diablo's Horn, Baal's Eye, and Mephisto's Brain in the horadric cube. Hit Transmute to open a Red Portal to Tristram. The Prime Evils spawn in the center. All 3 are Extra Fast, Magic Resistant and Immune to one of the Elements.


Mephisto is by far the most dangerous of the bunch. His high Level Conviction Aura makes the buffed versions of the spells used by Act 3's Mephisto, even more deadly. The chargedbolts from being Lightning Enchanted deal a good amount of damage. Together with being Magic Resistant, he is Immune to Lightning.

While he is aggro'd he spawns a high number of melee, range and mage Skeletons. They pose a risk when too many of them accumulate.


Baal poses almost no danger to his opponents, but is the most durable Prime Evil due to his massive Life pool. Casting a high Level Chilling Armor when aggro'd causing additional problems for attack based builds as it reduces their Hit Chance drastically. He is Cold Enchanted, making him Immune to Cold. He uses Teleport to close the gap to his priority target, which can be annoying.

While aggro'd he spawns low quantities of Specters and Dark Lords which are Immune to Physical. The Mana Burn from Specters can pose a threat if you can't deal with them.


Funny enough, Diablo is arguably the least dangerous of the Prime Evils. He casts an Armageddon-type spell when aggro'd which can hurt over time. His only defense comes from being Immune to Fire. Apart from that, he is surprisingly fragile.

While aggro'd he spawns Pit Lords which are Immune to everything apart from Physical Damage. When they accumulate to high numbers, they pose a bigger threat than Diablo himself.

Tips & Tricks

Divide and Conquer

Fighting the 3 Ubers simultaneously is extremely dangerous. You can make your life a lot easier by splitting them up, fighting them one by one. Enter Tristram and move towards the left. Buff yourself with everything you got, then start inching your way towards the center until Mephisto charges at you. Pull him to the top left and fight him there. Circle around to the bottom right river.

Move closer to the middle house on the bottom right until you can see Baal. Linger around while he is casting his Chilling Armor. He'll teleport on top of you. Move a touch to the river and fight Baal there. After you have killed him, simply move into the middle to engage Diablo.

Rejuvenation Potions

Looking at the recommended builds below, you'll find that most of them are Physical Damage melee builds that use Life Tap from dracul's grasp to stay alive. Full Rejuvenation Potions are your best friend until the curse has been applied.

Life Tap Wand

Precast Life Tap from a Wand of Life Tap to bridge the gap until dracul's grasp triggers for the first time. These Wands are sufficient replacements when you don't have access to dracul's grasp. They can be shopped from any Vendor with Wands starting at Level 30 in Nightmare Act 1 and can be put into your secondary Weapon Swap.

Clear Your Surroundings

You should clear out the areas around Lilith and Izual, especially when monsters with Amplify Damage (Oblivion Knights and Hell Temptresses) spawned around them. They have a tendency to one-shot you if you are cursed, especially when your Character's gear is still on a budget.

Over-Cap Resistances

Mephisto uses Conviction which reduces your Resistances by 125%. To make the fight against him as easy as possible, you want to get a total of 300% Resist Lightning and Cold. Fire and Poison Resist are not that important to over-cap.


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