Arachnid Lair Farming Guide


The Arachnid Lair is a newly changed Area Level 85 farming spot in Diablo 2 Resurrected. This Area contains Spiders, Maggots, Fiends and a Golden Chest. It can drop every Unique and Set Item as well as valuable High Runes in Patch 2.4 making it a great Area for completing the Holy Grail. Maximizing your Magic Find as high as possible is easy since the Arachnid Lair is right next to a Waypoint. Bump up the player count in Single Player as you progress to get better drops from the clickables and Golden Chest.

Why farm the Arachnid Lair?

The Arachnid Lair is an Area Level (alvl) 85 zone in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Elite Packs in this area can drop every Set and Unique item in the game, making them incredibly valuable to farm.

Caster BuildsArachnid Mesh
Harlequin Crest
Nightwing's Veil
Griffon's Eye
Death's Fathom
Tal Rasha's Guardianship
Eschuta's Temper
Attack BuildsAndariel's Visage
Dracul's Grasp
Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Crown of ages
War Traveler

How do I find the Arachnid Lair?

The Arachnid Lair is located next to the Spider Forest Waypoint in Act 3. The entrance is surrounded and covered by spider webs. This location makes it very accessible, even for Characters with low mobility.

Tips & Tricks

Rerolling Maps

In Single Player, you can reroll your maps by changing the difficulty to Nightmare then back to Hell. The benefit is that you can hunt for an efficient interior layout in your Arachnid Lair. For Characters that lack teleport, layouts with straight paths to the Golden Chest may be the best option for fast farming, as long as a lot of Elite Packs spawn along the way.

Maximize Magic Find

Super high level Unique and Set Items are the main reason to farm any max level area. Optimizing the "Better Chance of Getting Magic Items" (MF) Stat increases your chance of finding them. Since monsters in this area have very low average Life, you can get away with reducing your damage significantly to boost your MF.

High Player Count

A high player count increases the amount of items dropping at 3/5/7 players which increases your likelihood of dropping good Base Items, Runes, Flawless Gems, Charms, and Jewels. Play at the highest count you feel comfortable on!

Build Recommendations

The Arachnid Lair has very few Immunity types and easy to kill monsters. The Immunities, apart from Poison, are easily broken by Infinity and Plague.

  • Amazon - Freezing Arrow
    • The Freezing Arrow Bowazon faces no Immunities in this Area. Especially on a budget, this area is ideal for this build.
    • She benefits highly from the small distance to the Arachnid Lair as she typically has low mobility.
  • Assassin - Lightning Sentry
    • The Trapsin can kill everything in the Arachnid Lair, even without Infinity. Utilize Fire Blast against Fiends (Immune to Lightning) and Lightning Sentry + Death Sentry throughout the area.
  • Barbarian - Berserk
    • When it comes to Elite hunting, no build on the Barbarian is as efficient as the Zerker. When properly equipped, this guy just jumps into a pack, uses howl, and one-shots the boss.
    • Find Item adds a chance for additional drops from the boss. This increases farming efficiency of any Barbarian build by around >30%.
  • Druid - Hurricane Tornado
    • This Druid is well suited for farming the Arachnid Lair. With a large Life pool through Oak Sage and summons to tank melee attack damage, he has little to fear.
    • With Physical and Cold Damage, this build is capable of killing every monster in the area. A lot of the low Life monsters just explode from a couple of ticks from Hurricane.
  • Necromancer - Bone Spear
    • The low Resistances to Magic Damage on the monsters in the Arachnid Lair make the Bone Spear Necromancer ideal to farm here.
  • Paladin - Zeal
    • The Physical Damage Zealer faces no immunity in the Arachnid Lair. Even on a low budget build, he can easily cut through all enemies inside.
  • Sorceress - Blizzard
    • There are no monsters Immune to Cold in the Arachnid Lair, making the Blizzard Sorceress the best option. This also allows her to stack a huge amount of Magic Find as you don't need much damage to farm, even on high player counts.


  • Quickly run to the Waypoint in Act 3 and enter the Spider Forest through the Waypoint. Don't forget to pick it up if you are planning to farm here! For Single Player, traveling to Act 4 before joining your next game will put you very close to the Waypoint, so you can more quickly get back to the Lair.
  • The Arachnid Lair is a max level area with low Life enemies that can drop every Unique and Set item in the game.
  • Focus your efforts on Elite Groups, they are the reason why you are here.
  • When your Area of Effect clear becomes stronger, start experimenting with a higher player count to increase your chance for Runes, Bases and Charms.
  • Always open the Golden Chest!


Written by Teo1904
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Mar 5th 2022
Added with Patch 2.4

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