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Crowd Control

Last Updated: March 3rd 2024

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Crowd Control in Diablo 2 can be the most powerful tool Players have to survive the trials of Sanctuary. Stun-locks, Freezing, Slows, and Knockbacks are just a few of the options you have to control the board, and give yourself the time you need to clear swaths of Demons. This article covers every type of Crowd Control and how they affect the different monsters in Diablo 2.



Target Selection

Blinds Target


Cold Damage

Slows Target


Bone Wall / Prison

Slow Missiles


  • Every Character has some Skill that offer Crowd Control, and should be used to keep yourself and your Party safe.
  • Stuns are incredibly powerful on most monsters other than Bosses. Keep monsters stunned for super safe farming.
  • Knockbacks can move monsters where you want them. Try to move dangerous monsters into the range of your damaging Skills / Party members.
  • There is a Slow that can be applied to most monsters in the game. Strong enough Slows can animation-lock monsters, so they basically do nothing.
  • Freeze effects are very strong on Normal and Minion monsters. Even if the monster can't be Frozen normally, Cold Length applies and Slow them.
  • Physical structures made by bonewall and boneprison can stop the majority of monsters in their tracks, even some Act Bosses.
  • slowmissiles often gets overlooked, but slowing down Archers and Oblivion Knights can save your life when used right.


Written by MacroBioBoi
Reviewed by Teo1904

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